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  1. Me too! I also learned that you don't need a smartphone to decode QR codes.
  2. I've learned that one size does not fit all, and that it is better for my body and my spirit to be "out there" instead of "in here."
  3. Well, I have an opinion of your character as well, and it's no better than your opinion of mine. However, the impact of your character on my life is minimal. You do realize that the reason this cache got reviewed is because I brought it to Groundspeak's attention, don't you? That is why the reviewer dealt with it, and that is why the CO has updated the coordinates. I got my DNF reinstated, and others might be able to find the cache. That's all I wanted.
  4. Dishonest? To whom? How does a false find (mine or anyone else's) impact your life or the CO's life in a negative way? How about a dishonest geocache that a CO claims is at a specific point, but really isn't? How about a CO who knows his cache is missing and/or his coordinates are wrong, yet refuses to do anything about it? As an aside, I did not know that my false find would be reinstated. I may or may not delete it. Either way, I don't see why it should bother you.
  5. As I tried to explain, this is a courtesy that has been extended by local COs when containers have gone missing. I see now that I am very fortunate to live where I do.
  6. Labadee is a private resort that is leased to Royal Caribbean International. I could be wrong, but I think the only tourists permitted to visit Labadee are arriving by cruise ship. Most of the locals are employed by Royal Caribbean. The resort area is fenced off from the surrounding area, and passengers are not permitted to leave the property. I believe this is the only cache in Haiti that cruise passengers can access. You would have to visit Haiti some other way to do the rest of the caches in the country, but then you wouldn't be able to go to Labadee.
  7. I don't care about my numbers. It's just nice to have a record of geocaching in Haiti. Some people keep a journal to remember their travels - I just look at my geocaching stats.
  8. I tried to find your meaningful contributions to this thread, and I found.............. nothing.
  9. I can totally understand people logging this one as a find when the cache is missing. They did all the work required to find it (including taking a 7-day Caribbean cruise), but the cache wasn't there. Given the location, it's unlikely that many people will get a second chance to really find it. It's the only reasonable opportunity people have to find a cache in Haiti, and it's nice to have Haiti show up in the list of countries where they have geocached. In my area, there have been a couple of caches I didn't find because the containers were muggled (if you consider bears to be muggles). When I logged my DNF, the cache owners replaced the caches. Then they gave me permission to log them as finds if I wanted to. I chose not to, because I could go back and truly find the caches once they were replaced. That's not the case with this one in Haiti. I suggested to the CO that as a courtesy, he could let people log the find when the container isn't there, but he just deleted my message.
  10. I think the CO is still talking about me. I tried to log it as a DNF in May 2010, because I did not find it. The CO deleted my several attempts to log the DNF, so I tried logging it as a find, just to see what would happen. He deleted that too, which was fine because I didn't find it. When some more DNFs were logged recently, I decided to try again with my DNF. Again the CO kept deleting my DNF logs. Now that my DNF has been reinstated, it appears that my "find" was reinstated too. The CO seems to have forgotten that the real issue was that he wouldn't let me log my DNF.
  11. I hope people are able to find it. Their time in Labadee is short, and it's frustrating to spend valuable vacation time looking for a non-existent cache or in the wrong location. From reading all the logs on this cache, it looks like there have been several caches over the years, sometimes two caches, sometimes no caches. The "new" coordinates seem to be for a cache that has gone missing. It's not clear whether any cache exists at this point. The CO exists, but is not "active," and all but two of his caches have been archived. I think this cache will continue to be a problem.
  12. Okay, I take back "idiots." Replace it with "people who have no interest in contributing anything meaningful to the original discussion and post inflammatory comments with the sole purpose of starting a flame war." This is an interesting cache to watch. I doubt that I will ever get another chance to find it, but I wish future cachers the best of luck.
  13. Only because of the actions of the original CO. If other people can get enjoyment out of the cache, I'm happy to see it live on.
  14. Yes you did. But I've been called worse and I've called others worse. Just figured you would like to be updated on the rules so you didn't get yourself banned calling someone with thinner skin an idiot. This is name-calling: "Avenois, you are a stupid-head!" Saying that "idiots are crawling out of the woodwork" is simply stating an opinion.
  15. Huh? What didn't I get? My DNF was reinstated and the CO has finally taken responsibility for the cache and updated the coordinates. That's all I wanted. He was saying that you only got two of the three in the "trifecta" and in doing so, implying that one of your goals was to get the cache archived. Avenois may have thought that one of my goals was to get the cache archived, but it wasn't. As I have stated repeatedly, I just wanted to log my DNF.
  16. I'm sure he was right, but I didn't call anybody a name.
  17. Here's a brief history of my involvement with this cache. When I was in Labadee, the path had just been paved, and the cache was obviously gone. I posted a DNF and notified the CO that the area had been reconstructed and the cache could not possibly be where it used to be. I said he should either update the coordinates (if the cache was moved) or archive the cache (if the cache was gone). He got pissy and just deleted my DNF and my notes. And so it began... I'm glad the coordinates have been updated, and I hope there really is a cache there. I suspect this cache will continue to be a problem, not just because of the CO, but because of the location. Hopefully future cache seekers will read the history and be prepared to be disappointed. My advice would be not to spend a whole lot of time on it. If they find it, great. If not, enjoy the other activities in Labadee. As I've said before, this experience changed the way I geocache on vacation. Vacation time is much too precious to waste on non-existent caches with outdated coordinates. Fortunately, I have a better GPS now than I did then - this one downloads all the logs. If I had all that history with me in Labadee, I wouldn't have spent the amount of time I did looking for the cache. But I still don't understand why the CO kept deleting my DNF... That remains a mystery!
  18. Huh? What didn't I get? My DNF was reinstated and the CO has finally taken responsibility for the cache and updated the coordinates. That's all I wanted.
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