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  1. 1 hour ago, thebruce0 said:

    I once took a trail around an undeveloped area, and heard a heavy buzz. Couldn't place it. Then a drone snuck over the nearby mound hovering around me for a bit about 2 storeys up. Thought I might have stumbled on some top secret gov't installation and would be apprehended in minutes. Kept walking, it sped away, but I never found the drone operator. Creepy.  (and I wasn't apprehended)


    Wow, that's interesting. Sounds like you were lucky. :lol:

  2. 26 minutes ago, cerberus1 said:

     Unlike the kids toys,  a drone is usually high enough that you really can't hear them at all.  :)


    Exactly. They are spy equipment for taking high quality pictures and video. B)

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  3. From reading the other person's profile this is a disagreement between two geocachers deleting each others's finds from their listings. I'm sure that contacting HQ and explaining what is going on will get this sorted out and your finds restored.

  4. 30 minutes ago, 8Nuts MotherGoose said:

    You are right. That would be the ISS Pass just before the one that they are doing. The 6:08 pass travels from Toledo, OH to Norfolk, VA.

    The pass after the one they are doing will go over San Diego, CA at 76° at 6:16 pm.


    I will be viewing this pass over if anyone needs a partner. 

  5. 19 minutes ago, Rebore said:

    But most of the players just submit their listing without ever having contact to one of the reviewers, and mail conversations are completely differnt compared to personal conversation.


    Have you ever attended a meet the reviewer event hosted in a pub? :D

  6. 1 hour ago, CaverScott said:

    Perhaps you are referring to links from hosting sites like PhotoBucket which are not longer valid to be used as a free photo hosting site? I have seen a few cache pages where the photo link is no longer valid and is not part of the cache information needed to solve a puzzle. If that is the only reason it was archived, I would suspect the real reason is that the owner is no longer active so instead of posting a note asking the CO to fix the cache page, the reviewer simply archives it.


    I don't think that active geocaches are archived anymore just because the owner exited the game as long as the community maintains them. B)

  7. 44 minutes ago, MysteryGuy1 said:

    I realize it's an indication that the CO is no longer active, but it really bugs me when caches that are still in good shape and being found regularly are being taken out of commission.


    Are we talking about community maintained caches where the owner is absent? Could you provide us a GC code of the listing in question?

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  8. 1 hour ago, thebruce0 said:

    Well, in context of local laws, then not everything goes for anyone :P I thought manville was referring to GS guidelines for finders, that effectively anything goes. GS can't control how a player finds a cache. At best it's honour system abiding by best/safe recommended practices.  ie, GS can't stop players from finding caches by drone despite decrying the practice. But the gov't certainly can :laughing:


    I've had experience with the "Scorched Earth" geocache hunters that will tear GZ apart looking for a cache. So far the drone enthusiasts I have met are responsible law abiding people. I can't say that about geocachers with bomb scares being normal for their hobby. They cost tax payers tons of money. Drone pilots would be arrested and fined. :ph34r:

  9. 25 minutes ago, Touchstone said:

    Well, sort of.  If you fly a drone in an area that prohibits flying drones, there may be some consequences.


    Are drone pilots starting to get the same bad reputation as geocachers? No wonder combining the two hobbies is frowned upon.:(

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  10. 1 hour ago, Keystone said:

    Thank you for mentioning honeychile, who is enjoying a well-deserved retirement after around 15 years of service.  The reviewer community misses her good humor and kindness.


    I was unaware of her retirement, but found this Geocoin on eBay. Too bad I'm no longer a collector, but she did send us one of her community volunteer TB's once upon a time. :)

    She was the best and treated me with respect. I have retired as a cache hider as well. B)

  11. 24 minutes ago, Rathergohiking said:

    There is an app called what 3 words. Basically, there is a three word combination that is cross referenced for each 9 square foot on earth. Wonder if that could somehow be turned into a new cache type?


    What would the logging requirements be?

  12. 1 hour ago, andersen1982 said:

    So it`s a bit like a pamphlet from the tourist office recommending sites for this and that reason and a waymark Tour are several sites (waymarks) combined together to form a hike that leads past all of them?



    Nope. It's more like following people on Flickr that post and share their vacation photos. We were here pictures with coordinates. ;)

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  13. 1 hour ago, thebruce0 said:

    I did a handful when they first appeared. After a while I removed them from my stats because they are just test containers, not cache(listing)s. Plus at that time there was contention as to whether they should even appear in stats let alone alter the cache find count. It was easier to not record them and not worry about them.  They can still be enjoyed without displaying the stats.

    Only a few that I played were test containers, and were more like the common temporary event caches where the coordinates are handed out. Seems this is an issue for the numbers players that the find don't count, but I enjoyed the history lesson of the ones I played. Some others I took part in were games, like shooting a bow and arrow. The logging code was there at the "game/cache". I got several requests from players that did not attend the MEGA event or take part asking that I share the logging codes.

    Sorry if you took it as a stats thing, which I give a poot not about. They were fun for me and I wanted your take on them and share mine with you. :)

  14. 16 minutes ago, thebruce0 said:

     I see the Lab Cache find as number of times you've helped "test" a new caching idea, and that's why they're not added to your cache find count (any more). They're not an official cache. :P


    I see them as event games, and have completed several. How about you? ;)

  15. 6 hours ago, arisoft said:

    QR-codes are widely used everywhere but do you know any game which is based to sharing our experiences on field as we do in geocaching?

    Don't forget the BIT cache type on the OpenCaching platforms. They are exactly what you are talking about, a QR code cache. Affix 1000's  to a guardrail and call them a power trail or geoart. No thank you. Not here on the it's all about the numbers game site. ;)


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  16. 20 minutes ago, nextlogicalstep said:

    I suspect most people who cache with the app wouldn't notice.


    That depends. I like to store caches for offline and I filter them. If I ran a PQ, I would filter out red wrenched caches. But I'm really selective usually and read the cache page and recent logs. :)

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