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  1. I am on the bookmark list And I have a TB for the first to find prize on its way
  2. Very close to http://coord.info/GC1DEYP Cwm Clydach Crossing
  3. I still have strings on my gloves Why am I not suprised
  4. Yes Yes and log a needs maintenance I would offer to replace/refund NO !!!
  5. My boss bought one like that .....it was .......c**p rubbish
  6. I am over 50 physically Not sure about mentally though
  7. Way to go Udo (great name by the way ) I will look forward to meeting you at Mega Wales if you are there .
  8. I get text messages when a new cache is published via the FTF program
  9. I too will be in Orlando in October is anyone planning an event around that time I would love to attend if there is
  10. I have the 62ST and its great I use the TalkyToaster maps with mine
  11. Over the last few weeks I have been contacted via my GC profile and my forum with questions about Mega Wales but as I am not involved in the running of the Mega I thought it might be a good idea to bring this to the attention of the caching community . I am supporting the Mega via my forum and in other ways but I am not involved in any way with the organising of the event. I am happy to try to help but it may prove easier and quicker to contact the committee direct via their profiles on the Mega Wales website. Thank You Matrix
  12. I have one chirp cache and a chirp enabled geocoin And I have just bought another 2 chirps
  13. A friend has informed me that there is a post on a certain Astronomical photography forum that concerns geocaching and that there are a number of people who have admitted to doing both anyone want to confess their secret guilty or not
  14. Can a mod close this thread I think the bad puns are running way off topic and the it seems that there is no interest anyway
  15. Ha ha ha you are ALL so funny .....not
  16. I was led to understand that was not possible on the same day and effectivly the same venue but I would be happy to be proven wrong Lucilla
  17. I would like to point out that this is purely a personal question and has nothing to do with the Mega Wales committee . As a recent returnee to dog guardianship all be it when my lovely girlfriend lets me have access I am wondering how many cachers are intending fetching their geodogs and if they would be interested in a quick meet up on the grass outside the venue for a geodogs photograph ? It won't be an official event just a quick get together .
  18. I don't buff I prefer to Shemagh
  19. Aha found a macro for GSAK that will do what I want ...must look harder next time
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