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  1. Help My Palm Z22 died I cant turn it on even when it is connected to my computer, I get nothing. It hasn’t had any falls or trauma to it, and it has not gotten wet either.


    I bought it new in January 2006 there still might be a warranty on it but I am not sure about that. Has any one had any experience with Palm customer service on some thing like this?

  2. Whats the big deal,I go back and log my daughters finds that are six months old. If you feel he didn't find that many caches he is only cheating himself. But you also have to remember that this person is a charter member and has been caching for some time and could very well have found that many.


    I say let it go and go caching.

  3. I just bought a used Garmin Etrex Vista and I can’t seem to send waypoints to it. I am using CacheMate software but it keeps giving me an error message that says.


    Error sending waypoints: GPS packet read Timed out Garmin Cant init COM4


    I have tried every serial port that the cable will fit into with no luck. I have also made sure that the Garmin is selected as the GPS in the setup menu. Any ideals? B)

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