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  1. I have a Garmin 60CSX. I have heard people talk about software for making my own custom waypoint symbols. What's the best software to use..?? Thanks
  2. I have another "new notification" question. I live about 13 miles from my work. I have setup notifcations for both my home and work. When I map either of them, I always get my home on the map... whassup..?? thanks
  3. I am kinda confused on a new cache notification I recieved this morning. For the past few months, I have things setup for me to receive new cache notifications within 10 (15?) miles from my house. Thats cool, so if I get one near-by, and have time, I work it for a FTF...All fine and dandy.... BUT, this morning, I got a notification for a cache 22 miles from my house...OK, it turned out fine, since I actually got the FTF... BUT, why would that happen..?? What am I missin' here..?? Thanks
  4. OK, I am leaning towards a 60csx, and going to a local REI for return/warranty policies... Few questions on the 60csx. Did I understand someone to say that while hooked up to my computer via USB cable, that the gps is using computer power (as opposed to battery power)..?? I was hoping that some day Garmin would be able to charge batteries in the GPS while being plugged into a 12 volt adapter, but don't that's available yet. Seems like people are split between City Select and City Navigator for software, correct..?? I think I have seen a few more people like the feel of City Select..?? I imagine there is a website that lists the size (in MB) for City Select Map sizes..??!! Does the unit come with MapSource or any software..?? Most of my map usage will be on City Streets, but I will go on mountain trails prolly 5 -10% of the time. I have a 512 MB card that I think will fit. I live in central California. Does 512 mb hold a large metropolitan City, or an entire state..?? Thanks
  5. Here's my funny incident with the local law enforcement agency. I was walking my dogs at the local dog park. While talking to another dog owner, she was a little upset. She mentioned she just saw an ammo box, and had called the cops, they were "on the way". I asked her to show me the box. She pointed from a distance. While I approached it smiling and chuckling, she was going on "stay away, it mighty be a bomb!" Sure enough, it was labeled as an Official Geocache on the outside. I told her what it was, and began to open it to show her. She was upset, and told me to "WAIT FOR THE POLICE - here they come now". Up walked a female police officer, I explained what was going on. I opened it up, showed both women what was inside. I offered to take it home to return the its rightful owner. I left with the AMMO box. BUT, in all fairness....in this crazy world we live in, the thought of a sick person making a bomb labeled and listed as a Geocache has crossed my mind a few times. Hope it never gets to that point.
  6. Just to help you feel better....I have over 100 finds. Might seem like a lot, but its really not. I have looked for some caches 3-6 times, with no luck. Bring a friend, bring a child, approach from a different angle. Most that I have found are easier in daytime....But ya gotta hunt when ya have time.. Don't be afraid to crawl on your knees, and reach where ya don't really think ya should. Bring a flashlight. I have e-mailed the people hiding the cache for hints when I have been seriously stumped. Hunt for LARGER easier hides for confidence builders. AMMO Boxes can work in that department. And just for the record, I have spent over 10 hours (yeah, I know - embarassing) looking for one hide...over the course of 2 years. It is rated as a difficult hide, but jeesh...I even have talked with the person that hid it, and I have a few extra hints....duh..?? Good luck..
  7. I had a similar problem. On MY computer, the HotSync manager didn't load automatically. Before you plug your Palm in, Go turn it on manually. Let me know if that worked...if not, what happened..??
  8. Hoping to get A NEW Garmin 60CSX soon. Debating on whether or not to get the compass/altitude feature. Seems like more than a few users don't feel the $50 upgrade vs the abilities were worth it. Whats the latest best price and location for this unit..?? BATTERIES - I heard some debate a while back about some rechargables perfroming better than others. Any thoughts on : Brands, Ni-cads, OR..??? Thanks, SK
  9. Jester- Thank YOU..!! I feel like such a dork. Yep, that worked. It makes sense NOW, but that seems very awkward to me. Really appreciate yer help in "splainin' this to me Lucy".
  10. Thanks to everyone for the great feedback. Hope to digest more of that info soon. BASIC question...HOW **DO** I make a NEW Database in Cachemate..?? Duh..?? The obvious to me is: Go to Cachemate header- OPTION - Select Database "Default" with my 814 waypoints comes up.... Shouldn't I be able to hit NEW to create a new data base..?? That does NOT work...RENAME doesn't work either....hmmm... I bet I am missing the obvious...thanks SK
  11. I have registered GSAK and Cachemate. When I export files from GSAK to Cachemate, Cachemate has a few duplicate locations, sometimes 2-3 of same. I bet I am missing something ovious, ideas..?? Also, I am struggling to make additional data bases in Cachemate. I want to speed up near-by caches, etc... Shouldn't I be able to export different data bases from GSAK..?? I have them listed on that program. I have a Palm M130. Is there a way to still use colors in Cachemate, but have the FOUND items, listed so I can see them..?? On my screen, they are there, but the color blends into screen color I guess...The way I do it now, is to BOOKMARK them, so even after I find them, they are red. Thanks, SK
  12. I am hoping to get some instant notifications of new caches in my area. A few weeks ago - I set up 4 instant notifications (within 10 miles) , so I would be sent info for home and work, for both email accounts. I have them listed as ENABLE - I assume that means when a new cache in ENABLED I will get notified. I haven't received any e-mails. AND YES, there have been new caches within 10 miles, I see them regularly when I loggin, or get weekly updates. What am I missin' here...something really obvious..?? Thanks, Scorpion King
  13. I have an older GPS, and plan on upgrading to a Garmin 60csx soon. I have an older Palm m130. I have PQs setup. I have installed Mobipocket, Cachemate, Cetus, iSilo, and Cachemate on the Palm. I guess Cetus connects to a GPS via USB port..?? My PQs are in Mobipocket. Kinda confusing, but I am stumbling through it... Is there a way to import my GPX files into Cachemate, and do I want to do that..?? I have installed GSAK on my computer, and like it so far. I would like to be able to leave my computer at home, d/l PQs to GPS and Palm, and go searching, and have easy access to hints, etc... Can I do that with this Palm..?? Do I need any other software..?? Thanks for tips, SK
  14. $371 sounds like a good price..Where didja find that..?? Wonder how much the 60csx is going for...hmmm...
  15. My brother scored an older Magellan model 3000 GPS with no docs. By any chance, if someone is familiar with this unit, can you please contact me so I can figure out how to use it. I would LOVE to get some basic directions of operation, perhaps in text or PDF format..?? The initialization (find the satellites) screen is a little different than I am used to on a Garmin III. I left it on for about 10 minutes outside, and don't think I ever aquired location....not sure why.... Thank you very much, Happy caching in 2004!! Scorpion King
  16. I am using a Garmin III. I have ONE cable that : connects it to my serial port on my compter, and also connects it to my 12 volt cigarette lighter. I am currently using disposable batteries (hoping Santa will bring me a set of NiMHis). Does anyone know if that cable will also charge my batteries (while connected to 12 volt) if I get rechargables..?? Is there any software available to add new waypoint icons/names for either a GPS or a Mapsource program for the computer..?? Seems like I could use a few new ones now and then. Thanks, Scorpion King
  17. I have a Garmin GPS III, and Palm Visor PDA. I am looking for the easiest way to d/l geocache coordinates, along with info on cache location, hints if needed, etc... Seems like there was a discussion about this a while back....I d/led GPX-Spinner, but don't get how to use it. Thought I followed the directions, but am sure I am missing something. I also d/led Plucker, but haven't tried that. There was another program that users listsed as useful, but the link wasn't working. Thanks, and Happy Holidays - Scorpion King
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