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  1. I tried the new form, but had to abandon using it to set up a new Mystery Cache. I too got the repeated error message about the coordinates. Managed to use the old form , which I find perfectly good and easy to use. if it aint broke, why fix it????
  2. Atomic Shuttles budget fares inter city service bus company New ... www.atomictravel.co.nz/ - CachedSimilar Atomic Shuttles provides professional economy shuttle / bus service for ... ****Afternoon services from Christchurch-Picton & Christchurch-Dunedin the pick ... Knightrider Bus Services Ltd www.knightrider.co.nz/ - CachedSimilar Knightrider Bus Services offer overnight bus service running between the South Island cities of Christchurch, Ashburton, Timaru, Oamaru, Dunedin and ... Timetables Contact Us Specials Both these budget bus companies cater especially for students and backpackers, atomic shuttles also run Picton to Christchurch and back. []
  3. Just saw your note, it might be an idea if you contact the cache owner because he lives nearby so that he can check it out. Also post a note on the cache page would be a good idea. It is some time since I found the cache, wasn't planning a revisit, but if you have no luck, I am willing to go and check both the cache and the ground nearby in case it has fallen out somehow without being noticed.
  4. any rules By rules in the Guidelines, I'd say no. At least not if those containers are effectively at the same coords. Where a puzzle cache might have multiple solutions, and there are "not here" containers at some of them, those become part of the cache, and need to be reviewed for location. other people's opinions It depends. I'll start by saying that I adopted a dummy container cache, and recently archived it. When I archived it, there were 4 ammo cans on the ground, and the real cache suspended over head. I archived it because, in spite of notes in each can explaining that the ammo can was not the cache - people would find a can, and log a find. They'd remove the note, add a log, someone even swagged up a can. These cans were all burnt or rusted to the point that I couldn't use them for a cache. Anyway, I gave up. I think that many owners will. Another common variant on dummy containers is the large container filled with small containers (usually film cans, because they're free) and only one of them has the log. People simply add logs to a film can. Or leave them opened, taking lids, or cans (I consider this design really really tedious myself, but wouldn't sabotage it, I'd just open the big container and close it again, logging a DNF). Dummy cache containers fall into the useless hints category- I hate them... especially the under rock one where there's a great pile of the darn things all at GZ!
  5. Come to Dunedin, south of Christchurch! Our main attractions, all laden with geocaching possibilites are the Otago Peninsula for wildlife and breathtaking scenery on the seaward side, also the town is surrounded by bush reserves and walkways abound with views south, north and west to the mountains. If you want bungees jumping, a visit to the NZ home of bungee in central otago is a must, where there are several options, also skiing (if the snow comes).
  6. You'll need to clarify your problem a little. Plain vanilla Google Maps launched from your browser won't show geocaches but the the Google Maps view launched from a listing on the geocaching.com website will. Google Earth (a separate program) will show geocaches but only if you download the plug-in from your profile page (and it may be a Premium member only bonus as well - I don't recall). I agree, but the Google Earth viewer is available to all, its just that ordinary members are restricted to 50 caches a day on it.
  7. Just finished reading some of your cache pages, loved them, what a great sense of humour! These are caches that I would like to do! But.......I'm too far away. I cache on my own mostly, but where the hides are a bit risky I join up with caching friends to do them. I hate micros unless there is a great story and location attached to them.
  8. Thanks for that advice, apparently the auto encrypt was not the only glitch the day I did these. Have fixed the when placed dates now.
  9. Just wondering if its a bug in the system why 2 of my latest published caches, GC29MNA and GC29MFF do not appear on the newest cache list in the South Island. Both were published on June 4 2010, a third cache published at the same time, does appear on the list. Just wondering has this happened to others?
  10. THANK YOU. I glad we have a few reasonable responses here instead of some trying to force us to accomodate the vocal few. You cache at your own risk and katie w's post is perfect. Fine, but just mention it in the cache description so shorter people don't trek out there without a reaching device or can decide they'll skip the challenge. Just read the logs!!!!
  11. If a cache is out of arms reach for me, I view working out ways to retrieve it is all part of the caching experience.
  12. Maybe a DNF challenge would be where you had to keep searching for caches until you lucked out..! Some days one wouldn't even get started!
  13. No. Because it's not visible to the general public. It would not diminish the effectiveness of the Stop sign because it's on the back of it, so I don't believe it would create any sort of Health&Safety issues from that angle. MrsB I wouldn't do it. road signs are always being replaced for one thing. For another, any cache which requires specialised equipment to solve is not on. Not too many people run around with black lights of the required wavelength.
  14. When I first started caching, I left the darn things alone, and then one day I was heading for a cache in a remote location- the TB owner had posted a note asking please for the next finder to move it on. I was happy to oblige , and got a very nice note back thanking me. Since then I generally take one when found, but I never like having more than 2 or 3 to move on at a time, especially if a little bulky.
  15. Scary when that happens isn't it? Happened to me once, too. I was barely off the keyboard and the email came through. Less than 1 hour later, someone had the FTF.
  16. Stickers are great to have as a standby if you should strike a damp logbook that's just impossible to write in/ no pen/pencil/ even to just leave if the logbook is full or blotting paper.
  17. I just know what his wife will think- aaarrrg!!!!!!!!!!!!
  18. So after finding one cache without a GPS, and about 2 minutes after getting my GPS I hid my first cache. Why? I knew this great spot and couldn't wait to hide a cache there. It's still a great spot and it still has a cache. Oh and the spot actually is better than most I see even now. I really wouldn't want to confuse enthusiasm for entitlement. I had a similar experience, I knew all these neat places in the local bush reserve and I could hardly wait to place some interesting caches in them. I think if I had found more caches before I placed mine, I would have been disgusted at some of the less imaginative placements there are. I like to place caches where I would like to find some, and my puzzles are always ones that I would like to solve. Sadly there are some cachers out there who can't see past numbers.
  19. Done 64, just entered my second childhood!
  20. Fairly useless hints- like under rock, when theres a whole mountain of the darn things. In gap at ground level is another when youre faced with a whole playground of gaps. I really hate those.
  21. This happened to me, it was the first cache I ever found. After I had checked on the geocaching site by putting in the waypoint name, and nothing came up, I contacted the cache owner whose name was in the front of the logbook. It had been reviewed, but not activated as it was part of a multi puzzle series. I was eventually awarded the FTF.
  22. In my experience, definitely newspaper stuffed in boots overnight works well. But after river crossing, a change of socks is the best solution after the worst of the water has drained out, if you want to keep going.
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