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  1. Do you know how it truncates? When i loaded a large track file, the GPS said it truncated the track, but it appeared to have both the beginning and the end. Does it take points out of the middle?
  2. Google offers a relativity accurate app for android also. Think it's called Google sky map. and it's free! Cool stuff, all of it!
  3. Can Google maps(or Earth) be used with the PN-30? If this has been covered already, can you post link, or point me in the right direction? Thank You.
  4. Please delete this thread. It got doubled up by accident. Thank you.
  5. Is there a way, (with my DeLorme PN-30 and associated software) to "make" tracks in an area that i have not been in yet? I'm going to an area that i know where i want to go (seeing a map) but may not recognize when i get there, since I've not been there. Does this make sense??? Thanks
  6. Thanks everyone for the replies. Pax 42, I purposely asked on this forum to get non bias opinions. Although i do know that DeLorme has good customer tech support.
  7. No changes have been made to the cord? So when you get your replacement cord, the same thing can happen again? What is the purpose of the ferrite? Thanks
  8. In the past, I have read several posts about the DeLorme data cables having a problem or being defective, I myself am having on again off again dependability with my cord. Is this as common as it reads here? Has DeLorme admitted any kind of defect (with the cord) other than replacing the cable? Thanks
  9. Amazon too, for the real tree tho (camo)
  10. You said there was 1 update. Do you remember which one it was?
  11. Hilarious... I've done that before only i said "Evidence" or "A severed arm" or something goofy like that. Sometimes when asked "What are you doing?" I say "What are YOU doing" Stumps em!
  12. Interesting discussion. Has anyone any info on the "quality of the quartz" theory? To me, that sounds like the something that could be the "difference" with each unit, and in the end, be the reason for the differences in each units accuracy??
  13. Try posting in GPS and Technology forum, lots of great help there. Also, there is a DeLorme employee that frequents there as well.
  14. Seems to me that there is a question still not answered. Did TWTaylor see the post(s) from the DeLorme rep offering help? or not? He could have had an exchanged unit by now. Others asked this and haven't seen a reply to that question. Posts have been flying around here the past couple of days. Maybe he hadn't seen them yet??? I don't know. It just feels like a lot of (unnecessary) high blood pressure around here to me (geezer talk).
  15. I apologize, You need to create a profile (username/password) to get the update from Magellan. If the last post (from Indotguy)does not work, try this
  16. Have you upgraded with the newest ver of firmware V2.57? This MAY clear it up. Follow the directions on the website exactly. Failure to do so could result in a paperweight instead of a GPS. Link is for a Europe GPS. If you have a North American, there is a separate update for that. Magellan Explorist 500 Europe firmware update
  17. Amazon is at it again, they are reduced agian look here The only difference is the 30 doesn't have the altimeter and elec compass the 40 has, you still have a compass, however,you need to be moving (not a big deal). I have had a GPS with those features (in the past) and never really had a use for them, Personal preference? I believe you still get elevation info, its just what the topo map says it is. That reminds me, those two features had to be calibrated on my old unit, kind of a pain. Don't know the ease of calibration on the DeLorme unit as i have never had the 40 just the 30. In case i didnt tell earlier the 40 is on sale too right now. I think 234.57. Welcome to Geocaching!
  18. Just use the one month membership, you don't have to sign up for a year... ...But you will.
  19. I get the same thing when i FORGET that using Google chrome will not let "send to GPS" happen. I close it, then open Firefox and it downloads no problem! Is this a possibility with you?
  20. Just want to put the word out, PN's on sale again for anyone who didn't get them the last time they went down. MC HNY
  21. Ok thanks, What about the unavailable P/Q? Do they expire?
  22. I hadn't got it by the time i went to bed last nite, About a half hour. Had it by this morning. Re submitted a different Query and have not gotten it yet, 15 min. Can't even get to the old query. Shown as unavailable, 15 min. It didn't used to be this slow. No, i hadn't asked on DeLorme forum yet, thought i would bounce it off you guys first.
  23. For cash register to receive a Pocket Query organically takes a long time. Is there a way to ask/force Cash Register to check for new or updated pocket querys?
  24. I get that sometimes (the bubble that says there was a problem your device may not work properly) But the unit goes on and works ok anyway. Are you still trying to use it, even tho you got the bubble?
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