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  1. As I am going to try and get my 8 year old daughters school interested in geocaching I will gladly donate a TB , and maybe if her school takes up the sport an exchange of school details may be possible. PM me with contact details and I will post it onto you . Regards Matrix AKA Mike Jones
  2. Could you please take the option "Tools=>Send debug into to Clyde" and then email me the tracking number All sorted in double quick time Cheers Clyde
  3. Could you please take the option "Tools=>Send debug into to Clyde" and then email me the tracking number Email sent
  4. I have a small problem that I need some help with I have a USB to Serial adaptor for one of my laptops that only has USB ports and it has assigned Com19 as the port but if I select Com19 as the port my GPSr is attached to in the GPS setup menu and try to upload or download waypoints I get an error message that COM1 Garmin can't init COM1 I have attached a screen grab of the error message Any Ideas ?
  5. My what a BIG........... Tree behind you I'll get my anorak
  6. Review of the Ifinder H20 in Todays Cacher http://www.todayscacher.com/2005/aug/reviews.asp
  7. Get yourself a copy of GSAK from http://www.gsak.net it has an export facility that does Tom Tom poi files and thats what I use to upload to my Ipaq 5550 but I use TT3 so not sure if that makes a difference.
  8. I would like 2 coins please , I have sent an email to needcoins at geocoins.co.uk.
  9. Two questions 1. How many UK cachers are premier members ? 2. Is the premier membership worth the money for us non US cachers ? Cheers Mike
  10. Watch this space Should be up and running in the next week or so
  11. I am preparing my first cache to hide and I am thinking of putting an unregistered TB as a FTF prize and wondered what peoples opinions of this were ? Cheers Mike
  12. Thats a Garmin GPS12 and is the right way up dadgum must read to the end of a thread before replying
  13. I cache normally with the youngest of my children, Katie who is 8 and loves caching sometimes Leighton (16) comes along but only if he thinks he may miss something l to r Courtney , Katie and Leighton Courtney is Katies friend who got so fed up of Katie talking about caching she nagged to come along and then moaned all day
  14. Does anybody have a reasonably high resolution version of the G with a + logo they could either post or send to me please Cheers Mike
  15. Its back now (local time 13:46 Saturday)
  16. Just found this on Ebay super cool Butterfly cache conatiner
  17. I have a Garmin GPS12XL mighty fine GPSr in my humble opinion
  18. Someone posted about geocaching on a car site I visit and I was amazed at how many do/knew about caching
  19. Hi could somebody please alter my current avatar so that it has the 4 coloured squares behind it and a N S compass type graphic over the top Cheers Mike
  20. My son and I are licensed Mike Jones GW7ODP and my Son Leighton 2W1HFZ Swansea United Kingdom 73s Matrix
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