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  1. Ok, so I have several offers but they are all so different. How about to make it fair you post what exactly you are willing to trade and pics. I think I made a mistake of having people email me. I had no idea my mail would get so full. I'm also interested in trackable on gc.com. Once I accept offer if your in the area of the meet and greet in Westland, MI we can trade in person.

    Have GC.com trackable coins to trade, But im no where near there!

    Dallas TX

    Plane ticket in the deal? :unsure:



  2. I know your post was tongue in cheek, but I want you to know there are some of us who like any kind of coin!  :ph34r:  :unsure:


    I have an extra Canada Geocoin available for trade, if anyone is interested, please get in touch either here or via my List of Coins.



    October 12, 2005 @ 9:21 AM

    N40° 46.565' W073° 58.756'

    when you buy a canadian coin i believe it is activated to your name. i put one in a cahe still in its plastic bag and even though i didn't activate the coin i still get e-mails when it is logged

    so that sucks when trading..

  3. im pretty sure personal will stay the same old icon, and some others will not change unless the y payed for the icon.


    Tenn. should be getting its three stars

  4. I think that my stance on this subject has been unintentionally misrepresented. As far as I am concerned, once a coin leaves my hand it is the finder's right to do with it what they will. (There have been some isolated instances of abuse in which I have changed my behavior with regard to this, but I won't get into that.)


    The auction issue was one where I was contacted and asked if I would *publicly support* an auction using one of my coins. That was something that I said I would not do because of the potential can of worms involved - I would have no control over what charity was selected and didn't want people coming to me with requests for charities that I may not support.


    In any case, if someone has one of my coins and wants to auction it off on eBay, that is their choice. I simply won't be publicly approving or disapproving of it.


    On another note, yes, I activate all of my coins before releasing them. That is what I have done since day one and what I will continue to do.

    Good its your coin, you should activate them, people act like your coins is a USA Geocoin or the another coin they own themselves.

  5. Is everyone an pencil pusher/desk jockey?on the PC all day waiting for coins. :(

    Just kidding :rolleyes:


    So i missed it, but is this your personal coin/ personal city coin?

    whats the "Geocacher ### "? or is that there the GC.com tracking number is going to go..

    otherwise Good job :ph34r:

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