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  1. It's a known bug in the standard android browser... I'm not sure about other browsers. http://code.google.com/p/android/issues/detail?id=1780
  2. The French box is perfect, and at $10 it's going to work nicely for my cache idea. In regards to Clan Riffster's post, I'm not concerned about leakage or anything, it's more just the orientation of the box relative to the container it's going to live inside... it just makes more sense this way, and will fit more with the theme of the whole cache adventure. Thanks everyone!
  3. Can someone suggest a good container that is roughly 8" wide, maybe 6" deep, and as little as 2" high (but this dimension isn't as critical) when sitting in its normal orientation? I'm looking for something that'll stay waterproof in rain and snow, but won't likely be submerged. I've considered some of the smaller ammo boxes, but they'd have to lie on their sides to fit this configuration. I think there are Pelican-type boxes out there that'd fit the bill, but would also be theft bait. I need five of them for a puzzle multi I've been planning for a while, so staying relatively cheap would be ideal. The less it looks like tupperware, the better. I'm imagining something metal with a gasketed lid like an ammo can, but where the largest side opens rather than the smallest. Thanks! -CD
  4. GC19CX1 and GCM6GH are two caches I know of that work similarly to what you've described. At each waypoint you find a code that must be entered into a web page that then generally reveals a puzzle, and that puzzle's answer will be the coordinates to the next waypoint. When I was searching for MIB CE5 (still have to go to the final, darnit), I often used my phone's browser to see where the next waypoint was. Sometimes, I just had to go home and work out the puzzle. Having to spread it over several caching sessions made it a lot of fun. The waypoints on these are spread miles apart, so it's not even really appropriate to try to knock it off in one day. I imagine most people took several days or weeks (or months in my case, lazy!) to do the whole thing.
  5. FWIW, I currently have a Rino 530HCx because I have friends that have Rinos and it's nice to be able to see their positions on my unit during non-caching activities. GPS-wise, it's really similar to the 60CSx, except that it can only hold 500 waypoints vs. 1000. I'm planning on checking out the Oregon 400t as soon as they come out. I think this will be my main GPS for anything that I'm doing that doesn't need the radio, and then I'll keep the Rino for those situations. Based on Garmin's site, it seems like it's right up there with the 60CSx and my Rino, only it has a larger screen and is obviously a touchscreen.
  6. How do people deal with waypoints that aren't geocaches in GSAK? For example, I have a set of waypoints that I'd like to keep in my GPSr no matter what else I load in there. For example, I'd like to keep my home, office, etc. If I put those points in GSAK just like any other cache, the names will get mangled (smart names, waypoint strings, etc.) when they get transferred to the GPSr. So, what's the solution here? Should I maintain a set of waypoints outside of GSAK that I have to upload separately? Macro? Am I missing some obvious setting? Thanks!
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