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  1. So v2.4 seems to be a mistake, I think I wait for the 2.5 version.
  2. The speed reported by the Oregon (while walking) is VERY unstable. The numbers vary a lot, even the occasional 0.0 flickers by. My old legend is rock solid in comparison. Has anyone else noticed this?
  3. Do you have any trick to hold it in the right angle if it is mounted on a mountainbike Yepp, just hold the mountain bike in the right angle.
  4. The accuracy is improved, at least according to the GPS itself. I now have accuracy numbers down to 3m, never saw that with the previous version. But there still seems to be a drift problem. And Waas/Egnos is still broken. The screen was a real disappointment in the beginning, but now, somehow, I have gotten used to it. It works even in direct sunlight, but you have to hold it in the right angle.
  5. I stumbled upon a bug that freezes the Oregon completely, it’s battery out to recover. To reproduce: View the altitude profile of a planned route. Zoom in on both scales so that the whole profile is seen and the height variations are clearly shown. Now pan the profile sideways back and forth several times and notice how the profile flattens until it’s a flat line and the Oregon dies. Time to take out the batteries. Version 2.30
  6. I do not like this webupdate thing. Is there a way to go back to a previous version if they mess things up?
  7. Yes, I have the same problem with Egnos.
  8. Good to know that I’m not the only one with problems in this area. Hopefully it can be fixed in a software upgrade. As I understand it Egnos is operational for “non-safety of life services” since 2005.
  9. I’m having trouble getting WAAS (or EGNOS in my case) to work with my Oregon. In perfect conditions I have been able to get three “D” but that’s it, if I wait even longer they disappear again. The GPS seems to listen to the EGNOS satellite for about 5 minutes (without ever turning green) and the drops it and starts searching for another. Is this normal? As you can se on the screen dump the conditions couldn’t be much better.
  10. One via-hole is not enough at these frequencies, you get local variations in the ground plates. So the more the merrier, a solid wall would be best. And as you said before, antennas are close to black magic. But then again, I'm only guessing.
  11. Hm, you don't think they are normal via-holes? Connecting the different copper layers in the PCB with each other. There are probably grounded plates on both sides of the PCB and the holes connects them together.
  12. The white thing below the Garniak logo being the antenna is my guess as well. Notice how there is a big empty space above the display in the plastic case where that white thing is located. Why the U isn't a closed rectangle is a mystery though, maybe the contact to the display get squeezed to much if they put a list there, it does look as if the PCB was prepared for an (almost closed) rectangle though.
  13. I doubt the U-shaped thing is the antenna. I would GUESS it's a grounded soft list that is pressed against the metall back of the display and thus creates a shielded box for the electronics.
  14. Is once good enough? Now you really must check it again...please. I just recalibrated and stuck it outside w/my Colorado - we'll see how they look in the morning. GO$Rs If it behaves like my Oregon, you will see a nice curve with the correct time and date. But the curve itself is not new, (you will recognise it from the day before) only the time and date has been updated. So it’s even worse than displaying nothing, since now it displays an old curve but presents it as new.
  15. My Oregon 300 is not able to record pressure while off. I’m pretty sure it’s a software problem since the hardware works just fine when fully powered on.
  16. When I ran a test with mine several weeks ago it seemed to work. Although given the problems with this on the CO it might work on some OR's and not others. GO$Rs Could be it’s hardware issue, although I personally think it’s a software problem considering the hardware (the pressure sensor in this case) works just fine on both the Colorado and the Oregon with the GPS fully powered on.
  17. And we (Oregon users) also have a barometer bug (similar to the colorado), in essence, it doesn't work when the GPS is shut down.
  18. No, I meant that the graph had smooth variations, not the faulty straight lines. So at first glance it looked as it worked as it should. The problem was that the graph was recorded the day before (when the GPS was fully on) but the date on the graph indicated that it was recorded during the night.
  19. My Oregon 300 seems to have a problem with this function as well. I set it up to track changes over night and when I viewed it this morning, it first looked as a success. The last seven hours did have a nice smooth plot. However, after having admired it for a while I suddenly recognised the plot from the day before, only now it hade been given new time stamps indicating that it was new data. I shut it down and let it sleep a couple of hours and then rechecked the plot. And according to the time stamps there was new data collected, but again, it was the same old graph marked up as new.
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