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  1. Good points. I thought mine was premium but I’ll check. Another local cacher reached out to me - he/she was having the exact same odd communications from viper200, and will now check out his hides.
  2. Hello, everyone. I have placed just a few caches in my area, and one cacher has sent me messages about them, including someone stealing my cache. Yet, when I go to check the cache, it's still there. In one case, he sent me some spam, and lo and behold the next day the cache was emptied out and moved. Very suspicious. I've attached images of the messages. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  3. Yes, it's the latest version. GC8HWHC just reappeared...lol. But as for the GC5E8WX Surface of the Sun, that is still not showing up on the app for me.
  4. For example, I deciphered and found GC8HWHC, but a does not appear on the website or on the app. Then, today when I found GC5E8WX, I received credit for the Surface Of The Sun souvenirs...and then it disappeared the next time I opened the app!
  5. This has been happening to me, too. They show up in Cachly, but not in the "official" app sometimes for me. Even when I log them as Found, they still don't show up. It only happens occasionally. It's REALLY irritating.
  6. A pretty prolific cacher in my area, Irish Kidz , hasn't logged in for quite some time and a number of his/her caches are in dire need of upkeep or have disappeared. What can cachers do when this happens? Thanks.
  7. I found a little geocache outside of a restaurant. The log inside says, "Official Geocache - "Four Kittens," and was last signed in 2017. Perhaps it dropped out of someone's purse? I'm happy to mail it to the owner.
  8. Yes, I found them BOTH on 21 April. One was found in Gabrielle's Gold and the other in Now Go Home! When I went to log them, it asked me to register them - and me, never having found a trackable before, just registered them. It's Travel Bug Dog Tag that I'm trying to unregsiter now.
  9. The owner actually pinged me: "Hi! Could you check the geotag you registered on April 21st? My son purchased <tracking code removed by moderator> so that he could complete his BSA merit badge, but it seems to have been registered by you. I know the system is somewhat 'accident prone.' Was hoping you could 'unregister' the tag or give us access to it so that he can complete the merit badge."
  10. I found my first travel bug and came online to log it. It turns out I accidentally REGISTERED it. I would like to let it go so the original owner can reclaim it. How can I undo my error?
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