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  1. hello sunset, I'd say it's really up to you. If you're wanting it to be a little bit more of a surprise, keeping it listed as a micro would be fun. If you want the description to be more specific then you could list it as a regular. It's really up to you. I love the ammo can in the woods that's a micro. Very deceptive
  2. Lets see if I followed ambrosia's directions well enough. This ones of a few weeks ago. What a difference a few weeks makes, it hit almost 50 degrees today.
  3. I was lucky today. I was just about to throw in the towel when help arrived. Didn't need any secret passwords or anything, just hugs and caching stories from well known local cachers, and soon the smiley was ours.
  4. My caching name still fits me perfectly. fuzzy, is because I sell carpet, and belly is for my six pack abs You can check them out at Geocachealaska.org, click on the "photo Gallery" above the picture, I'm number 7 in the " 2013 whimsy" section. If you dare, that is. And to think, I almost made the cover of the 2014 calendar, I was almost a cover model
  5. I agree that there are way too many caches out there that need maintenance. There seem to be more of those around today then when we started caching 7 years ago. The problem of triggering a block on placing new caches is that anyone can post a NM notice. It could be used maliciously. From the OP, it also sounds like the hiding privilege is being used maliciously
  6. Hello web, Are you saying that they don't even get e-mail notices from posts on their caches? How could they then ever know when one of them need maintaining, other than a site visit. If so, I would think it should be required to get e-mail notices of visits. Even If it's a bunch of NA, NM notices. It could help nudge the owner to do maintenance. Even if every visit generated an email message to a cache owners email address, it won't guarantee that the owner will ever read it. Consider cache owners that create big power trails with hundreds of caches. Oh, that's right, they don't do maintenance on those caches and expect the community to do it for them. Well I guess it's just beyond me why someone would hide a cache and not even ever want to know if it where found. Maybe they watch the first 3-4 posts then just forget it? That's just odd. I could see it happening a few times in an area when kids get into the game, but the case the OP states is just weird. That cacher shouldn't be hiding caches.
  7. Hello web, Are you saying that they don't even get e-mail notices from posts on their caches? How could they then ever know when one of them need maintaining, other than a site visit. If so, I would think it should be required to get e-mail notices of visits. Even If it's a bunch of NA, NM notices. It could help nudge the owner to do maintenance.
  8. Winter caching isn't easy at all right now here in Anchorage. We got up to 50 degrees yesterday. The snow everywhere is so slushy the snowshoes don't even help, and the trails are all so icy it's a danger to walk on them. Time to switch from the snowshoes to the shoe grippers Gotta be prepared for any season ya know
  9. It's been fun hearing everyone different perspectives on this question. Thank you weather, 7, and Ocan. I appreciate the input 3pigs, tails and Rus1. It's always good to hear from paddle, T.D.M., nat, and the pastor. And thank you Todd, tricia, Golfer, summer and ringrat. I really enjoy chatting with you all.
  10. I see what you mean Summer. Maybe the ammo can on the ground doesn't deserve a winter attribute. But if it where an ammo can without a winter attribute, I still would go for it in the winter. But today I failed so that shows you my thinking
  11. "Not located on the ground" is, to me, the critical criteria for a cache that is "available in winter". I also think that the attribute is really only relevant in places that have "real" seasons. This is what I was looking for. Good job Paddle and Golfer. The differences of geocaching around the world is amazing to me, and just what I was hoping to hear. Thanks everyone To me, even if the cache is on the ground and it's a large container with a few feet of snow on the ground, that tells me it's an ammo can that can be probed for with a stick. I would consider this winter friendly. I wouldn't hesitate to put a "winter accessible" attribute on it. Although todays probing for the can didn't work I'll probably try again this season. Yesterdays winter caching outing was fun though(as if todays wasn't, ya right) GCV6Z5 Lily and I had a great time in our winter wonderland. And a few photos so you can see the season here in Anchorage, Alaska, in a nice local park.
  12. I'm not a true numbers chaser. Never been to a lower 48 power trail, and only grab a few at a time on the one we have here(the HELP series, it's on a beautiful trail I like camping near GC3W3X8), but I love having the find totals. And I don't brag about my total................BTW, I have 2015 smileys sorry, couldn't help it
  13. I remember seeing that thread, but didn't remember where it was. Thank you 7 Lets see, is this right? GC1AWH1
  14. For me (and probably for many cachers in areas where winter with snow is the norm), if the cache description shows a large container, and it has a winter accessible attribute with it, AND there's 3 feet of snow outside. It's probably is an ammo can buried in the snow under some log or tree root. In that case I'm bringing my walking stick for probing and my snowshoes, or a small shovel, for digging. There really is no more beautiful sound than the deep "bonk, bonk" of an ammo can being struck with a walking stick and no greater feeling after digging it out to get that smiley Then there's the small container That is well hidden in the branches of a snow covered pine. Better have your neck covered so snow don't find it but still sounds fun. The winter attribute is so important here. For 5-6 months of the year you rarely even search for caches that don't have that attribute.
  15. Hey Warrior, do you even have any caches in Florida that have a winter attribute on them?
  16. I think of a quality cache as one that has me remembering the fun I had even after I've left GZ hours ago. It could be an urban hide or not. Bust mostly caches that take me to a beautiful area or are well constructed. make for a quality cache for me.
  17. Unless you're willing to pay fair value for renting out my spine, I'd want no part of this. There could be a separate "archiver of crappy caches" reviewer. His forum name would be "The Executioner," & he would have an Intro account - so no one could email him! HA! good one That had me smiling
  18. I for one think change is over rated. And that face booky thingy.....well I think there's something fishy about it, I'll never join that's for sure. I'm new here so I don't know of the slowing down, seems pretty busy to me. I can't keep up that's for sure. But do you really think the folks who used to post here moved to FB or Twitter, I don't. I think of FB and twitty as for the young'uns.
  19. Sounds like a good hike -and T2.0 sounds conservative. LOL! That's funny wm, I thought that too. Luckily I knew what I was in for because of the CO
  20. Ah ha! Thank you for the info and the quick fix Keystone
  21. I accidentally created a duplicate thread. How would I delete one of them so people don't post to both?
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