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  1. Trying to activate my finland geocoin from GeoCoins with no luck and do not know of a contact at Geocoins - anyone else having problems?
  2. Adding yet another site to go to log finds is, IMHO, a HUGE step back. This is going to further factionalize the sport - NOT bring it together. I sure hope Groundspeak will reconsider this move and just simply keep Virtuals & Locationless caches with the rest of the caches. Why not make a separate site for multiples? After all, not every stage of a multiple has a log book
  3. Soon to be a member of the wireless mobile device crowd (Getting a web-enabeled TREO-650) It sure would be nice if I could access geocaching.com to check caches & post finds/TBs
  4. I think I have seen this somewhere but for the life of me I can't find it! Does anyone know how to mask the geocache icons in map moder (declutter does not seem to work) Thanks! Bob
  5. Just wanted to add a "me too" comment - the new look and feel is GREAT Jeremy! You seem to imply that there are bigger and better things in the future...care to elaborate? BTW, I am a paperless cacher (I use CacheMate on my TREO 650) I am really *not* a fan of the MobiPocket reader (sure wish your files worked in eReader!) Any chance that you can offer the Ereader format as a option in the future?
  6. That's my conclusion as well. All in all I really can't complain as my Vista barely got 8 hours on two AA batteries with backlight and compass off with it's gray scale screen. My new 60CS with it's bright gorgeous color screen and using backlight a large amount of the time can get over 20 hours on the same two AA batteries. I am seeing the same thing with my 60CS - I was amazed! My previous GPSr was a etrex legend with it's tiny B/W screen - and I was lucky to get a 2 days geocaching without worrying about battery replacement (NMiH rechargeables). I just got back from a week-long business trip where I used the map extensively (2-4 hours a day) and geocached in the evenings - in both cases with the backlight on. I brought 4 sets of batteries JIC and I was AMAZED that I not only did NOT have to replace the batteries at all, but the 60CS is STILL going strong this weekend. Now THAT is power management! (I will STILL carry 1 spare set of batteries though
  7. 10.3.8 contains a workaround for Garmin's non-conformance on their USB models. dmesg will even show which chapter and verse Garmin is violating. Users of 10.3.8 have reported success with the GPSBabel beta from December. (FORWARD compatibility. I rule.) Jeremy has added USB to the option, but that was after that beta. The USB-aware GUI will be in the next beta that we put up and we'll try to get that out soon. But the command line core seems to work now. Watch http://www.gpsbabel.org and the mailing lists for more info. Do you know if the fix in 10.3.8 has fixed the issues with USB and Mapsource within VirtualPC? But how do you get MacGPSBable to use the USB port? I don't see that option with my 22 DEC build of GPS Bable. Also, I can confirm that VPC 7 kinda-sorta recognizes my Garmin GPSMap 60CS - but using GSAK it fails to download waypoints.
  8. I would like to see all the info in a GPX file displayed in a nice aqua interface! Although the interface & user experience is pretty windows horrific GSAK (GPS Swiss Army Knife) is one of the most complete programs out there - sure wish something lie that was out for the Mac! Regarding the Garmin MapGPS 60CS USB problem, I still can't figure out WHY the USB doesn't work! What you have to do is (oh I just LOVE this!) get a Garmin SERIAL cable ($30) and then buy a Keyspan serial to USB converter Go Figure! Please let me know if you need beta testers for your GPS app - I can hardly wait!
  9. www.onlygps.com is a tad more expensive ($378.99) but that *includes* DHL overnite shipping Any yeah, the Garmin GPSMap 60CS is darn near the perfect Geocaching GPSr out there today - my only wish would be a method by where the GPSr would automatically upload your finds to geocaching.com Oh, yeah, and if you are listening garmin, expand your waypoint DB similar to Smittyware's CacheMate so I don't have to carry my Palm PDA
  10. FWIW, the Vista DOES have WAAS - I use it all the time. I have had my Vista for a couple of years now and it has never let me down. I have dropped it, dunked it, and used it both professionally and for GeoCaching and it is always rock solid & bulletproof. The screen has never been a problem for me (I typically nav with the compass screen & custom settings (maps are nice, but unless totp, generally just eye candy unless you are urban navigating or using the GPSr as a trip computer & navigation aid. You want to play MP3? Get a iPod Why? Well, when your batteries run out because you have been jammin on the hike in you are not gonna be happy that you can't find that cache My .02 - YMMV
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