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  1. We flew in Saturday and spent a few hours exploring Nashville before dinner at Martin's BBQ (trail partner). Spent the night at Henry Horton State Park (trail partner). Spent Sunday, Monday and Tuesday traveling south as far as Sewanee, west as far as Lawrenceburg and North up to Lewis before heading back to Murfreesboro, hitting all the cities with coin caches in between. On Tuesday and Wednesday we even had time to do a hundred or so caches on the various power trails. We hit up as many trail partners as we could... food souvenirs, lodging... hardly any of the trail partners had heard about geocaching or the geotours so I saved our receipts for verification. Oh and if a cache/log/code was missing, the host of the tours accepted a picture for the passport. Most of the caches we encountered were in good shape... only a few missing. Had the most trouble in Columbia but we had accumulated enough points by then so it really didn't matter. Good times!!!
  2. Looks like I hit another brick wall uploading all my finds as drafts... no ability to mass submit as logs. Need to click on each draft and submit. That's just the process I was looking to avoid. Now I remember why I resorted to gsak in the past.
  3. Thank you. Wish I could figure out why I can't get past the select your language screen. I asked in this forum instead of gsak because I can't get gsak to download so I was looking for another way to download finds, not field notes. I will explore the link above.
  4. I'm hesitant to ask this question because I know it is very "basic" but let me assure you I tried very hard to answer it myself before asking. Yes, I searched GSAK faq as well. I'm not too computer savvy so please be nice. Can I not download GSAK to my new Surface Pro 4? I *think* it has Windows 10 Pro. What does this mean?: "GSAK only runs on Windows operating systems (Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, with XP and below not supported)." Does it mean GSAK will run on Windows 10 as long as it doesn't have XP?? I don't even know what XP is. All I know is I found sooo many caches today and I was excited to do a template + mass upload but haven't done it in years, and haven't done it on my new laptop. I went to download my purchased copy of GSAK and I can't get past the pick your language screen to install. So frustrating. IF GSAK isn't an option, is there another way? Caches waiting patiently in Garmin Oregon 550t. Thanks in advance.
  5. Possible to do both GeoTours in 4 days? Traveling from PA Feb 3-7th. Some of the caches are in overlapping areas but the DSC TN tour seems more spread out. Will be staying at recommended hotels and dining for the extra passport points. Not familiar with TN, hence the inquiry. Thanks!
  6. Looking to see if a cacher from the area would be willing and able to pick my husband and I (and our bikes) up from Rattlesnake Lake Park the morning of the event so we can leave our rental at the lake and bike from the event back to our car. I know it is a lot to ask as we really can't provide anything in return (besides gas money!) but I figured it wouldn't hurt to see if it wouldn't be too much of an inconvenience for anyone traveling past exit 32 on the way to the event. Oh, I could also sweeten the deal with Pathtags and trackables!! I was very excited to discover a bike rental option in Seattle but bummed when my husband reminded me of the dilemma of not having two cars Pretty please? Thank you
  7. Just checking in... it looks like the area hasn't had a significant snowfall since I first posted. Yay! Bad for skiing, good for caching. It is my understanding that the cool tunnel used to access the ape tribute cache (and others) is closed Nov through May. (We plan on attempting using the alternate route.) What about the road leading to the trail head for GCD? Cachers in November reported that it was closed. Are there certain roads in the mountainous areas that close from a certain month to a certain month, similar to the tunnel? Or, is it strictly based on the weather conditions? I guess I will have the same concerns for the roads leading to GC12 and GC17. Thanks!
  8. Thanks all! Do any of you have an opinion about Hotel Hotel Hostel which looks to be a few blocks away from HQ? It has received good reviews. We have never stayed at a hostel before but this one seems more like a hotel. We would love to stay within walking distance of the HQGT. Only problem seems to be parking...
  9. Hello from Pennsylvania, My husband and I will be traveling to Portland on Feb 28th. Our plan is to find some of the year 2000 caches, maybe visit one of your beautiful mountains, maybe hit the power trail near Bend, maybe the Oregon star and definitely visit HQ for find 6,000. We plan trips without actually making set-in-stone plans (besides the tour of HQ). There is nothing more relaxing than that for us.. drive, cache, find a motel, sleep, repeat Anyway, thank you for the pinned topic re coming to the NW for a visit. I do realize some of the caches won't be available due to snow (GCD, right?). I am encouraged to see that some of the 2000 caches HAVE been visited recently so hopefully snow won't be a complete deterrent. Here is my serious question... we all have fears, some rational, some not. For example... I am very afraid of snakes so when we did a similar trip to FL/AL/MS/LA last March, I bought snake gators. No, we didn't see a single snake but I felt less nervous caching in the swampy areas. In addition to snakes, I am nervous about bears. When we hike in PA, I take comfort in the fact that my husband carries a pistol. No, not to randomly pick off squirrels or rabbits... ONLY for protection if one of us (or our kids') life was in danger. Obviously, we won't be bringing our pistols on vacation. Is there a chance we will see a bear when hiking to Hembre Ridge, GC12, GC16, GC17, Tunnel of Light, or Iron Horse this time of year? Would it be a good idea maybe to buy bear spray? I realize that I am going to be voluntarily putting myself in their environment and I respect that but I would like to feel safe, not petrified, while hiking. Now you are thinking to yourselves... "this girl needs a new hobby... an INDOOR hobby", ha! Thanks in advance for your advice/input.
  10. You could look to see if there is a geocaching organization/group in operation close to your festival and see if they have a Facebook page. Ask to join their FB page and advertise your event there. Or, you could probably post about the festival here in the forums. Look under 'community' 'geocaching discussions by country' 'United States' and select your area.
  11. I agree! We had a similar experience last week in DE. I didn't mind so much seeing them on your run-of-the-mill guard rail hides but on trickier hides, for me, it was like if the CO had added a sticker at GZ that said something like "geocache HERE!" with a big red arrow. I realize your GPS serves a similar purpose (locating the spot) but the sticker for me was just gaudy (for lack of a better word coming to mind). Sure, they should be able to play their game too but why not be original and come up with their own hiding places.
  12. When I mark a cache found on my GPS, is it listed on the computer under geocache_logs (XML) or geocache_visits (text document)? Say I find a bunch of caches over the course of the day and they are all marked as found in my GPS, how do I tell my unit to save that file on the mini SD card instead of on the memory of the GPS? Assuming I can figure out how to do that, can I then put that mini SD card into my Asus Transformer tablet and somehow send the found logs to be published on geocaching.com? I don't want to submit them as field notes, I want to submit them as boring "found it" logs (with the intention of going back and writing something long and nice on the first cache in the series). I know how to do this on GSAK and I tried to learn GDAK but I'm hopelessly confused and frustrated. Is there another Android-friendly method? Thank you.
  13. Thank you! I booked the Andrew Jackson hotel for 2 nights. I found the best deal from the 4th-6th. Crazy expensive the night of the 4th but the night of the 5th is much cheaper so it balances out. One day of Mardis Gras should be plenty for us. We are not the excessive drinking/partying/let me see your boobies type but to say we weren't curious as to what goes on, would be a lie . Staying in the hub seems to be the easiest solution to transportation/parking issues. We'll probably wander the streets Tuesday and see a parade and try the virtual caches on Wednesday sans masses of people. Thursday we will probably go do the Hang'm High trail after we check out of the hotel. Bear with me... there is a point to my post (besides to say thank you to those who responded here and in messages)... we will also probably do the Spanish trail either when we get to town or before we fly home. Plus, we will be caching from Pensacola to NOLA in random spots along the coast. I saw in many of the attributes my least favorite picture: Mr. Snake. To say I am afraid of snakes would be an understatement. I know they are more afraid of me and just be aware of your surroundings and all that typical stuff... BUT, is it likely we will come across a snake in FL/AL/MS/LA in March? Is it snake season all year long? No matter, I will probably be purchasing snake gaiters and wearing them when we are in grassy/wooded areas. I figure it is a wise investment in the long run because I can wear them at home to protect me from thorns/briars when caching in shorts in the summer months. So, what's the likelihood that I am going to see a snake and it be of the poisonous variety? I've only ever seen black snakes "in the wild" and hope to never see or hear a rattler. Just typing that made my skin crawl lol.
  14. My husband and I have an anniversary trip (10 years!) planned to Pensacola FL starting March 1 through March 8th. We selected Pensacola so we could add 3 new states to our caching map Our itinerary is very flexible but we would like to make it to New Orleans for Mardis Gras (the day before and the day after Fat Tuesday). We are going to spend the week driving the coast (Pensacola to New Orleans and back) doing the tourist thing, grabbing caches, including some of the "power trails". We don't need luxury accommodations but I am nervous about not booking hotel rooms in advance, especially the closer we get to New Orleans. I was looking for suggestions for somewhere to stay within driving distance of the fun. Or, maybe our best bet is to stay in the middle of the fun... I'm reading that public restrooms are few and far between, parking could be difficult and I want to actually be able to see the parade(s). I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg but maybe it is worth it to splurge this one time. Hopefully I didn't wait too long and the packages aren't all sold out Geez, and I thought booking the airfare was stressful! Any travel agents out there?? Any suggestions from "the locals"? Thanks Melissa (mcjeeper)
  15. Ok, thanks. I'll try that after work. And after closer inspection, I have an Oregon 550T, not a 450.
  16. Ok, USB adapter arrived and I figured out how to un-zip the file and copy it and paste it in the Garmin file that is showing up under the removable drive on the tablet. How do I sync the tablet and my GPS so the caches show up on the GPS? Thanks.
  17. Thank you very much! I downloaded Astro File Manager so now I just have to wait for my adapter to arrive to see if it works
  18. Ok, so I tried "self help" on here first and search for other conversations about transferring PQs from a tablet to a GPS. I found a few but I am still confused. I think I have figured out that easyGPS isn't an option because it isn't compatible with the Android base. I really need one of those "for dummies" books. I hope I can figure this out... my husband and I leave for Vegas on the 15th and I don't think I can load all of the PTs, geo art, etc on my GPS ahead of time (or maybe I can??). I have an ASUS Transformer TF101 tablet and a Garmin Oregon 450 GPS. I recently ordered a USB adapter for my tablet so I can connect my GPS to my tablet. So, I did a test query and it is sitting in my "downloads" file on my tablet as a zip file. I try to click on it and open it and it says open file failed. This is where I get lost... on my home computer, I would double-click on the name of the query under "pocket queries ready for download" and then double-click on the easyGPS icon which pops up and then hit the button with the picture of the computer pointing to the GPS that says "send". Tah-dah! Caches magically appear on my GPS It seems like what my tablet is missing is the equivalent of easyGPS? Please help. Thank you.
  19. What you see is what you get... this unit has been good to me over the years. The only reason I am looking to get rid of it is Santa got me an Oregon 550t for Christmas This GPS shows obvious signs of use as you can see from the pictures but it functions perfectly. Asking $50 (plus shipping from Lititz, PA to you). If you have any questions, feel free to ask.
  20. I'm so glad I saw this thread!! They only had the "t" available when I called. Honored the 20% coupon and I didn't even have to beg, ha! Now I can't wait until Christmas. It seems I got an even better GPS for the same price I would have had to pay for the Oregon 550/550t. Got stuck with sales tax cause I am in PA but it still was a great deal. Happy day
  21. Just happened upon this post while searching for Black Friday deals... I had the Oregon 550t on my list to Santa... I don't know much about the latest and greatest GPSs but want to upgrade from my old Garmin 60csx. Is the Montana just as it sounds... a step up from the Oregon? Does it have all the paperless geocaching "bells and whistles"? Thank you!
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