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  1. That is a statistic I would like to see on my profile page and a wouldwide total on the GC home page. I can see this working on most cache trips we take but I would have hated to have weighed he 6 truck loads we cleaned up a few weeks ago What is sad, I had my camera in my pack all day and did not get a single picture. thanks to FishinPair guy we had some pictures of the day. After the Storm From the sound of it we have abot 100 times that amount left to clean up GEO.JOE
  2. Hello Furbutt I do not know if anyone has contacted you yet about retrieving the TB. You can post on the Geocachers of West TN forum and you may have more luck. http://www.gowt.org/forums/index.php I will be in Memphis in a week and I will be glad to help, if it has not been picked up yet. GEO.JOE
  3. On multi day wilderness trips I have taken stronger pain meds and antibiotics. What I take with me on everyday trips: Toilet Paper Baby Wipes Hand Sanitizer Biodegradable soap Iodine Duct tape Mini multi tool New Skin - antiseptic liquid bandage Cold and Sinus med with antihistamine Tagamet Immodium AD Aleve
  4. I am in a major mental dilemma. I got 6 Lock & Locks. I don't need any cache containers right now and these Lock & Locks are tons better than the cheep stuff I am currently using as food storage containers, but I can't bring myself to put food in them just in case I want to use them for caches I think I will go buy 2 more sets
  5. Available to Southern Illinois and South East Missouri is River Valley Geocachers
  6. Two 1 watt Luxeon Star flashlights One Xenon headlamp Audubon mammals of North America field guide Audubon Reptiles and Amphibians field guide and a "No Boundaries Spirit of Adventure" Photo book/coffee table book Wow are there some great places to hide a cache in there. Amazingly I have already found 3 pictures of places I have already visited the exact spot of the photos, just 93 more and I won't need the book to dream about these amazing places.
  7. Currently in the Swag pocket of my caching bag I have: 2 bottle opener key chains 2 support our troops wooden nickles A Hot Wheels bus Die Case buggy Ping Pong Ball that looks like a soccer ball Token for a free round of mini golf Electronic Mosquito repeller Hand sanitizer towel Hand carved fish Miniature sample Brick, from a brick maker in VA Elvis coin, that was from the Estate of the presdent of the Elvis fan club in the 70's Garmin/Yamaha Poker run chip LED finger light from Dippin Dots 3 way REI caribiner Small carbiner psychedelic button purple diamond-cut kids ring old milk-glass marble Golden Mouse Signature item for nice hides in the woods Spirit Stone signature items I leave in most caches I visit When I start a cache I try to plan it based on who I think will find the cache. If it is an easy park cache I will have more kid friendly items: Mctoys, Hot Wheels, laser pointers, baseball cards from the 50's through the 90's, books, tapes, books on tape, necklaces, etc. If it is back in the wood, there will be more items of interest to adults, old coins, foreign coins, Tokens, wooden nickles, Insect repellers, T-shirts, mini/LED flashlights, carabiners, key chains, Boyds bear pins, etc. I have a few boxes of miscellaneous stuff around I pick up on clearance that I use. I have 3 theme caches one is a golf theme so logo balls, trick balls, golf towels, T-shirt, golf videos..etc. Another cache is a rock, stone and gem cache. I started it with stones and gems I have collected from around the country such as Obsidian, agate, quartz, Apache Tears, Amethyst, and I have one diamond to place in it. A third theme cache was an animal and Native American cache. I started it with Totem Power Stones which are polished stones with animals carved in them, Indian style chokers, arrowheads, animal teeth, turquoise etc.
  8. I have seen were travel bugs have been missing for over 2 years and they are still listed on the cache page as being in the cache. Frequent logs mention that the TB is no longer in the cache however, neither the Bug owner nor the cacher owner have been curtious enough to mark the bug as missing so it no longer shows in the cache. This is pushing the boundery of TB police. It is one of my pet peves that over half the logs mention a TB that has not been a cache since before I started caching and no one has marked it missing. Sorry my egocentric way of thinking that "everyone SHOULD do things my way" came out in that suggestions - it is times like this that my wife reminds me that I am thinking too much like my dad and she won't live with my dad, lol. Joe
  9. I would suggest editing the current Frappr page, if at all possible, or creating a new one and messaging everyone on it to register on the new one, if not. Better use the chosen acronym, so as not to confuse future visitors. I agree that just editing the Frappr map title is best. Traveler Rescue instead of Hostage Rescue I like the goal of each category and would like to add Traveler Missing Action - To encourage TB Owners and/or Cacher Owners to mark a TB as missing after a period time and an unsuccessful SAR attempt. I have found that the sooner a person is contacted the more likely they are to log the TB and get it back in a cache. Also when I visit a cache or notice a log on a local cache where a cacher removed a traveler without logging it I will contact the owner with an update and usually contact the person that grabbed the bug to encourage them to log the bug. If the person has not logged onto GC.com in 2 months or more they are less likely to respond. I guess at the point that I contact the owner I can introduce them to ITRAC and our services. GEO..JOE
  10. I log my finds asap as a cutesy to the cache owner. I know as a cache owner I want to know if people are finding my caches and I want to hear about their experiences while they are still fresh. If someone saw something of interest it is nice to share that with the owner and other cachers that may be interested in what they saw. I have a few caches that around March some irises bloom on top of boulders in th area. This only lasts about 2 weeks so the log would have to be recent for others to be able to get out and see the site. If you wait 6 months none of the experiences will be fresh in your mind and you will not write with emotion. You might get the details correct but you will not capture the feeling of your experience. I know if I waited 6 months I would write very generic logs and there is nothing I hate more than " I came with so and so and found the cache TFTF" logs cut and pasted.
  11. Sounds like the noise I make while choking on a chicken bone. H.A.R.C. Where goes thow Travel Bug, DUH! I still like International Travel Bug Rescue League but my ego may make me vote for one of my suggestions ....must.......fight...........urge.....................................................................
  12. HILL: Hitchikers International Liberation League Are we not going to help GeoCoins along either?If not, then I guess H for Hitchiker is not needed, and T or TB should be used, and I like ITRAC as well. We will help coins as well. T - Could stand for Travelers or Trackables, But Travel Bugs are the most prevalent Traveler. As we get up and going and a web site is set up a full explanation of our services will be explained. We just need a catchy name at this point. I did my best to come up with HELP but got nothing. We could be Hitchhikers Assistance & Rescue Coalition - H.A.R.C. Hitchhikers Assistance & Rescue Partnership - H.A.R.P. Hitchhiker Assistance Service Global Assistance Society
  13. I like saying International Travel Bug Rescue League, but I have found that those that I have told about it do not remember the name. I like the idea of a name with a catchy acronym, however Hitchhikers International Liberation League and Travel Bug International Rescue detachment just don't seem to flow off my tongue. I put together some synonyms for what we had: International, Global, Universal Travel Bug, Hitchhiker Rescue, Liberation, Emancipation League, Alliance, Coalition, Partnership, Society, Service Assistance, Support These are what I came up with: Universal Travelbug Rescue & Assistance Partnership – Un.T.R.A.P Travelbug Rescue & Assistance Partnership – T.R.A.P International Travelbug Rescue & Assistance Coalition – I.T.R.A.C. Travelbug Rescue & Assistance Coalition – T.R.A.C
  14. <link deleted by moderator> As of today Amazon is offering a $30 discount for signing up for and making your first purchase on their credit card. That would make the Etrex Yellow $50.00 and the Legend $90.00.
  15. These Dudes are awesome, Fishinpair surprised us with one as a Christmas gift and it is proudly displayed on our Poinsettia, they make some pretty good cookies as well. I'll sell the Cornflake Cookie recipe to the highest bidder GEO.JOE
  16. This is the best deal I have seen on a new Legend. As of today Amazon is offering a $30 discount for signing up for and making your first purchase on their credit card. That would make the Etrex Yellow $50.00 and the Legend $90.00. Having the mapping feature is really handy and if you plan to do many caches in unfamiliar areas the addition of the road, trail, and terrain information on the Topo maps is worth the money for me. The Legend has a PC interface cable that is great for downloading geocache information form the computer and not having to put it all in by hand. The prices on these three options are better than most used prices I have seen so with a little Christmas magic you may be able to get your son a new GPS, GEO.JOE
  17. I think this sounds like a great idea. There are all sorts of things that "could" go wrong, and given enough time everyone on here could think of most of them, but I say try it see how it works for you. As long as it goes well most of the time the finder of your signature item will have a real treat and locals will likely want to find one. This thing may create a bigger rush than first to finds Way to be creative and thinking up a way to make someone's hunt a special one. GEO.JOE
  18. Great News - RXZephyr's Railway Travel Bug is back in circulation. I wasn't too worried about this one. A great cacher with a good history had the bug and a gentle reminder resulted in her getting it out in a cache this weekend: "Hi GeoJoe Just to let you know that I placed the TB in the Yukon TB Inn the weekend. I will list it today. Hope that is OK." Any other updates? GEO.JOE
  19. Here is his Yahoo profile: many ways to contact him here as well. http://profiles.yahoo.com/badtz78la I sent a third email to sendmespamyoudie@justmike.com as well. he should have an Email by one of these sources and I have asked that he contact me to notify me that he has received the Emails. I will update you when I hear something. GEO.JOE
  20. Team Lotto I have sent and Email to them through their GC.com link and through their livejournal contact address. http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=iwantchai Hopefully he will respond. A year is way too long to hold a TB. He has had terrible luck with TB's himself so you would think he would take care of others that he picks up. GEO.JOE
  21. I have a Homemade tag that has a TB symbol, TB name, TB Number, goal and information for logging a TB. I fold it in half and it fits in a business card laminating sleeve. I can send you a Word doc of it, if you are interested. When I loose one metal tag the TBs will then only have the information tag. GEO.JOE
  22. GEO.JOE

    Opinions Needed

    I would have no problem taking all of the bug and notifying the cache owner why and requesting they eliminate the 1 for 1 rule. If you are hesitant you can always ask the bug owners if they would like for you to move their bugs, then you can tell the cache owner you were only following the request of the TB owners.
  23. Three caches same day by the same hider: First was a metal coffee can sitting in a seep spring, no zip loc for the contents and someone had placed 2 large(pink & blue) chalk sticks inside - this was the slimiest I have ever seen the inside of a cache. second was a bent up altoids type tin that had been dropped from the bridge to the rail road tracks more than once. It was full of water (of course no ziploc) and the log sheet was rust orange with a very unique odor. Third was a coin caches it was a Dockers wallet tin in a ziploc with the side ripped out of it, placed in a Glad zipper bag with the zipper removed, all of this placed in another open bag then placed in a tan Kroger sack, for camo I guess. This was the slimiest I have ever seen the outside of a cache. I spent more time cleaning and ziploc bagging items than I spent searching for the caches. I notified the owner of the need for waterproof containers and the condition each of the caches were in and what I had done to help the caches. He checked the caches and replied very hatefully that the caches were no where near in as bad of a condition as I reported them to be in, they were clean and packaged nicely and I wasted his time by making him go check on the caches??????? And if I didn't like them then I should never visit any of his other caches????? I highlighted the section on what I had done and the time I spent cleaning the caches as my only response.
  24. First find was Oct. 23, 03 got account Oct. 24, 03 so -1 day I wonder who found their first cache the longest amount of time before signing up for an account? I got my GPS on the Oct. 23, 03 and geocaching would be something to do for a couple week until I learned to use my GPS. Thank God for geocaching or my GPS would have only been used about 3 times by now.
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