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  1. I am sorry to stray from original post. You are likely correct that I exaggerate wayfrog’s burden. However, there is still something wrong. Active waymarkers are active reviewers but then one single individual has the responsibility to do all that we cannot. That much responsibility on one person is not good for our game’s survival. You are definitely correct about volunteers to lead dead categories and alleviate that burden. In the smallest category similar to the OP, I would love to be in a position to help bring it back to life.
  2. I'm actually wondering if Norway Historical Sites should be left to die; create a new heritage category to cover Iceland, Denmark, Norway and Sweden. Creating a new category should take less time and energy than would be required to clean up Norway Historical Sites. I fear that our game's future must include letting some categories die, rather than burdening wayfrog so much.
  3. Here's a different idea. Since Norway Historical Sites is no longer a functional category, what if your new category includes Norway heritage?
  4. I am very interested. Could Norway Historical Sites be modified to accept these waymarks? Edit: my idea will not work. wayfrog is the reviewer for Norway Historical Sites.
  5. I will restate my original question. For the next category in peer review, are we okay with campaigns by group members to increase the votes to accept a new category?
  6. Both of those strategies have been used in the past. Some waymarkers were angry about the use of such strategies. Today, what do people think about those vote-gathering strategies?
  7. Apparently, recent peer votes are being influenced by vote-gathering campaigns that we don't usually see. Is this a concern or simply a new way of doing business playing the game of Waymarking?
  8. Very strange but I think I like it. I encountered no lobbying.
  9. I am very surprised with the current peer review. What has changed?
  10. Here’s some irony. It looks like IHOP Restaurants might be the last Food and Drink category accepted into the game. That was in 2009. Actually, it was Buffet Restaurants, 2011.
  11. I guess I was not clear. It does not matter if I like a food category (or any commercial category). I do. The last time that a food category was added to this game was years before I started playing. No matter what kind of criticism you get, a new food category will not be accepted by the Waymarking community in 2022.
  12. When you send the category to peer review, I will vote for the category. However, expect my vote to be one of only three or four. It does not matter how good your concept or your write-up. The Waymarking community does not want any more commercial categories. Many of us who still play this game have been through the negative experience you are about to go through.
  13. Many of you will be familiar the annual celebration known as Mardi Gras. In my universe, the celebration is Pancake Day. It would be an understatement to say that I am a pancake freak. We left the land of Phil's and Smitty's in the early '90s. As high school sweethearts, mrselyob and I worked together in Smitty's. Living now in the wrong region of Canada, it has been more than 20 years since I could visit a pancake house on pancake day. I have been forced to use diners for my pancake fix. All this to say, in my part of the world, there is no more pancake house and if there was, it would definitely be open for breakfast. I'm sorry that I am so late to the debate. I have been...away.
  14. If the pancake house has 95 locations in the nation, is it a national fast food chain?
  15. Silly me, I was already making trip plans to photograph railroad bridge remnants. Thanks for nothing.
  16. If the replacement bridge was built beside the historic bridge, remnants of the historic bridge might still exist.
  17. If we have to provide documentation, stories and histories; is an age restriction necessary? The history will speak for itself.
  18. I'm glad to read trestles and remnants might be included. Concerning the date range you seek, the category would not accept bridges younger than ?? years, correct?
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