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  1. https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/wm13C5C
  2. But at least you could take two smiley for that long drive...just saying.
  3. wayfrog, please investigate the following. Code: WM13C5C https://www.Waymarking.com/cat/approve.aspx?f=1&guid=d60ec68c-f11a-4a37-81c8-7dc07322cdd1
  4. I don't think it's possible to filter out waymark visit data. Is it?
  5. Thank you wayfrog for the category-officer assistance!
  6. 'Last visited' only appears in list form. Use the Featured Waymarks list as an example. Then check visit dates (on list vs on page) for Three Mile Island News Article waymark.
  7. Who ever was last to log a waymark-visit gets their date on the waymark page, the chronology does not matter.
  8. Can you test the co-ordinates in Test mode?
  9. I too am UNsurprised. At least we got to take a look at your potential waymark. Thank you for that. Having been booted off the management of that category, I am still expecting Groundspeak to do something about the human in charge of that Waymarking category. That human still reads these Waymarking forum entries even though that human is forbidden from participating here in the forums. That human still abuses the privilege of being a leader in Waymarking. Do I have hard feelings about this category? You bet! That is why I am UNsurprised.
  10. Here are a couple of my waymarks which are close to the longitude you need. They give you an idea about the great range in geography that could be used. https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMKYD3_St_Alexanders_Roman_Catholic_Cemetery_Sand_Point_McNab_Township_Renfrew_County_Ontario https://www.Waymarking.com/waymarks/WMBF7J_BEDFORD_MILLS You would have better luck with someone based in Kingston, Ontario. What specifically are you seeking, a spectacular waymark to be seen at your co-ordinates or any old location that matches your co-ordinates? If it wasn't for travel restrictions indirectly related to the pandemic, I would volunteer to create something in the very near future. However, to be honest, I can't really travel far enough until things return somewhat to normal, if they ever do.
  11. https://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=f3b5d2a8-9cbb-4d0a-9d55-519f2aed7cc0 https://www.Waymarking.com/cat/details.aspx?f=1&guid=18b359b3-84e5-42f9-bbcf-c40ae533c962
  12. That's amazing. How the xxxx did you arrange that chronogram? Is the cache worth a visit?
  13. The choices are all yours. Go with what interests you. When you test your adventure lab before it goes public, you can test connectivity. If it's inadequate, try your next ideas.
  14. Today I encountered the perfect armchair adventure lab. It is intended that you guess at the answer and the three choices are provided for that answer. The answers have nothing to do with the location. The answers are simply part of some storytelling. There was too much distance to visit all five locations today. At the three questions I encountered, I had to try all three choices before getting the desired answer. I guess I really failed to follow the story narrative.
  15. Automated convenience store: any vending machine that has at least such-and-such number of products available on site. Perhaps the minimum number of products would be between 100 and 200 different items.
  16. My chronogram waymark in Canada will now be hidden behind construction for ten years or more. Are there really no chronograms to visit in the western hemisphere?
  17. Apparently, the Washington Monument interior block donated by Turkey includes a chronogram. See page 128 below. https://www.gutenberg.org/files/37535/37535-h/37535-h.htm
  18. wayfrog, there are now nine published waymarks in this not published category. The number grows daily.
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