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  1. Some one has taken on apart here: http://www.ukgser.com/forums/showthread.php?t=163418 dave
  2. I have not found any advantage in the UK .it also runs the battery down faster as it frantically searches for the elusive waas/egnos birds! Dave
  3. Try putting it into mass storage mode ,if it shows up in My computer and right click to check the properties..then in widows explorer try sending a small text file to it to see if it works. Dave
  4. It was already set to Track up. I cant find how to change to it True North. To change to true North : Menu,menu,settings,heading.north reference. Dave
  5. As title,very little used 18 months old ,screen protector from new and complete with manual,Usb lead and a copy of MetroGuide Europe v9 , MetroGold for modifying MG to autorouting just by selecting the maptiles and sending them to the gps as you do with City Navigator or City Select. ..MG has full search functions for streets ,house numbers , Poi's etc and covers UK and Western Europe ..There also a copy of UK Topo ,not the autorouting version. The GpsMap 60c is £129 inc insured postage, the Maps come free!! Dave
  6. I had a GpsMap 60csx for Xmas and also have a queery,..when i am stationary the position icon jumps around and draws tracks all over the place, and the trip page starts updating and shows the max speed and the distance travelled keeps increasing.also when walking the track swings from side to side which my 60c dod not do.....When in car everything seems ok! I have software version 3.50..has any one had similar problems? Dave
  7. To the best of my knowledge, the base map that's pre-loaded onto the GPSMap60 doesn't support auto-routing. To use that function, you need the Garmin Topo, MetroGuide or City Navigator software and that will cost a fistful of your hard earned blue drinking vouchers. It does work but given the size of the display and the cost of the extra software, it's probably not the best tool in the box for car navigation. I am fairly sure my Gpsmap 60c will auto route on the base map because if I don't load enough detailed map tiles on a route it will use the major roads from the base map to get across the gaps. Dave
  8. A Quest does have voice prompts while powered from the cigar socket but the US version only has 115MB of memory,the UK one has 256 MB Dave
  9. If you want autrouting City Navigator NT is most likely what you want. Metroguide is a little cheaper, and while it does not autoroute as received, there is third party software (Metrowizz) that will allow it to do so. From the same people but much easier to use is metrogold only $6..it changes Metroguide and allows you to download the routing data in on hit ..no messing saving files Dave
  10. I made a cable that connects an etrex to a 2210 so thats the same thing isn't it?? Dave
  11. I bought a packet of Belkin screen protectors for my ipac 2210 and cut one of them down to fit my Gpsmap 60c and its been on there nearly a year cost...£1.. Dave
  12. I have bought several types of card from Here and they are very good if a fault developes at a late date ..waiting for 2GB stock though!! Dave
  13. To include the Greek Islands?? Dave
  14. I have City Select V6 that was originally supplied with my iQue 3600. That can only be installed from the iQue set-up disk that installs the Palm Desktop. May be you've been given a similar version. [Edited to add.... ] You'll also need a valid unlock code too, of course or the 60CSx won't be able to use the maps anyway. Road and Recreation will work with the 60CSx but you'll not be able to use the address and postcode search functions or the autorouting function as R&R only has the map data and none of the POI stuff. That's why it uses relatively little memory and is much sought after by owners of the old Legend that only had 8Mb. You can load a goodly chunk of map from R&R into 8Mb!! R & R does have POI........I'm looking at it now. Garmin don't sell the disc anymore because it's been superceded by Metroguide or one of the others. A second hand one here.... If you can get it cheap it's worth having till you can get the TOPO. I notice the seller says he is selling because it is not compatable with his GpsMap 60c...Well I have MG Europe V7 installed on mine...with AUTO ROUTING and Search functions (with the help of The Free Metroguide wizzard) Edit : Sorry I miss read the listing .. ..thought it was refering to MG not being compatable with the 60c. Dave
  15. I thought it was only the 60 and 76 in the x series that had the SIRF III Chipset. And x denotes a memory slot Dave Just found this : Garmin® Launches “X”-treme Handheld Makeover The eTrex Legend® Cx, eTrex Vista® Cx, GPSMAP® 60Cx, GPSMAP 60CSx, GPSMAP 76Cx, and GPSMAP 76CSx will all feature the new card slot. In addition, the new 60x-series and 76x-series units will feature a new and highly sensitive GPS receiver that obtains faster acquisition times and lets users determine and track their location in challenging conditions such as heavy foliage or deep canyons. “The new x-series of handhelds gives hikers, hunters, geocachers, and boaters exactly what they’re looking for – the versatility of a memory card slot for adding highly-detailed maps,” said Gary Kelley, Garmin’s vice president of marketing. “And with the addition of new GPS technology in our 60x and 76x lineup, acquiring and maintaining a fix is easier than ever.”
  16. If by OS type mapping you mean Topo maps(which autoroute on the highways) then the 56mb of memory in a gpsmap 60c will be a bit restricting as the uk takes up over 1.5 gb..If you want to use autorouting with say CN v8 the maptiles are quite large which means you can't get much in the gps if you are travelling away from home as in holidays .I also think the Sat lock on the 60c is cr@p for its original selling price but ok for the discounted price!! Dave
  17. If you report a new static camera and it is verified you will get FREE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP, but make sure you have already suscribed or it wont count Dave
  18. I have a yellow etrex and a Gpsmap 60c and if you hold them side by side I would not say that the 60c was better than the yellow in terms of accuracy or speed of lock and under leaf cover they die the same death. Dave
  19. Hi, are there any road maps of Corfu available for a Garmin unit? .I am going there at the end of August and my CN8 maps are not very detailed. Thanks. Dave
  20. Yes! I have tried this and it does use the latest version of sendmap .what is good is that is competly automates the process of loading both the Metroguide maps with autorouting and it indexes them for the address search .The instructions and software are simple to use as they give links to switch between the wizard and MetroGuide....its superb!! Dave Edit: I use this on my gpsmap 60c with MG Europe V7 because the maptiles on my CN v8 are too large ....I made the mistake of upgrading my Quest from CS v6 to CN v8 before I had used the second unlock code on the 60c which meant I could only use CN v8 on it .....I contacted Garmin explaining my mistake and they refused to give me a code for CS V6 ( Garmin give no warning that this will happen) ...So be warned ..If you want to use both versions on two units make sure you unlock both before upgrading. Dave
  21. Note, you don't need CN in order to auto-route. The cheaper and more easily available Metroguide Europe (which doesn't need unlock codes) will do it just fine if you use third party software (e.g. IMG2GPS) to transfer the maps. You can get contours and other stuff free too - check out some of the previous threads on the subject... Bambi. Edit: Speelung Metroguide seems to work ok, but you will find the search function a bit of a hit and miss. Try the wizzard on this site ..it indexes the the maps to give you search facilities..... http://www.geodude.nl/gps/index.php Dave
  22. Silly question,but have you tried a serial mouse to see if the com port is working? also the cable may be faulty. have you installed mapsource trip and waypoint manager ?? Dave
  23. Another site warning of fast 1GB storage cards : http://gpsinformation.info/forum/viewtopic.php?t=762 Dave
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