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  1. Has the server burped again
  2. £7.50 Sorry it sold on the South Wales forum yesterday
  3. I have an unactivated South Wales Geocoin that I will swap for a suitable donation to the Mega Wales fund raising effort
  4. There will be a large contingent of the Mega Wales committee at the Meet Team Fridolin! GC283ET event tonight so it maybe a good opportunity to ask any questions or make suggestions
  5. That is under consideration BUT it took us 4 attempts before we finally made it because of the weather!! Its OK " The dark destroyer of Flatholm " promises to stay away from any plans to go to Flatholm
  6. It would appear that OSM has it uses after all who would have guessed http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/magazine/8517057.stm
  7. All gone now . Please lock if required .
  8. Thanks Paul I thought I had forgotten something
  9. I honestly can't say I have a favourite they (I have only attended a few) have all been great with good company edited because I am fick
  10. All my remaining unarchived caches are up for adoption and need to be adopted asap. I will be collecting any that remain tomorrow to avoid them becoming litter. Sorry for the short notice . Contact through my profile etc
  11. I am not baiting any trolls its is you that did that I was mearly expressing my right of reply <snip>
  12. Also if you look at post 12 in the original thread I asked for the thread to be closed this was not done and the thread then continued in some peoples view to go downhill .
  13. I was unable to access the forum today as I was in work so I couldn't see it develop and when I tried I couldn't. I am not glad that it was closed as I thought free speech was a fundamental right of the civilised world. I have voiced my complaint to Groundspeak and I am awaiting a reply but they must be busy so I am still waiting . I didn't expect or want to get any sympathy from anyone but I wanted to vent my feelings and i did within the constraints of the forum without swearing or naming names which again i believe is my right as a paying member. Now before anyone jumps on my case for singling out MrsB's post I think that it was the only one that was concerning my original post. this will be my last comment on the subject as I am sure that Groundspeak will resolve my outstanding complaint soon and then I will be out of here .
  14. proof as if proof was needed . No doubt there will be a valid reason why it was deleted and nothing to do with my complaint.
  15. I started a thread yesterday " I AM NOT AMUSED " But when I try to access it i get Strange that seeing as I was being critical of "The Management"
  16. I thought about explaining but whats the point I have decided to show my annoyance in another way . sorry to have wasted so many peoples time reading an irrelevant thread started by an annoying person with little else in his life but to whine and bitch about a trivial matter. The Mods can lock this if they so wish.
  17. That's logical . Rgds, Andy Perfectly logical in my mind or so the voices tell me edited to add ..it also saves the cache police from eye strain trawling the listings for caches to complain about
  18. Just annoyed that some caches are allowed to be unavailable for a long time and others are not . And it is not even one of my caches . Still its good to vent and I am having a lovely time archiving some caches Sod it I say
  19. I am very annoyed at the cache police and a certain reviewer at the moment so much so that I am going to demand a refund on my newly renewed premium membership. get a life and give people with a life a chance to do something
  20. I also never met Ceasar but have followed his travels on and off for a while and am saddened to read this news
  21. I am pleased to announce that I only have to confirm with Clyne farm on Wednesday (and pay a deposit) and the ball will really be rolling The event will be back at Clyne Farm on 1st May with a camping event for the sunday and monday If anyone wants to book camping or accommodation camping is £5 per person per night and there is "proper" accommodation for the less adventurous If you would like to book Please mention that you are attending the event so the owners know who is who . The details are Clyne Farm Centre Westport Avenue, Mayals, Swansea. SA3 5AR. 01792 403333 http://www.clynefarm.com we akso have a facebook page http://www.facebook.com/event.php?ei...116230&index=1
  22. Tomtom one is only $79 in lots of outlets in Orlando so that is cheaper than hiring one
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