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  1. Why is it that none on the geocoins other than Mou10bike coin and german coin link to the coin page? let me know if this has come up in another area.
  2. why go smaller? i like the 1.5 size coins best but might get some
  3. paypal, sure i'll take 5 thanks
  4. i'll trade for a Mauison coin always wanted one, it looks like a great coin!
  5. Any artwork of the coin yet? Thanks
  6. Any Updates? will it be paypal payable? Thanks
  7. f0t0m0m- sent you an e-mail ----- now have one RI coin left EDIT: All four RI coins spoken for. Thank you for the Trades
  8. I have 3 Rhode Island coins up for Trade, anyone interested? just starting so,looking for pretty much anything But looking for: dallas-silver *any personal coins GWS3 Santa Cruz Any Migo seasonal Alaska 2005 GBES E-mail me
  9. Why did they go with the GB Geocoin I.D when you log the coin, whats wrong with Midwest Geobash Geocoin?, As they spelled out Geowoodstock Coins rather than GWS geocoins or something like that. just wondering.
  10. ok, if you don't like all the Geocoin icons, Do not collect them! simple as that.
  11. looking at 2 of each, thanks
  12. looking @ 5 here, sounds like some good ideas i like the sunflower, not sure about,Dorothy & crew going up the yellow brick road But hey its your State coin
  13. 5 here, also posted on the MGS forum
  14. If i didn't get my name in before the thred was cut, can i still get 3 geocoins? also what does £4 per coin plus P&P come out to? sorry
  15. Just gotta keep up with Jerseytrex logs
  16. how about 5 for me will be looking for the link.
  17. i sent in mine on the 25th hope it still counts
  18. i'd like a few, any examples yet? 3 would be great
  19. How can i get some of these great coins? 3 reg, 3 silver? Thanks
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