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  1. Have any caches actually been affected so far?
  2. I was wonbdering how many of us are slowing down our geocaching in preparation for the month of August? I notice caches around here that I thought would have a few more hits by now. Mostly they are found by a FTF and then not much more. Had a comment that someone was a leaving a cache for August. It will be interesting to see how this affects the overall numbers. Lower July with a surge in August.
  3. ToonAl

    Looking for you

    I know the Hubley mobile. It wasn't it. Heading East.
  4. ToonAl

    Looking for you

    If you have a travel bug on your car with the last three letters HMH. And you were driving along the 401 last week I think Thursday at about 4 or 5 pm could you pm me. Thanks!!! ToonAl
  5. Wouldn't it best to have the stat for lamp posts per square kilometre to find the best caching area? Just saying.
  6. What happened to everyone on the Canadian forum??? Where has everyone gone to? I used to come here to read the discussions going on. Not everyone agreed and it was not always civil but that was half the fun. It was getting quite wild for a while. Now for the last 6 months all I see is a bunch of viewed and non-replied to posts. Is it because it is winter and you all moved to the Florida section? Half of you did not look that old. Don't make me post some comment like "I think my iphone5 is better than an Android because it helps me find the amazing LPC's easier!!! Especially because I do not like to walk more than 47 metres to a cache." Just wondering....(why do I hear an echo?) ToonAl ps. Don't tell me it is because you are out caching!!! There are at least 3 of you I know have to work to make a living, so you have lots of time to post.
  7. I think the bolded applies to most new cache hides these days, at least from my perspective as a cacher. Wow you crystallized my thoughts exactly but in a whole lot nicer way.
  8. Is the Lighthouse Cache actually technically in the park? If you look on maps the cache sits on this non-park part of the peninsula.(park is green, lighthouse sits on white portion) The lighthouse itself would be under the administration of the Federal Government and so I am guessing they would own the lighthouse and some buffer land around it. If you look at Google Maps it seems to indicate this is the case and the cache is on that portion of land.
  9. ToonAl

    Besoin d'aide?

    For everyone west of Ottawa. I hope the world speaks French. We have just started Geocaching, and I want to ask about the application. In Fact, how do we see a list of objects that are in a cache and how do we list what we leave.
  10. I saw my first on the road plate last week. To the person on the QEW near Burlington. I was the guy on the motorcycle wearing the Hi-Vis jacket who slowed to take a second look. I think I may have freaked you out.
  11. ToonAl

    What is this?

    Thanks. Quick answers.
  12. ToonAl

    What is this?

    Can anyone tell me what the device is in the picture? They are all over the Rouge Valley area but I finally decided to ask what they are. And yes after I get the right answer sarcastic irreverent and just plain witty answers are welcome. ps. And yes I am looking for more than "a lock attached to blue post."
  13. Does c:geo use the API yet, or do they still bash the heck out of Groundspeak's servers by web scraping for the "radar" feature? Just curious ... I recall some forum drama over that issue with the original program author throwing his hands up and walking away from the product at one point. I have no idea what that even means. I wasn't aware of any history between C:GEO and geocaching.com. All I know is that it works well, it's full of features, and I liked it well enough to actually donate money to the developer. If you're curious about it I'm sure you can ask the developer. As a side note, I haven't used the radar feature, preferring the compass instead. Take a look in the GPS & Technology forums. Just search for c:geo and you'll see all kinds of discussion about that program and the history with Groundspeak vs the program author. My only base point is to encourage use of apps that use the official API vs apps that do not. Easy way to tell if your app uses the API is that when there is a site update the app should still work. If c:geo stops working sometimes after the Geocaching.com site is updated, then they're not using the API. I don't know the answer today (I use an iPhone) but last year it was doing the web scraping thing. Back before the Live API was introduced heck I'll admit I used scraping programs too (GCzII) but now most platforms have some API support, either official or third party. This will probably answer your question. (from the c;Geo website FAQ) Why c:geo is not using Groundspeak's public API Let us answer this once and for all in one place. But let's start with basics. There is very simple reason why us and GC.com can't sync. We are FREE, opensource application, they are corporation. We give our software for no money, they would like to make a big profit with a service. They don't like what we do, we don't like what they do. It's like fire & water, cat & dog, hell & heaven.... The initial idea of c:geo is to provide a free (and open-source) app for mobile geocaching for everybody. What would change with the API? - c:geo only for premium members - no support for OpenCaching or other platforms than gc.com - Groundspeak-ads Also there are problems with development: - development would take 2-4 months to implement the API - during this time there would be only access to a testing-server, no nightly-builds - devs are using the development-build for caching - the API requires a private key for the app. But c:geo is open-source. There are a lot of independent developers, but only one would get the key - all other developers wouldn't be able to test what they do - c:geo no longer open-source - only few core-developers - much slower development The Groundspeak's "public" API would fix most of our current problems, however c:geo would then force users to pay money to a corporation. This is not the opensource spirit. If the Groundspeak says OK to our idea then c:geo might have API some day...
  14. Yesterday in the local Pickering paper there was an article about a presentation on Geocaching at the local library. It being presented by Ken Spence and Chris McDonnell. Does anyone know who they are? I realize we deal mostly with aliases and so a lot of times you do not know a person's real name. (Did you know Entogeek is not his real name!!!! ) just wondering? ps. Yes my name is Al.
  15. I was in a discussion with a guy today about Android versus Iphones. And the topic of the app came up. Has any Canadian (token Canadian mention so topic does not get moved ) compared the apps on the two devices? I am actually looking to get a new smartphone and I was wondering if the apps are basically the same or if there is some difference? And if anyone has experience comparing the two. I notice there is an Android forum and there is an Iphone forum but not somewhere that combines the two. Although I am guessing that forum would quickly descend into a two camp flame war. I am NOT looking for someone to tell me how incredibly better (enter operating system name here) is than (enter competing operating system name here) unless it somehow affects the operation of the app. ToonAl
  16. Unless the game today goes into extra extra overtime and cannot be solved by penalty's long into the night expect to see the cache replaced and adopted by this evening or tomorrow latest.
  17. This is where you see behind the curtain and realize it is one person with various aliases. The only question is which "person" shows up or if they all do!!!
  18. Whenever you select Canada as a country and then are offered a further sub selection of Province. The offering appears like the following Ontario (canada) or Alberta (canada). This is a data entry issue that should be an easy fix. You know you get proud of a place after a while. And I would just love to see that capitalization. Please.... Actually I did some research. First I thought Canada was the only place that got the province thing because we are close neighbours to the USA (yes we spell neighbours with a u). But other countries have it as well. Austrailia where it has the same small case error. Germany where it does not put the country, maybe to avoid this issue. Anyway. I know it is a small issue but hopefully someone can take a look at it. Sort of like doing an LPC cache, really easy but you still get the same smiley upon completion. Thanks, Alb
  19. Although I am not yet ready to declare my love...I am married. And although looking at your profile pic you have great legs I am not sure you are my type. Anyway thanks also. The instructions are great as well, very thorough.
  20. ToonAl


    Anyone notice that the geochecker if you are a human test"" has changed? Now I consider myself a pretty smart guy but I used to have to keep refreshing the word images because I found half of them incomprehensible. I often wondered what they thought the coordinates were actually for, the site of some top secret mission rather than a film canister. Now they have these little java games that you play. I did match the shapes and catch the butterflies. Very entertaining and I can accomplish them.
  21. ToonAl

    Mea Culpa

    Sorry that is posted an needs archiving.
  22. ToonAl

    Mea Culpa

    Admittedly I did number 2.
  23. ToonAl

    Mea Culpa

    I want to confess to doing something I am really ashamed of tonight. I walked up to a cache that was obviously on private property, found the cache, and signed the log. The worst part is I knew in my head what I was doing. I knew when I stopped my car and looked where the compass was pointing. I knew when I went to get the cache and my main thought was, I hope security does not see me. Sure it was a big corporation that owned the land, and it look like manufacturing was shut down for the evening but somewhere in my heart I knew that probably the corporation did not want me doing what I was doing. For what? The hope of a cheap smiley (which in the end I did not log anyway). I am sorry. Now don't go clicking to my profile to see what the cache is because as a wise man once said "He who is sinless can be the cast the first stone". The thing is we have all done it. I am sure I will find myself doing it again. Thanks for listening.
  24. Here is my suggestion: After leaving Toronto drive on the 401 to exit 497 (The Big Apple). Nice place for an initial break depending on the time of the morning. From there drive south to County Road 2 and drive east. You get to see small town Ontario and there are a lot of caches. You can start picking up caches as fast or as slow as you want. I would then look for the Loyalist Parkway and follow that along as well. It will take you into the nice town of Picton (lots of winerys here). There is a ferry crossing here which is interesting. You can keep following the road along and you are south of Napanee mentioned above. I loved caching in that area. Lots of caches here and nice farm land or lake driving. Meander, take in the views. You can't go wrong. If you keep heading east you will get to Kingston. Note I once drove to Kingston and started heading back to Toronto on this route. I did about 50 caches on my own. Plus did all the things I mentioned in about 8 hours. Then next day... well I have never cached east of Kingston so someone else can pick up the narrative. Have fun.
  25. Took me a second Lennox and Addington. That is the Kingston City Hall? The link still does not go anywhere. alb
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