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  1. Spooky world or what a friend has just sent me this http://tinyurl.com/d7xagsu its a link to B&Q for a Pro Series Cree 90 Lumens torch that takes 3 AAA batteries is is only £15.35 he says its a cracker
  2. £12.50 delivered to your door http://www.alpkit.com/gamma great headlight doesn't throw light a great distance but its more than adequate . They also have a fantastic after sales service . DrSolly is correct a single "good" Cree LED is far better than multiples for lots of reason And yes I know the gamma has multiples but at the price its worth it .
  3. Well I like them as I like all types of container. I go caching for the walk I don't care what the container is or if its even there .
  4. No time or inclination to maintain them so I thought I would offer them for adoption before I archived them
  5. I have 2 caches up for adoption http://coord.info/GC2N5QR http://coord.info/GC28J6A contact through my profile Please
  6. Bugger I agree with Mandy ......that's it folks the end of the world is nigh
  7. It is far from civil Can a mod lock this thread Please as I have decided to take it to Groundspeak as an official complaint . Edited to add some facts . I was responsible for acquiring the design of the Mega Wales logo. This logo was then used to decorate Polo shirts which in turn were sold for a profit to help fund Mega Wales . I was the initial contact with the producer of the Polo shirts I have been a customer of theirs for a while. A prominent cacher missed the deadline for the purchase of a Polo shirt and I was asked in public (On Facebook ) If there was anyway a shirt could be ordered . I enquired with the supplier and was told that there would be no problem. I ordered and paid for the Polo shirt and arranged to meet the cacher at an event before the Mega to hand over the shirt and receive payment for said shirt. Today a reviewer asked a third party what had happened to the profit I had made from the sale of the shirt . I then contacted the reviewer who asked several questions regarding the transaction . These questions I answered for which I was thanked . Because I was not about to let this lie I was then contacted by the reviewer using his reviewer name threatening to post my email address and so I decided to take the matter to Groundspeak to see what they say. For the record my email is matrix.geocaching@googlemail.com or matrix@southwalesgeocachers.co.uk if you prefer
  8. I have been advised to remove my post or there will be an offical reply with my email address in the post now thats a strange thing to threaten
  9. Well as I am not completely stupid (some of my bits are missing) I of course refute the claim and can prove so . Edited to respond to *mouse* The accussion was initially sent to a third party as part of the Mega Wales witch hunt So I asked directly and was assured that it seemed I had acted inapproriatly with money that should have gone to Mega Wales, despite the transaction in question was conducted in the public domain via facebook .
  10. Just suppose you had been accused of what could be construed as the theft of money by a reviewer ....what would you do ? I know this will get locked and then moved into the dark depths but I had to ask
  11. That thread is about the Brynglas tunnel in Newport. The changes in this thread affect the access to the Mega Venue directly
  12. Just for information in case your sat nav tries to take you the wrong way http://www.swansea.gov.uk/index.cfm?articleid=45222
  13. I managed to get a mention for the Mega in an internet based magazine about Swansea http://paper.li/tag/Swansea
  14. The Brangwyn entrance is the one opposite Victoria Avenue
  15. I hate the lot of you .................. because I couldn't go
  16. One out of two is not bad Sammy Oh what a great Idea I might program one of my spare chirp's that people can look for somewhere in the venue I don't know how much data you can put into the Chirp but if data permits you could put a description of yourself, or your caching name, and a comment like "why not ask me on a date?" or some such. Obviously people without Chirp enabled GPS units won't get to see your message but you never know if the word will spread. If you do try it out I'd be curious to know how you get on. I'm not in the game myself any more, been with Mrs Tisri for a long time now, but would be interested to know if it works. If it does, invite me to the wedding I am actually spoken for ...well at the moment anyway It will be ok the my girlfriend is anti-geocaching
  17. Oh what a great Idea I might program one of my spare chirp's that people can look for somewhere in the venue
  18. Dorsetgal may make an appearance on the One show this evening as she was interview at Wimbledon by Jay Rayner the food critic
  19. Columbus is another good free app Market Link
  20. Thats a Leyland Martian 6X6 Heavy Recovery I spent my early days as a Recce Mech operating one of those
  21. My girlfriends pet hate is Geocaching does that count ? p.s I am not joking
  22. Sadly Barons ("the local parachute club") has now closed
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