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    I've recently starting Geocaching and use a Mio Digiwalker C520. My only complaint is the fact that if you look at your current coordinates, they don't update too quickly so you have to spend a few minutes trying to figure out if you are 'hot' or 'cold'. Also no built in compass on mine, suggest grabbing a compass but overall it does the job for me
  2. So I have a Mio C520 DigiWalker (not the best geocaching gps unit out there) and it's helped me to get into the sport. I have so far hidden one cache and a few loggers have stated that the cooridinates I gave were about 45-50 ft off. I'm wondering what system the C520 utilizes for GPS cooridinates. I'm hoping that my GPS unit was just buggy at the time since we were in the woods and maybe hadn't updated yet, but I want to be sure for my future caches to ensure accurate info. I've looked online and wasn't able to find anything and my instruction manual is far gone. Thanks
  3. hello and welcome aboard. Like you I am new to the sport and also have a mio digiwalker (I've had mine for a while and think it's a slightly newer model then yours); however, I must say I am not very pleased with my mio. It's okay for navigating the roads but I found that trying to pinpoint a location with it is not very good, not only that but the unit does not update frequently and I find that I've past the pinpoint by the time it updates. Needless to say, until I get a new GPS unit, I'm stuck with the mio for now, if you find you enjoy this, I suggest a new unit. Speaking of new units, anyone who's reading, any suggestions for a decent / cheap gps unit? I would like to pick one up that is usable in my car and keeps a pretty well charge on the battery. Any input would be great
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