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  1. ******** Premium Member 2255 Found it 07/02/2018 How ironic that the cache with the best view is the only one that’s missing , and what a great view it is too .As the CO doesn’t cache anymore and it’s obviously missing due to the precise hint I’ve replaced it with a micro.
  2. Quite happy to place a cache but not very happy to maintain a cache. Temporarily Disable Listing 20/01/2018 This one will remain disabled for the foreseeable. I am quite offended this cache has been left on full view by cachers and as a result has now gone missing, which means I will have to make a hundred mile drive to replace a film pot at the base of a tree. I try to introduce church micros to the lake district and this is how I am repaid.
  3. Beach Hut just beat us to it! Our 5 were:- Sweden = Stockholm Kuwait = Kuwait City Mexico = Mexico City Belize = Belmopan Brazil = Brasillia
  4. Russia? After the revolution, sent to support the White Russians.
  5. We think bats also hibernate but not sure which species!
  6. Thank you for the ding - next question Whose appreciation society is called "Sons of the Desert"
  7. As nobody else has had a go. We are not sure of the exact meaning or the exact area in question, but believe it has something to do with convicts being taken to the public execution area and being allowed to stop for "a final refreshment" en route.
  8. We know Scafell Pike is 3210 feet having recently found the 2 caches on the summit. Are we allowed to use information found in the book "Britain's highest mountain walks" for the answer to Ben Nevis and Snowdon (not using the internet)?
  9. Having googled the answer, glad we're not in yorkshire yellow's pub quiz league! And we think its a design rather than an invention.
  10. DING to yorkshire yellow. Liverpool won 11-1 over the 2 legs in their 1st European game. From a bit of research of the wrong answers Leicester City = 1961 Manchester United = 1956 Arsenal= 1963 Everton = 1962
  11. Sorry, not Manchester United, Arsenal or Everton. 4 down, 16 left. A couple of more wrong guesses and we'll post a clue. Edited for spelling.
  12. Thank you, football, which current (2016-17) English premier league team played their first match in a European competition against Knattspyrnufélag Reykjavíkur FC in 1965?
  13. No idea of the name but could it be one of the "kings" of a Nigerian state, seem to remember reading something on BBC news website.
  14. Ding to Yorkshire Yellow - not too sneaky a question. One is the answer we were looking for, Bassenthwaite Lake is the only lake, the other bodies of water are all 'mere', 'tarn' or 'water'.
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