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  1. I just thought I would throw a plug in for the NEFGA coins they are being produced by the same company that did The Rubicon Brothers and The Federation Coins. They can be found at The Caching Place. They have been faboulous to work with and have done exceptional jobs on all the coins I have seen that they have done. This was an unpaid unsolicited message from a happy customer.

    Thanks Georgia.

    That is a stunning website :huh:

    How is that you learned of these guys?

    i Get a white page with an e-mail :D




    anyone going to have an extra reg NEFGA coin?


    I need a SWAGS coin ...But hands off my GEOLUAU coin :mad:

  2. I am finally getting a chance to post the things I have in here. I have the following geocoins. Coin names with a number next to them indicate how many of that coin I have available for trade. If you would like any of the coins which have a number by them, please let me know via email through my profile.


    2005 Georgia Geocoin (3)

    2005 GGA 4th anniversary Geocoin (1)

    2005 Georgia Wanna Go! Geocoin (1)

    Trez's Pirate Trezure Geocoin

    Today's Cacher squashed nickel (1)

    Geopirat's squashed coin

    Canada Geocoin(I believe this is a 2005 series coin, but I am not certain)


    I am interested in obtaining anything I don't yet have.


  3. umm figure out your design ..then put it out for all to see, then everyone is not in Limbo waiting on you.. :laughing:

    like now.

    just my own thought, some coins go so fast in production , and others don't. i guess i understand that.

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