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  1. 1 hour ago, Max and 99 said:

    I just got one of mine archived by HQ for a reason that is highly suspect. They cannot provide any details to me at this time, they said. I wish they would have just given me the opportunity to move it since I can't create those kind anymore. 

    It's now a requirement that a challenge cache has a web-based checker.  Could that be the issue?

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  2. Your complaint is understood and familiar.  For the past five or six years our response to your final question was like this.  “But restaurant categories are no longer accepted in Waymarking, for those obvious reasons.”  However, in 2022 Waymarking has accepted a new restaurant category for the first time in years.


    Don’t take the lack of replies here as a lack of support.  Many of us oldsters are still in shock with the ‘new’ and ‘unofficial’ category review process.

  3. 1. For the Nordic countries with a public database (Denmark, Sweden, Finland), the database will determine if waymarks are accepted outside Denmark, Sweden, or Finland.


    2. For the Nordic countries which use a heritage marker at the site or on the object, the category description must fully describe requirements.


    3. For the Nordic countries with no heritage markers and no public database (possibly Greenland, Iceland, Faroe, Åland), there will be a different set of requirements.  Will those countries include waymarks beyond their borders but the database countries do not?


    Things are going to get complicated with different requirements for different countries within the same category.  Complicated is not good for officer-reviewers.



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