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  1. wayfrog, thank you once again for your recent reviews which are supposed to be done by category officers.
  2. Groundspeak has chosen to leave us on our own. So be it.
  3. After so many many years of figuring out how to use the Waymarking web site, I am terrified thinking about someone changing things now.
  4. Whether I like it or not, the pop-up survey has started again, asking me questions that I previously answered.
  5. Manville Possum wrote comments for Kanata United Church Peace Pole - Kanata, Ontario on 2/8/2021 8:00:00 AM and posted the following comments: Instructions for Visiting a Waymark in this Category: There are no log instructions listed for this category. Saw your PP on WM and hijacked it because I think I'm funny like you thread hijackers in the forums that disrespect new players because you don't have a iPhone or use apps.
  6. This no longer looks like a discussion of waymarkly. Thread hijacking is successful.
  7. For a couple of years now, I've been using a smartphone. It's my first. About the only function that I can count on it to NOT work is when making or answering a phone call.
  8. I've created a waymark every week for 514 weeks.
  9. Perhaps this is something I don't want to be getting. Isn't this just a glorified ad that my premium membership should prevent me from seeing?
  10. So two years from now, some future reviewer will again reorganize the already approved waymarks.
  11. What do we do if the vote in the virtual peer review is as close as a certain recent real world vote?
  12. I love how we all have different perspectives on Waymarking. I would vote for the status quo for this old category. No, I don't have the icon. I would like to cast a vote in a virtual peer review. What an interesting concept.
  13. Most of us will have that hole in our grid forever. Nevertheless, those waymarkers who were lucky enough to visit or to create a waymark in that rare category should feel confident that approved waymarks in that category will never be threatened with being denied.
  14. Accepted waymarks must be grandfathered!!! Why would any waymarker be motivated to create waymarks if there is always a threat to have an accepted waymark denied at some unknown point in the future???
  15. According to the category description for Signs of History, your Kentucky submissions should have been declined by Signs of History, were they?
  16. Without the rating system, one cannot qualify for a second AL.
  17. A day late, emails were delivered.
  18. I am still NOT receiving confirmation emails.
  19. I definitely read those. That is where the learning is. Without that description, the locations have no context.
  20. Too many times I have read adventure lab text instructions which lead me in directions different from where I should be going. I suspect that I will eventually treat those descriptions as I do geocaching descriptions, usually not reading them until I get home after a DNF. However, when I started geocaching, all that I had to work with was the co-ordinates individually loaded into a primitive GPSr. Unless I was near a printer before leaving home, the first hundreds of cache adventures did not come with descriptions.
  21. I also did not receive email confirmation after submission this morning.
  22. I just started building my second adventure lab and that Custom Access Code part of the process is no longer there.
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