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  1. I went down the same rabbit hole before finding the solution: Select “NO”. If you haven’t already, update to v9 (there should be a little reminder box lower right corner). Then click the Geocaching.com tab: dropdown menu items should have the word ”New” in from of each. Select the one that says something about fetching a new token.
  2. Milpitas GeoTour in California has ended.
  3. On a positive note, I've found OpenCycleMaps to be the most useful maps for hiking: they show nearly all the trails (named) on a terrain map. Google satellite view is still best for terrain details (bushes, trees, cow tracks), but the trails don't show when printed out. They're there, but too faint to see unless you are zoomed WAY in, and I don't want to carry multiple pages for simple 6-mile loop. (I always carry a reference map on a hike, in case of power loss.) I'd never have tried OpenCycle without this bug having forced my hand. Now I use OpenCycle as my default map, and switch back to Google only if I need to look at terrain details.
  4. Many thanks! Also got a reply from CO of the Wherigos I played, so between these two responses, I think I have the info I need.
  5. New to Wherigos, just installed app on iPhone 4 (yes, they still exist ), played 2 (both walking tours). Didn't know to scroll down EACH new screen, thought the "ok" under the same image twice was phone acting up. (Again) At the end of the 1st cartridge, found & signed the cache. At the end of the 2nd, was prompted to scroll again & found (& copied) the unlock code. (then signed the cache) Q1: How do you unlock a cartridge from an iphone? Instructions at beginning of this thread mention a "blue arrow next to carts name", but there aren't any. (I assume "home screen" means the list of downloaded cartridges; the other options are Search, Settings, and About) Q2: I don't recall seeing any "Save" buttons/prompts at the end of either Wherigo. When/where can the cartridge be saved, or does it automatically do so when you Quit? (I know it does DURING the game, but after you've finished it?) Q3: I wrote the unlock code for cartridge #2 on a piece of paper (didn't know if it'd be accessible afterwards), but now when I try to enter it directly on the Wherigo website (from my PC), it claims that's the wrong code. Is it, or do I just have to access the website from my iPhone (have NOT figured out how to do it from within the app) instead of my PC? If it SHOULD be accessible from the iPhone and I just wrote the code down wrong (unlikely, but possible), is there any way to re-access the code without having to repeat the entire cartridge? Many thanks for any help. Maybe I should be able to figure it out myself but I'll admit, I'm not especially tech savvy.
  6. Many thanks to all, problem has been located: "-" key on keyboard is failing. Thus, when I was typing in "-122", it was registering as "122". (aargh) Which, as many have pointed out, will dump you in the ocean. Sorry for the time-waster, wish I'd spotted it earlier.
  7. To clarify: corrected coords plugged into individual cache page (up where orig coords displayed, click on the pencil icon to enter them, they will then download AND map with corrected coords for that user) - they were 1st viewed on the map from the individual cache pages. To clarify: although I don't believe this has been MY experience (corrected coords not included in PQs), this point is irrelevant. What IS relevant is that 1)the original coords have NEVER mapped to SE Asia, 2)the corrected coords currently DO, although 3)*as recently as a week ago they did NOT*. #3 is key: it represents a CHANGE in function of the website. I followed EXACTLY the same steps today as last week, with these very different results, i.e, NOT user error.
  8. Caches mapping to middle of ocean near southeast Asia: Last week solved GC39VKJ (The Machine: The Return), plugged in corrected coords, geocaching.com map showed it in correct location. Today, re-ran PQ, GC39VKJ *now shows up mapped to the middle of the ocean near South Korea*. Also, today solved GC1REY1 (Complicated Zip Codes) - *maps to same location near South Korea*. Plugged both sets of SAME corrected coords into Bing Maps, both mapped properly. This reminds me of a bug from 2008 or so. Anyone else having this problem?
  9. Sry, my bad. I see where this has already been addressed, just didn't find in my Searches. kittyshrink
  10. My geocaching app connects just fine, finds nearby caches just fine, but when I click "Navigate to Cache", it sends me to the African continent (even though the requested cache shows up on the local map, along with "my" icon). Anybody else have this happen? Ideas why it is happening? (Don't really want to do a factory re-set & start over OR delete & re-download the app, as last time that eliminated ALL of my 3rd party app data.) kittyshrink
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