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  1. Recently the map on the right side of the cache page has changed from a google map to a OSM map. How do I change it back to a google map ?
  2. When I plug in my GPS (Oregon 300) without a memory card in the GPS I use a file browser and I can see the contents of the GPS storage at /Removable/USBdisk1 My TF101 is rooted so that might be why I can see it and you cannot. Today I did some testing. The built in browser does not download files as you would expect with other browsers when a new header is sent to the browser causing the browser to download the original page and not new content sent by the web server. Using Firefox gets around this problem. When downloading a GPX file you want the webserver to send a "Content-type: application/gpx" header first. If not the Android tablet saves and treats the file as a .txt and not a .gpx and simply displays the contents in the browser. Once the .gpx is saved to the tablet I can use a file explorer to go to the download folder and copy the file to the GPS storage. Next I want to try just pulling the micro sd card out of the GPS and loading the gpx into the /Garmin/GPX folder and see if that works. It will saving having to carry extra USB cables but will mean I have to remove the card from the GPS.
  3. Has anyone worked out the process of saving a GPX files onto a android device then transfer it to a Garmin GPS plugged into the USB on the android device. So far I have found when I plug the Garmin Oregon into my Transformer Tablet I can see the Garmin main storage provided I remove the SD card in the garmin and access it's files. I can copy files from the Android tablet to the garmin. The problem I am stuck at is when I try to download a gpx file it is saved as a TXT file. Now I know I can just copy the TXT file to the GPX folder on the Garmin GPS and rename the file to a .GPX etension but that is one extra step I down want to do. So far what is the best process anyone has worked out ?
  4. I got a FTF on a earth cache and also did planking for the picture
  5. Well it was a bumpy start for me. I finally decided to download the builder and start to write my first WIG cart. I downloaded the builder and tried to run the msi, it complained about needing a version 2 of .NET. No problem I will just download the newest version. After 30 mins version 4 of .NET is downloaded. I go to run the installed again.. It still wants version 2.xxx. So if I am correct and I believe I am I now need to go find a old installer to install the specific version 2 of .NET the msi installer wants to see before proceeding. I have a feeling this will only be the start of the Circus called Wherigo.
  6. I also have a Scott e vest. Mine is a travler. Great for most my caching. I like the eepc pocket the best
  7. Try windows XP mode http://www.microsoft.com/windows/virtual-pc/download.aspx
  8. With a GPX pocket query you can convert it with GPSBable (free) or GSAK ($$) into a gdb format (mapsource) and open it in map source, no more copy / paste needed.
  9. If it is anything like a Venture you press and HOLD the joystick for a few seconds and edit the "mark position" box to your liking that pops up.
  10. Have my etrex for sale now after upgrading to a Oregon 300. In very good condition, I take care of my equipment. Works perfectly on rechargeable. Will come with OSM pre loaded for the state of the purchaser if anyone wants it. Last second hand one sold on eBay for $180 AUD so give me a reasonable offer under $180 and see what I think of it. Great unit for geocaching. Found over 300 caches with it. The H for high sensitivity receiver makes a big difference under tree cover. PM's welcome.
  11. 550 seems to take nice pictures. http://www.google.com.au/search?q=site%3Ah...rmin+Oregon+550
  12. Looking at getting a Orgeon 300 for a replacement GPS to my Garmin Venture HC. Besides the camera that I don't care for is there any other compelling reason to spend another 60% ? I already have the maps for my Venture so included maps is not considered for my for added value.
  13. C@H

    GSAK screwed up

    Microsoft do it all the time. Update Tuesday is hell for system admins the world over.
  14. Well this threads quickly answered my question to myself "Should I create some Wherigo caches" A big blinding NO
  15. I think you have a problem with your Vista HCx. My Venture HC has amazing sensitivity in heavy bush area and even inside. Under a wet tree canopy on a stormy day, I still get great reception leading me right to the cache.
  16. You will never want to go Geocaching while the husband is out Snowing ? Get two GPS's. One for Geocaching and one for Snowmobile. If cost if a factor do paperless geocaching with a second PDA for the clues / data etc and a good cheap GPS like a Extrex H series. Put a motor bike mount type GPS on the snowmobile so it will never need batteries.
  17. You have the wrong datum set in gps settings. Should be set to WGS84
  18. Place the fire tacks in such a way so they cannot be seen from the starting direction.
  19. Went out hunting one morning for 3 FTF all a fair drive out of the city. Arrived at the first of the 3 and looked for the cache, found it, logged it, dropped in a coin and continued on to the next FTF. Found the next FTF and the one after that, all with empty log books. Arrived home and got a email from a fellow cacher, telling me they where on my trail all day, just missing me at each FTF. In there email they also told me the first cache was the wrong cache and that the cache owner had told them to change there log to a DNF or it would be deleted. It turns out there where 2 new caches placed with-in meters of one another in a tiny camping site in the middle of nowhere. The cache I got and 3 other cachers behind me was the unpublished one. Got 2 other FTF's for the day so not all that bad.
  20. I thought they discontinued support for the .KML? You don't need the KML to look at an area in GE. You just won't see the caches. That is unless you drop a pq in there yourself. Still not as useful as the kml feature was. also the kml network link
  21. Using lead to be handled by kids is a bad idea. I hope you chose another option. Even kids game consoles use lead free solder now. And there in a plastic an metal case and cannot be accessed from the outside without special tools. Bad bad idea.
  22. Wow! Really? You can't seriously believe that! It's still illegal. Wow! Illegal Maybe. Against the Garmin License agreement, most likely so, Stupid enough that not a court in the world would care, yes. Sometimes these shady options make life so much easier.
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