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  1. Changes made from version 4.03 to 4.04: Fixed issue with WAAS correction data Fixed issue with empty map list directly after power on Fixed potential shutdown caused by altimeter calibration Problems with this beta software may be reported to MontanaBeta@garmin.com https://buy.garmin.com/shop/store/downloadsDetails.jsp?id=5679&product=010-00924-00&cID=145&pID=75226&ra=true DL and installation worked for me so far.
  2. You can get the FW here: http://garminmontanagpsr.wikispaces.com/Firmware#Firmware%20History
  3. Es gilt noch immer: "In English please!" Ähh ja, habe ich ja oben auch geschrieben. Vor der ersten Benutzung oder nach längerer Nichtbenutzung sollte das Gerät ca. 20 Min. unbewegt an einem Ort mit guten Sat-Empfang liegen um den Almanach füllen zu könne. 50 Meter Abweichung können aber auch dann unter schlechten Empfangsbedingungen (Häuser-)Schluchten, dichter/nasser Wald, etc. auftreten. Kompassausrichtung und Höhenangaben habe nichts mit der Position zu tun. Ansonsten solltest Du hier wirklich in englisch schreiben oder ein/das deutsches Forum aufsuchen.
  4. Sorry to everybody for answering in Germany. @ NicoleKR: This is an English spoken forum. Habe zwar kein Magellan aber: "Germa"? Du meinst vermutlich German? Sonst steht das nichts weiter? Naja, das ist auf jeden Fall ein falsches Kartendatum. Wenn Du die Koordinaten mit GE vergleichen willst ist es "WGS84 für Gradangaben (oder UTM, wenn du das in GE eingestellt hast). Du meinst "UTM"? Falls ja, kannst Du das auch verwenden, musst aber GE auf UTM umstellen.
  5. Sorry, my fault! Didn't saw the first one.
  6. A new firmware Beta-FW 3.97 is available for the Garmin Montana. Fixed issue with Trip Computer setup Fixed issue with North Arrow map orientation toggle Fixed inability to select turn/guidance information on map while in nuvi mode and navigating Fixed issue resulting in bad point information on the map Fixed issue with reviewing a list of multiple points from the map Fixed 'Go' button on chirp details page Fixed issue with charging indication when unit is fully charged Fixed issue with list controls incorrectly appearing enabled Fixed Photo Viewer when language is set to Arabic Fixed issue with 'lock on road' setting not saving during a power cycle Problems with this beta software may be reported to MontanaBeta@garmin.com
  7. Then change anything else, i.e. track-up, north up. It happens with any changes in the map setup.
  8. Tried it, and on mine it crashes as soon as I select Setup already. Dito! Selecting the setup of the Trip Computer immediately crashes my Montana. My Montana also crashes when I: 1. Select "Where To?" 2. Select "Addresses" 3. Search for an address (in my case, I've the CN 2012.40 EU installed) 4. After an address was entered the map view with "GO" opens up 5. Here select the "map setup" with the "3-lines button" 6. Make a change in the map setup (i.e. change the active map) 7. Try to return to the map view -> Montana shuts down
  9. I've severals Bugs with my Montana 600 and the Beta 3.94: 1. The Montana crashes sometimes using the "3D-View" after panning around a bit with the arrow-keys AND an active GPS-fix. Active map is the Topo Germany V3. 2. The Montana crashes using the "Elevation Plot" with an active routing or following a track and the plot-type is set to "Elevation/Distance" (my usual settings :-/) AND an active GPS-fix. Active map is the Topo Germany V3. 3. When using "Where To?" -> "Cities" -> search by name -> after a few typed letters the Montana stuck (battery must be removed). Active map is CN Europe 2012.40. 4. Within the elevation plot respectively on the plot itself I can't activate the small red dot (by tapping on the plot) anymore for getting additional information (Date and Elevation) for a plot-point.
  10. BTW, a Montana 450t does not exist. Oregon 450t or Montana 650t ?
  11. Subraid

    Montana vs 62s

  12. Subraid

    Montana Beta v3.68

    •Fixed issue with power off barometric pressure trending Finally it is fixed and working (again)!
  13. Yes, I've exactly the same problem with my Montana and FW 3.6x Beta. The "always pressure saving" worked well with FW 3.60.
  14. OK, sorry. Next try: Uploaded with ImageShack.us Yes, mine is about 2 months old.
  15. Nope, my settings are the same as WrongwayUKs and I'm getting the error. I've send this picture to the Montana-Team: https://forum.garmin.de/attachment.php?attachmentid=3781&stc=1&d=1323016705
  16. They asked me the same and I already did it (screenshot, documentation). "Good" to hear, that I'm not the only one with this problem.
  17. Yes I did and get a reply, that they can't reproduce this error. I did hardreset my device and it still didn't work (as it was in 3.60). So I wonder if I'm the only one with this error.
  18. I still have the broken "Save Always" pressure trending in the 3.66 Beta. Anyone else too? When "Save Always" is selected in the barometer setup and you turn the unit off it doesn't record any data. Instead when you turn the unit on you'll see a straight line from power off to power on (no dynamic data).
  19. I've sent the following bug report to MontanaBeta@garmin.com Maybe some of you also encouter one or the other bug and report it to Garmin too. Greetings from Germany!
  20. Extract the exe-file and you'll receive the necessary file to update operating system independent.
  21. http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=5680 Changes made from version 3.60 to 3.63: Added new data fields: Alarm Timer (from alarm clock page), Automotive Turn (lane assist), Avg. Lap, Compass Heading, Current Lap, Date, Elevation Above Ground, GPS Elevation, GPS Heading, Grade (must be moving), Lap Distance, Laps, Last Lap, Location of Destination, None (blank field), Stopwatch Timer, Total Lap, Track Distance (reset when current track is cleared), Vertical Dist. to Dest, Vertical Dist. to Next. Added data field categories. Added trip computer setup for additional configurability. This includes adding multiple trip computer pages. Improved elevation data stored in track logs. Fixed 3D View to rotate based on compass heading.
  22. Subraid

    New Satellites

    These are neither Navstar-GPS nor GLONASS satellites but European Galileo-Sats (launched from ArianeSpace from French-Guiana by Russian Soyuz rockets). This are some of the first few test-satellites launched this year. Galileo itself will not be usable befor 2014.
  23. Mhh, for my Montana it works perfectly.
  24. Hi, after 3 days of Montana usage (hiked 2 times and 1 mountain bike tour) I'm so far very pleased with the device. Every time I look at the Oregon it's not clear to me how I could live with this small, dark display ... Unfortunately, the Montana with FW 3.60 still has some bugs (I also reported them to Garmin (MontanaBeta@garmin.com): 1. Height differences are added up incorrectly. It will be shown twice as many meters in ascent and descent as it should be. It seems like the Montana adding the descent also to the ascent. (See picture) 2. The trip computer/odometer always displays a distance about 10-12% too long. 3. The Navi-mode "nüvi" view is very slow (takes a long time to start recalculation, turns are no longer updated) when the logging is set to "Automatic" -> "often" or "very often". If the logging is switched to "normal" nüvi works well again. 4. Now and then a complete system crash occures when e.g. scrolling in the altimeter screen. 5. The summary-view on top of the altimeter jumps back and forth (see picture). 6. If a waypoint is created in BaseCamp with an approximity-alarm and this point is then transferred to the Montana the approximity-alarm is lost. 7. Endless boot-crash loop when a routing is started and, by accident, two routable maps are active (e.g., "City Navigator Europe" and "Topo Germany 2010"). Only a hard reset brought my Montana back to life. 8. Nice to have: If you navigate with a track it's never clear in which direction the track points. Small arrows on the track would be very helpful! I hope Garmin can fix this bug in an upcoming firmware update.
  25. I have the same problem. The trip-odo always shows about 10-12% more than the real distance was. I reported the bug to MontanaBeta@garmin.com, please do the same.
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