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  1. The most common cause of this on the 600 series is that your caches are far from your current location. The units will only show caches up to 100 miles away or something like that. When you have the find screen up click on the options menu on the lower right and select search near and then pick a waypoint or location that is near your geocaches. They should show up. Does anyone know if there is away around this 100mile limit? That is one of the most annoying things for me. I have used the Oregon 400t since the day it came out, and it did not have the 100mile limit, so it kinda sucks not being able to route to caches farther than 100miles away. I know I can look up a place and then hunt around for the cache Im looking for, but when you have 1000's of caches loaded this is just a pain. Especially since you can not even pull up a cache using the search option. Mean Kitty
  2. I think as soon as they lift the 1000 waypoint limit I will pick one of these up. I love the idea of being able to load satellite raster images in. Right now I usually just print out a sat map with label and numbers and then copy/paste the cache names onto the printout and take it with me. Makes finding all the caches in an area alot easier without having to do a lot of back tracking. Plus its nice to see what side of the creek not to park on The PN-40 looks like a really nice machine though. And its nice to see that they are developing geocaching features as well. TerryLaskiwski
  3. Does anyone know if you can generate a gpx file using GSAK for the Delorme PN-40? I also saw that Delorme says that you can have 1000 waypoints loaded into the gps, does this mean that if you create a gpx file that has more it wont work? Reason Im wondering is the area I live, I like to cache all over, so I have about 4000 waypoint loaded into my Garmin Nuvi 750 so that where ever I am, I have can have the option to geocache. Anyways if anyone knows anything about the limits that would be cool. I am hoping that its just 1000 waypoints that you actually save in the gps like when you mark a point of interest or something like that. Thanks!
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