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  1. Many Email systems block the .gpx files, this includes free ones, that may be your issue. Besides ZIP files are smaller and I don't know of any phone software that can't use them directly these days.
  2. It was called "Selective Availability" and was turned off May 2, 2000..... on May 3rd Geocaching was born! http://www.geocachin...ut/history.aspx P.S. Before it was turned off typical Selective Availability errors were about 50 m (164 ft). A lot more then the 10-20 feet we complain about now.
  3. I'm not sure who these "a lot of people" are but I hope I don't consider any of them my friends! I can't say I'm aware of anyone purposely putting in crap for swag, just people who are not informed of the customs of our game. Also many of those business cards may be signature items and were not traded in. Don't get me wrong I agree with your premise that caches attract bad swag, I just disagree that there are people out there doing it on purpose. Maybe new cachers think the CO is giving away the swag and comes out on a monthly basis to restock/remove garbage and don't see the bottle cap they traded for the cool toy as something that will hurt another child down the road.
  4. There are a number of possibilities... but the first one to come to mind is PQs have a limit of 1000 caches. In my neck of the woods that's roughly 10 to 30 mile radius. If your radius is 100 miles and has over 1000 caches it obviously needs to drop some from somewhere, I always thought it would be the furthest out but it may use some other system. Drop the radius until you get under 1000 caches then see if any of those are missing. Other Possible Causes: Not listing previously found caches. Not listing caches of certain Size/Diff/type.
  5. Caches are updating, but if the Cache is archived it will not be in the new PQ so there is no info for Vantage Point to update. Your best bet is to simply delete all the caches of Vantage Point and your GPS before loading fresh ones.
  6. We have one local cacher who seems intent on ruining the fun for everyone after him via 2 things, the first is already listed and is just being lazy: #1 Not returning cache to same place. - I swear he signs the log in his car and just throws the cache in the general direction once he is done. The second one I have yet to see listed yet: #2 Posting obvious hints in the logs, on my last Difficulty 4 Cache I finally just deleted his log because of the obvious hint that made a Dif 4 into a Dif 1.5. Yes you found it, your signature on the log proves it, you don't need to give a huge hint to prove it. He also posts Notes on Caches announcing he tends to go looking for it at some point... like we really care. And he also refuses to post a DNF, if he can't find it and has to say something he will post a NOTE! A lot of problems I see coming up are due to Cachers who feel entitled to get a smiley for going out to the GZ... I have many caches that took me 4 or 5 trys to find, often a year latter because I had new experiences and skills to help me. These people feel if they took the time to get off the couch they earned the smiley even if it is a 5/5 and they only got within half a mile!
  7. 1 second, got to put on my flame retardant suit before I type this..... OK here we go. As the Cache is Archived that is no longer a Geocache, just garbage, so I would follow CITO rules and throw it away. Now since there is no cache there I would look around for a suitable cache container... look hard, and think about recycling... look in the trash again because I think a suitable container may be in there right on top. So you have saved the environment, twice. Once by throwing away litter, once by recycling trash into a useable object. P.S. Always nice to note an old cache was once in the same location.
  8. As you said, favorite points are a way to tell others to check out a cache. Favorite an event after the fact just wastes points. Many Events don't even repeat and are one timers so there will be no "next year". If you want to tell the event planners thanks then type it in your attendance logs, as a CO I can tell you a few positive words someone took the time to type out means a whole lot more then 4 seconds to add as a favorite.
  9. Not really, say I somehow got permission to put a cache at the base of the pier of a bridge over a river, now the cache icon looks from a 2D map to be on the bridge. So you run out to the cache all ready to grab it and ignoring the cache page, you park illegally on the bridge and risk moving traffic to look. Never finding it you figure it is under the bridge and get a boat, now you spend more time looking under the bridge with no luck. This is a perfect text book traditional that while some cacher may eventually try diving for it, it would be almost impossible to find without reading the cache page. But then I could just say: "Likewise, it is common knowledge that a lock needs a key so while you might find out the hard way that you've arrived that it requires you to find the key, you will still figure out what you need without the cache page." I don't understand how finding a key is such a problem, but if I said your looking for a micro that is 4 times smaller then the key everyone would be happy. I rated it as a 3.5, and since raised it to a 4.5, some caches are hard, some you may never find no matter how much you look. *Please don't take anything I say personal, I am simply debating WHAT definition constitutes a regular cache.
  10. I got you email and though I hope it goes without saying I edited the cache page to state NOT to jump the fence. From the beginning I posted it as a members only to hopefully weed out inexperienced cachers who may try and jump it or feel the need to destroy something. I posted with full permission of the owner, but if something gets damaged I will remove it.
  11. After seeing all the visits on my cache I figured it had to have been posted somewhere so let me see if I can shed some light. This cache was actually a year in the making and great care was made to properly classify it, I can tell you this cache was discussed at great length with one reviewer and when ready was activated by another reviewer. My goal was to place a large cache with a high difficulty level in the middle of a high traffic area, the kind of area that general consensuses is it would only support a micro. I couldn't hide a huge container, so I instead made it obvious, then hid the key. As for the argument it could be a multi the key is at the same coordinates as the box, yes it is that close. You don't need to follow any instructions to retrieve it, only to look till you find it. As for a mystery that would not count as there is no "mystery" to solve, and the cache is at the listed coordinates, so unless you consider finding an object a mystery... but then NO cache would be traditional. I know there is no "previous precedent" in cache placement, but I would point you towards the numerous "Bug Hotels" that have a combo lock with the combo on the cache page. While that sounds like a very simplified way to explain it to someone just starting out it has no basis in the rules. By this definition any cache that requires special equipment such as scuba gear, a boat, climbing gear, or a blacklight... or is only available during certain hours, times of year, etc. is not a traditional because that info is all passed through the cache page. But then unless you need to be told a lock needs a key you could also easily solve the cache without reading the description. I am not trying to sneak something through the rules, to the contrary this cache was discussed with the reviewers at great length and every detail was given to insure it was properly classified. It was reviewed much more heavily then most caches before it was posted.
  12. Does it have to be Florida cachers? Because of the location in the pan handle half of Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia is closer to to location then Many Floridians. For example I live in what is considered the northern part of South Florida and it would be an 8 hour drive for me.
  13. There is a bug in the Magellan Vantage Point 2.00 software and the auto update feature does not work. Please follow the link below to Magellan site and download the new version. http://www.magellang...om/VantagePoint
  14. Ok I have to say I'm confused here, the only way to publish from any GPSr to GC.com is through the field note feature, that is a GC.com limitation not any manufactures. So your saying you want to publish a field note without making a field note? Making a field note (atleast on an x10 series) is automatic, when you are looking for a cache and find it open the Menu and choose FOUND IT. If you choose not to edit the field note it will put one there for you that has the "TIme to find" and says Found, you can edit it after you upload it to GC.com before you post it. Maybe your canceling the navigation, reopening the caches page and then manually changing the status to found, this is the long way to do it and would skip the auto note creation.
  15. The garbage bag dosen't seem strange to me at all actually, it is there to encourage CITO. As for your main question, I would drop the CO a note to let them know your fixing the cache, I'm sure he/she won't mind but it would be polite to ask first.
  16. Yup... I just did that today and uploaded them to my eXplorist GC by both GSAK and Vantage Point. My lifetime found is still at 3 (which is how many I have found with it so far), and it did not update my total number of found caches. Database tweaking still seems to be the way to go, unfortunately. I said it is "In the works", it will be included in a future version of the software in the near future.
  17. Until the OP comes back and either posts the size rating, or confirms that is the cache in question all I can talk in hypothetical. But we have a few of those micro ammo cans around here and they are cute to find, but the CO has always listed the size correctly or as unknown. I have no problem with that, if the finder makes an assumption on the size that is their fault. If the CO had said it was a film can and turned out to be some big box used to transport an entire movie worth of film reels we would all be laughing at how creative it was. P.S. I do have a problem with COs who post Other cache size when they should post Unlisted cache size, but that is another manner.
  18. You have a small typo here, it is spelled MARINE. Wait, Marines can spell? Since when? Come on you can tell us...Somebody helped you with the big word, right? [] Just kidding Brother, We can definitely include you guys in that statement as well ! Why do you think we get all those Tattoos, duh! No one has to help we just look down and type it out "sdɹoɔ ǝuıɹɐɯ".
  19. I had to follow the link to what a "hint memoir" was to even understand what I was looking at. I was gonna say something but then I remembered my hobby is looking for Tupperware in the woods... to each their own I guess.
  20. If you are using the drag & Drop method are you remembering to unzip the files first?
  21. No, that's not it... I updated my Nuvi 660 just fine right before trying the 2720. What he is saying is that they may post the update for the 660 one day, then the 2720 a few days or a week later, it prevents their website server from being overloaded with people trying to download the updates, possibly crashing, then no one gets any updates. As an IT guy I can say this is a common practice.
  22. You have a small typo here, it is spelled MARINE.
  23. I'm not big on the swag aspect, but every now and then I find something I have to have (Military/police/fire patches and pins are a common one as I collect them), as I want something handy around that I know will always be worth the trade in value I carry crisp $2 bills with me. Small, light weight, and always fun to find!
  24. Maybe it's just me, but if I found this cache I'd probably have laughed my butt off and marked it as a favorite! Now a whole park of them would be different, but every now and then the unexpected can be good.
  25. That's an amazing bargain for such a rare model! Rare Model? I have one as my backup, my buddy uses it for his main, Few others around here I know of. I think the rarety is more no one wants to get rid of them.... they may not have the bells and whistles, but show me another GPS that will last around 2 days on a set of batteries!
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