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  1. paypaled for 3 Nice Coin 9Key!
  2. Can i snag the 2 last Civilian (Silver edition)?
  3. well no storys yet, My 77' Jeep CJ7 is a work in long term progress. i hope to have many great storys some day.
  4. Trades are being done in the "Geocoin Trading " thread, check there
  5. no Migo Fall coins till Migo's oct. 1 event and only if you attend Or bid on Ebay and pay over $122.00 on its First day out, But is for Red cross so its Totally worth it
  6. i have some extra Maryland up for Trades
  7. Thats Great, i was lost for a sec.
  8. Dang AtlantaGal coin @ $200.00..thats Great on the other hand..Migo winter @ $70 +$7 shipping.. and not for Katrina Relief ladycacher i also saw that news story, hope the coin does good.
  9. will it have its own icon or the normal gold cent icon Edit: duh! thanks Mauison
  10. looking for the following personal coins MiGO (Winter) MiGO (spring) GBES Summer/Winter OKIC Alabama 2004 DFW 2005 silver Idaho/cachers name *Geowoodstock III FOR TRADE *Ohio Geocoin Avroair Camp Explorer Washington 2005 *Maryland * = GC.com Trackable
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