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  1. I think they arrived
  2. Latest news... we all have to be more patient What i read in the dutch forum is, that the coins and trackingnumbers are not yet send. So fingers crossed.. and keep cool P.s. this posting was written yesterday on the dutch forum.. so don't know what the news today is? ZC
  3. And a Happy New Year to all !!!! Have a great, healty and COOL 2006
  4. Ehm huh... hmm... Guilty as Charged Just made a trade and jused a 2nd hand bubblewrap envelope. But hey i thought it was cool judge
  5. God Jul Vrolijk kerstfeest Merry Christmas
  6. CooL coin! Sent a email true GC.COM.
  7. Ummm, what is the difference (I guess I'm really asking what the definition of each is?) Nothing except a charter member joined during the first year of premium memberships
  8. Why don't type it yourself? I had the possibilty to enter "CooL - Cacher" in my profile so I think u can type "Charter Memeber" in that area?
  9. http://forums.Groundspeak.com/GC/index.php?showtopic=116111 This thread u mean
  10. <user name> has seen <travel bug name> Think this works for me, personal example: Zero CooL NL has seen Fly-1 Or <user name> looked at <travel bug name> Zero CooL NL looked at Fly-1 No last example sounds horrible.. first option works for me.
  11. As i said before I liked the idea, but after seeing the pic. I like it MORE would luv to trade, if u like this idea please send me a e-mail.
  12. No experience*[/B] with the coin-shipping, but a letter will arrive in Holland within a week. Don't think a coin will slow things down? Edit: No experience yet
  13. We are... arne't we Have to give a reply sorry Keep Your CooL out there!
  14. Nice coin, filled out the form. Also thanks for the faq!
  15. Also watch out for possible attachments, they seem to contain a JPG file, but be alarmed when you open it, it can lead a life of his own! Why, the attachment looks something like: <some_caching_name.JPG.EXE> No Phun Intended!
  16. Wow sure is, you wrote it. I tought loudly about it. Nice toughts only offcourse.
  17. O.. No... the tension Maybe posting a preview sketch wil speed things up a bit :)
  18. Nice idea! Put me also up for 2 of those coins. Think the Dreamcatcher and Bald Eagle combination is great. Keep CooL
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