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  1. Good observation Jackalgirl.... When are these going to be available for purchase??? Heidi
  2. Wow! That is one cute geocoin -- I will be ordering a couple of those!! Looking forward to them! Heidi
  3. Wow -- Very nice coin design! Great job, I would definitly want one of these!!! Heidi
  4. Thanks for the link -- Will buy from there next time I order .. Didn't know anyone else carried the air-tites. Heidi
  5. I have over 60 geocoins ciculating -- all of which are copies. I have gotten MANY compliments on how they look just like a real geocoin. They are not expensive to make. Go to Home Depot or Lowes -- Buy 2 inch metal washers. They are somewhat the same weight as a real geocoin. I spray paint mine black. I also fill the hole with hardening clay that you bake. I go to Office Max (staples, office depot ) or anywhere else they make color copies. Buy full sheet label paper and give it to them, have them make a copy of both sides of the coin. Cut out the copies, and stick them onto the washer. Then you go to Air-tites.com and buy coin cases for a 2 inch coin. Put the washer inside, and WALLA, they look awesome. Cost -- 25 cents for a washer, 65 cents for a case and about 28 cents for a color copy (but if you have a bunch of coins, they can put them all on the same sheet) ANy questions, email me and I can help ya out!!! Good Luck!
  6. That is too funny -- As a child I always was able to open 1 present on Christmas Eve, and it ALWAYS was a brand new pair of PJ's to wear for Christmas Eve and morning. Now, having children of my own -- I do the same thing. Every year I buy them a pair of PJ's to wear that night. They are always Christmas PJ's. My kids are 10 and 8, and when they get that gift -- they are like Gee, is this our PJ's for tonight? Heidi
  7. That Pirate Quest Geocoin is a really nice coin. But my nomination would be: Smokey Mountain Geoquest Geocoin. My Favorite is their first year (2006), but the 2007 is nice also. I have not attended this event yet, but I am signed up to participate for 2009. 2006 2007
  8. I am wondering if our mission sent to the UK has been received ... I haven't seen any posts by the recipient saying that they received it ... I worry because of how some people have been receiving their packages, and also when you send a coin in a card and the post office doesn't pay attention to the stamp that says "Don't run it through the machine" and they do anyways ...
  9. Team Fehling Mission #3 - Heidi Last but definitly not least was my mission. I let the girls open theirs first, and then MOM got to open hers. WOW!!!!!! I received my mission from Santa and Ella from the UK. This was a very cool idea for a box. It was sent in a tupperware container, nicely wrapped in Christmas paper. In this "cache", I found some candy canes, shower gels (They smell awesome!!), Pencils, Pens, Eraser, Sharpener, a Keychain Flashlight, Gel Pens, Coin Chocolates, a Log Book, a Oakcoins Lanyard, A Geocachers Pin, a Not another Micro pin, and did i menion 3 GEOCOINS!!!!! WOW!!! Thank you very much! I received a Taking Pride in Geocaching Geocoin, Merry Christmas Cachers Geocoin Ornament, and a Cache Critter Pig. WOW!!! I think I also got spoiled!!! They also included a geocoin that they would like to be placed in a cache nearby to us, which we will definitly do very very soon!!!! Thank you very much to our Secret Santa in the UK, and new Geocaching Buddies!!!!
  10. Team Fehling - Mission #2 - Courtney The second person to open their gifts tonight was Courtney. We were soo excited when we saw that this mission was from Germany. We really want to visit Germany!!! Courtney also was very spoiled on this mission!!! There was no card, so we are not sure who our Secret Santa is ... A little detective work might work. All we can say is WOW!!! This package was filled with lovely items!!! First, and most special was two pieces of drawn artwork of Christmas Trees and presents. Courtney hung these up in her room. Also, were some candies from Germany, which, how did you know she loved candy?? LOL! She was circling the room saying I got German Candy. I believe she wants to bring these to school tomorrow to show and tell, but I don't think she will share!!! She also received a beautiful doll, some marzipan (yummmm), and 3 GEOCOINS, and also a Geocaching Pin. Wow, you sure outdid yourself. The three Geocoins were 1 - Micro Organism Moebius, 2 - Micro Organism Borellia, 3 - Highly Addictive Geocoin THANK YOU TO OUR NEW GEOCACHING BUDDIES FROM GERMANY!!!!!!!!
  11. Tonight we got to open all three of our missions. It was like Christmas morning, except 9 days before!!! It was sooo exciting. I will post each mission in a separate post. Team Fehling Mission #1 - Brittany All the way from Pennsylvania Brittany was soo excited when she opened up this box -- It was filled with a bunch of wrapped presents!!!! She sure was spoiled with this mission! A BIG THANK you to our new geocaching buddies from PA!!! There was no card inside, but we will have to do some detective work to find out who Brittany's Secret Santa was.... Inside was lots of goodies - A Stocking with a Sunshine Geocoin (Never seen this one, SHE LOVES IT!!!), and also a DNF pin. A pack of tissues, a beautiful Christmas Bell Ornament in a really nice box, two bracelets, and her favorite (other than the geocoin) was a TY Christmas Teddy Bear!!! She loves TY bears!!! She was jumping up and down when she opened this package. THANK YOU TO OUR MYSTERY SANTA FROM PA!!!!
  12. Being a fairly new geocacher -- I started in June 2008. Already I have almost 200 caches found. So, my goal this year would be: In Geocaching: To Reach 500 caches To add 3 more states to my map To hide 20 caches for the year To mint my very first geocoin In Life: To be healthy and happy What more can you ask for??? Heidi
  13. Courtney from Team Fehling has received her mission all the way from Cornwall, UK!!! A BIG Thank You to Susiemerlin1 for sending such a great coin and a great card. Susiemerlin1 had sent us an Engine House Geocoin. She also included a little information on the engine house that is not far from where she lives. As we do not have these here in the United States (at least not where we are), it was really nice to read up on them. Courtney (my 8 year old) was really intrigued on these, and we did a little more research on them. As Sue had mentioned in her letter, this geocoin is very special to her, and now it is very special to us!! Thank you for sending this to us!!! Merry Christmas!!!!
  14. TEAM FEHLING has received all three missions!!! We received pur last one today, and it was from Germany ... The outside of the box was nicely wrapped in Christmas paper. Courtney is sooo excited about this one because this is one place that we really want to visit. We will open up all three missions tomorrow night, when my husband gets back from NY. This kids aren't happy about waiting another day, but they will get over it!!! We will post pictures as soon as we are done ripping them open. Heidi
  15. We just got HIT also!!!! WOW!!! It's a snowball fight! We are soo excited. Thought it was a coin that I ordered, and I opened it up and out came a geosnowball!!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!!
  16. Got mine in the mail the other day -- I must say that this is an awesome geocoin!!! I LOVE IT!!!! Great job. Heidi
  17. We're still waiting for one package before we can open all of our packages. The package is for my youngest, and she is worried that she has not been good this year, and maybe that's why it didn't come yet. Maybe if she cleans her room, it will come sooner ... Hmmm, This just may work out for me!!!
  18. CanadaKate -- When I went to the post office to mail a envelope to canada, they told me it can take anywhere's from 5 - 10 days. SO, I wouldn't worry -- It's probably on it's way.
  19. We received one of our missions today -- My daughter, Brittany, was sooo excited. When she got home from school, she saw her name on an envelope and started jumping up and down!!! We are also doing the secret santa mission, and she received hers a week and a half ago, and she can't open it until all of us get ours. SO -- She was very excited when I allowed her to open this one!!! Brittany got a beautiful card from The Fossillady and a Passed 4 x 4 geocoin, which she doesn't have, and also her wooden signature coin. Thank you very much Fossillady, you made Brittany's day!!! Merry Christmas!!
  20. Team Fehling's Mission Status Sent: Both missions are ready to go!! I will take them to the Post Office tomorrow, and they will be on their way to ... ????? Received: Not yet
  21. We should get back to what this thread was initially started for, and maybe start another about the academy and discuss the pro's and con's in that thread.
  22. I think that the Geocoin Academy consists of a good group of individuals who are putting their "volunteer time" into it, and I can't see anything bad coming out of it. I just started collecting geocoins, and I absolutely love them. Of course I have my favorites, but they will be different from what others deem their favorites. It would be cool to see what comes out of it. Kudo's to all of you! PL Nauta -- Same goes .. I think it is a really cool idea. Gee, with all the coins I buy and see on Ebay -- I wonder if the prices will go up because that coin won "Best Performing Geocoin" or something!! HA... It would definitly be bragging rights for those coins!! Great job to all who put their extra time into this!! Heidi
  23. Just waiting for my coins to arrive for these missions, and then we will send them out ASAP -- Thankfully, I did my shopping before I received the names to get a head start -- and my recipients do not have them --- wow, this is going tooo smooth... Maybe I should quit while I am ahead. Heidi
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