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  1. TY k13 I won't be discharged till late June.. will give it a look though.
  2. Hey there GPSfun! TY for the best wishes, been a while, gotta get back soon enough.. maybe a bit slower than in the past! lol Well holler more later!
  3. Where to begin! It’s been a year recovery for me. So a brief little summary of why I am where I am will suffice. I was a Chef spent 25 years in foodservice. Had a great time in RI. Till 2017 when all he’ll rained down on me, lost my house and ended up going to get my CDL here in TX. I did it, awesome! 2 years trucking around, loved it. The 6/20 again a twist. In Atlanta GA on I20 got hit by a drunk driver with suspended license, driving a uhaul, not the rig but as a pedestrian trying to assist a 4 wheeler that out of no where slammed into guardrail. well been in rehabilitation since. Recovery has gone well. And so now am looking for a good spot to cache in, and hoping it’s near Anna, Dallas or groesbeck .. TX. Also could use a moderate hike to a great cache! At the moment have no idea when I can hunt down coordinates , but first need to see if I can handle a 2 mile or so hike. My OT & Physical therapists are not aware of my plans yet, so hoping they will go along with this as well! Still at rehabilitation atm, but figure I can start looking... so where are your best and finest fondest memorable CC’s ? well hopefully this post is making sense, tbi and has taken its toll, but again will update as I get back to our beloved obsession GEOCACHINg soon enough!
  4. I would like a way to add caches to a list that deem needy of maintenance. I often get burdened with incoming emails, that it is often hard to keep track of the "needs maint" requests, yes, they get flagged,I know they pop up when submitting, but that is well hidden and not ease of access that I am looking for, and yes they come through in email, but I would like to see a way for a CO to tick a box or something flagging it to a list, where then I can plan accordingly of caches I need to check on, rather than have to scroll through several listings, etc, also then this list could perhaps be made into a pq, I have tried several ways to do this, but they always get messed up, ok, well there is my one dream request, any suggestions would love to hear them, Thanks Yawppy
  5. Just to clarify my "bulk logging" Just perusing on the phone noticed many accounts stating C&P operations at play, check out my logs.... Far from C&P, it is customizable per cache and with geosphere templates and my love for word play, makes a great way to log as well as edit as needed, give it a look before ya knock it!
  6. I like the mass or bulk logging of finds, 50 logs and templates makes a two to three hour process go by in 15-20 min! via the live API, love the Live API , oh also like the way it allows refresh saves on The 5 PQ limit means once you have the database its easy to keep up to dat, over all it is well worth the 25 bucks and if you are familiar with spreadsheets GSAK is easy as well. Could go on but at work will look back later sure tgere will be many features I forgot on top of head!
  7. Hmm...I was wondering why my email filter was not working, as I noticed alerts all day long, ones that usually get filtered into a separate folder, even the watched list was filling up the inbox, thought something failed at the google end, have not heard they changed the emails, guess I will have to see it if this is indeed a change they made, I do not like it and do not know why, guess I need to reset all my filters Arrrg!
  8. TY for the wiki link, I am still looking at it. I have tried the USB Cable Power button hold down, no good. As for the SD card, never had one in it, never had a need for it really. It just seems weird, was working fine, i do not believe it's a corrupt file, as my last GPX/POI upload was well over a month ago, I mean I have been using it, and then all of a sudden wham, good thing for the smart phone, un-opportune timing, last GWSIX...My CO 400T went on the fritz, had no smart phone then...that was bad!! Well. I will head back to REI, later this week, gonna take a break for now, see if there is a fix later on,see what Garmin says, sure it'll be the same $140.00 send it in, blah blah, so see what happens, I'll check back later, fingers crossed! TY Yawppy
  9. Okay, I have looked around for a solution, but thus far have only found sites selling manuals, or a lot of gibberish. So figured I'd try a fresh post on an issue I am not to sure of, in hopes that someone knows of the solution too : Here's the background I purchased an Oregon 550T about two years back, after the 1st year, it went caput, wouldn't boot etc. Took it back to REI, they surprised me, replaced it with a new one, that was a complete surprise, any rate, here I am again, just about a year later, the thing just died today. Worked fine all day , strted at 05:00 and as usual, bats died around 14:00, and I replaced them with fresh bats. Powered on, ready to go, yeah right. All I get is the Garmin logo, on and off on and off, ... and it will not power off via the switch, you have to pull out the bats,.... fast forwrd to home (Glad to have a pal and ol smart phone), plugged it to the PC, will not even communicate with the PC, if you hold the power down, it seems to try to install a driver, just a hoax tho, as it just seems to be a brick. I have tried a hard reset, problem is, again, the on and off logo, it appears to be just a brick. So, does anyone know what the issue is, and or know of the solution? Also,I plan to visit REI, just to see when I obtained this unit, sure it is at least over a year or year and 1/2, so will REI do a replacement as the last time, wondering if I can just upgrade all together. My Nuvi's work 5 yrs and going, why the hand held issues.. (Also had issues after a year or so on the CO) So should I just abandon Garmin handhelds? I like the Montana, but...I want a GPS for more than a year....seems ridiculous that every year I seem to have an issue. K TY
  10. It is about that time of year , Thanksgiving!, I'll be visiting family about 100 miles to the East off of I40. I want to grab a few caches in Nashville. Seems do-able, but not knowing the area all to well, wanted to get a feel for it. I realize night caching , comes with risks, but some areas of town are more high risk than others, and so on a scale of 1-10, what do ya'll think? Here is one of the virtuals (GC69C0) with in the area I want to visit before hopping on I40. I would try it at the crack of morning, but really just want to get to home, and my return is the flight home...early am, so the only window I have is when I land. I know there is a risk, just curious as the general over all area. And finally, just curious as to any recommendations as to perhaps a good must have eatery,beverage? OK TY
  11. I guess it is the sign of the times, tho seems to me Germany loves the trackable, one of mine is still floating around over there, no issues, and seems like I have found many a coin hailing from Germany. Not really the topic, but, seems that if you want a good life from your trackable, either go Proxy, or drop it in germany. I used to despise the proxy, but have come to learn to live with em. Actually there is a web based company, seen them at GWS, and the most recent at the NE Geobash, called GxProxy. WWW.GXPROXY.COM Those feel nice, still not the same as the real McKoy, but they are fun to find, offer different designs etc, a worthy Proxy, think they go for bout 3-5 bucks. But to finish , will say...like the real deal, but will live with a nice proxy.
  12. I just recently D/L Picasa, and playing with it noticed there is a map displaying where the shot was taken, looking in the properties of the pic, I located the COORDS...well sort of. In Picasa.. they come out like this: 44 37.9\'0"N 73 33.2\'0" W.... Open the same pic properties in windows they look like this: 44: 48; 7.999999999999... 73: 70; 8.99999999... OK, I know there are several COORD formats...but I have never seen these before, and have no clue how to convert them into something I could use to relocate the spot via a NUVI, map works of course, but say I wanted the usual XX XX.XXX, or XX.XXXXXX. K well hoping someone out there can help, as I am confused as to the /'0 thing.
  13. 257 Favorite points remaining Logs Until Next Favorite Point: 2 Total Favorite Points: 333 77.1% Unused 22.9% Used, If only my Bank Account was that good!
  14. I like the blog, but have seen others that do as such, get some heat. Not saying it's bad to show pics of caches, I am fine with that, but would try to hide the GC codes, and for sure the TB/GC codes, as I already seen on on the front page, and know that virtual discoveries are discouraged by GS. again, think it's a great blog, will book mark it, but take some caution on the info, pic's of caches fine, but just beware of spoilage!
  15. Agreed! I just recently stumbled across a list that was of all challenge caches, the CO had like 3 of these lists. It got me to wondering, about these bookmark lists, which for the longest I have basically ignored. But am finding them more and more intriguing. And of use when travelling, why the "Public" bookmarks are un-searchable is beyond me, as is with many others I am sure! So, I tried a search attempt on the site...still does not exist..so I tried Google, and well that pulls up a few, along with other junk. Figured my next stop, try the forums, and this is where I landed, so next stop, who knows, one thing I did find in Google, which is more for Austria, is a list of lists, well here is the link, still wondering if there is such a site for the USA, or any other portion of this globe we all reside on. But I do hope that when I check the support forum, this is on the frogs list of updates one day!
  16. There's nukes in Rhode Island? Actually, there is a geocache at an abandoned site, think it was for nukes, will have to look it up OK, perusing noticed that lotta folks seem to dis-agree with the "lost district", I have not read the novel, nor viewed said movie. I was just emailed with specifics, and the title was "The lost district". So the cache here in RI, is not near a nuke bunker, nor even any number of military bunkers we have here in RI, as saturation would pose an issue, so I went all nature in the BRMA. Still, awaiting word from the OP, appreciate the liason (Mr.Yuck), would be great to know what is going on. K TY
  17. @Teamlego TY, I generated a BL too, still not sure why the link was never sent, nor what happened to OP, feels like.. Well I thought there would be more than 7, and why no response afterwards.. Just not sure where this is going, but a cache is a cache, would love for this to rock!
  18. Well, not sure where this all leads , but "The Lost District", has been listed, noticing it is truly is lost, as I have yet to see it on any bookmark list, further more, have not received any link to add to the listing as I was told when adding the template to the listing. I have emailed the nancy@gmail, she responded quite quickly prior to the launch date, but afterwards, no response...kinda wierd, well I will get busy getting a bookmark list up, see where this series goes, feels like the A.P.E series before my geocaching days, but a lot different at the same time. K Cache on
  19. Freakin yawppy! Didnt think you'd be coming in here. You befuddle me Thanks everyone for your help! Befuddling is all fun! Notifications sometimes peak ones curiosity!, Well at least you know what it is to look for, for now Muh! Ha! Ha!
  20. I'll venture a guess here, sounds like it is not a Nano, but a "Nano", quotation marks lead me to think it is magnetic, and is probably..hidden in a classic fashion, as one would with a reg nano, when you find it, you'll know what I am getting at.... can not divulge to much here.
  21. Nothing more than a trivial post... but just curious as to why, and what is the Alabama code? We all know about the nearest link of newest caches, on the main screen......http://www.geocaching.com/seek/nearest.aspx?state_id=?? Well I learned recently how the last two digits can be changed... allowing me to bookmark the specific state with in my Geosphere app. So I set out to locate my most visited regions, here in NE, we cache as it is one state, so looked for MA CT etc.. soon learned that the states are alphabetically codded, well almost all of them....seems Alabama is missing...not sure as to why...should be in slot 1, but that is finland. So just a trivial issue, nothing more, but here are the codes I have found, but as you can see...no AL. I have this so far: 1FINLAND 21Maryland 41South Carolina61 2ALASKA 22MA 42South Dakota 62 3ARIZONA 23Michigan 43Tennessee 63 4ARKANSAS 24Minnesota 44Texas 64 5CALIFORNIA 25Mississippi 45Utah 65 6COLORADO 26Missouri 46Vermont 66 7CT 27Montana 47Virginia 67 8DIS OF COLUMB 28Nebraska 48Washington 68 9DELAWARE 29Nevada 49West Virginia 69 10FLORIDA 30NEW HAMpSHIRE 50WISCONSIN 70 11GEORGIA 31New Jersey 51Wyoming 71 12HAWAII 32New Mexico 52AUSTRALIA 72 13Idaho 33New York 53 73 14Illinois 34North Carolina54 74 15Indiana 35North Dakota 55 75 16Iowa 36Ohio 56 76 17Kansas 37Oklahoma 57 77 18Kentucky 38Oregon 58 78 19Louisiana 39PA 59 79 20Maine 40RI 60 80Liège, Belgium K well got what I need, just wonder what GS has against Alabama?
  22. Well, just came across another Subway App, referred to me by AddisonBr, called Kickmap, seems nice. Will look for that Pizza Joint on 46/8, just seems like NYC has the best pizza! The Diner, may be on the slate as well. Still trying to learn the sub way, is it easy enough to learn, I mean If I'm in CP, and want to get to Battery Park, how do I differentiate the direction of the lines, hate to head North, when I want to head South ..LOL, should be an adventure all the same. K TY, will check back later.
  23. Wow, talk about good timing, just been researching a trip to NYC myself, ..not till like March, went to check my email, and this appeared, so, I can not assist, have cached in NYC one time, ...CP, the GPS seemed fine for me, , not so much granite canyons around, but all I can say. I am mostly curious as to the subways, advice as to the in and outs, also links to info, and any Apps anyone may know of that may help explain NYC, have a couple, Hopnstop, NYC Way, and central park, k well have a great trip, guess google maps are the way to go, going to add this to my watch list see what info can be gleamed, oh.. also where would be a great spot for a slice?
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