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  1. Those are shooting lanes for deer stands (the white boxes at the center).
  2. No real goals...I just cache when I feel like it...it's supposed to be fun, not a job.
  3. Yeah, but how often does someone come into a thread commenting about his posts, and not only avoid any attempt at explaining or deflecting criticism of said posts, but actually striving to make things worse for himself?? Gotta at least give him the credit for having courage for his convictions. Yeah...I think "convictions" is the operative word here...
  4. Wow...this thread really took on a life of its own, didn't it???
  5. You could break your laptop sitting on it like that. Are you using it as a booster seat so you can see? He has a right DISTILLED in him to sit on anything he likes. He has traveled the country! Lived in Japan! Doesn't look like he's going to be doing much travelling for awhile, though...
  6. I use CacheBerry on my BlackBerry Curve and it rocks!
  7. Well, you live in Texas, so just place a cache just inside your property line, then when the maggot shows up, have him arrested for trespassing...or you could "3 S" him (shotgun, shovel, shut up).
  8. My apologies for the profanity in the linked thread. Pretty much all of it occurred after I posted the link here. Yeah, TampaForums is not regulated for profanity, nor maturity either, it appears. Again, folks, click at your own risk.
  9. Getting a BlackBerry Curve with GPS. Actually, I heard about Geocaching years ago, but never got into it. The BlackBerry changed all that. Google Maps FTW.
  10. WHat you do is make your caches Members only caches, most if these idiot are not going to want to pay for premium mebership. With the MO statis of your cache at least yours are going to be protected. I had a problem about a year and a half ago with some one destrouying my caches. For some reason my caches got targeted. I just made all my caches Members only caches, some of them I even relocated just enough so that I they had the coordinates they would not be the correct ones. To this almost all my hides are members only hides. And the problem of my caches being destroyed has not been an issue. Thanks for the tip! I'll remember that if and when I start placing caches. For now, I'm just hunting, and there are far too many caches out there for someone to mess with them all, so I'm not worried about some lazy, bitter person like that. In your situation, it sounds like someone had a beef against you personally, not against geocaching in general. If someone was vandalizing caches in a certain area, it would be fairly easy to bait him or her with a new cache and catch him or her in the act.
  11. LOL at this thread...thanks, guys...you made my morning!
  12. Ever run into people like this guy??? *** Foul language warning *** the link below leads to a site that is not family friendly. http://www.tampaforums.com/forums/free-4-a...caching-336895/ While I don't know if a cache owner would have any legal recourse (unless the cache was on their property), I'd imagine pissing off a lot of people you don't know is not a smart thing to do. Sooner or later, you're gonna regret it. Moderator edit: add foul language warning to the link.
  13. BlackBerry Curve 8310s with GPS are free or almost free with a 2-year contract...just my .02...
  14. In urban/suburban areas, there are usually enough landmarks visible on Google Maps to get you close enough to a cache to find it. Just copy and paste the coordinates and zoom in on the satellite view, then print the page and take it with you. You really should get a GPS, though, if you are serious about geocaching. Rural areas are generally pretty featureless on Google Maps.
  15. I'm with AT&T and have a BlackBerry Curve 8310 with GPS. The GPS on the 8310 is very accurate. CacheBerry is an excellent program, especially if you are a premium member. You can import pocket queries and CacheBerry will publish the cache to Google Maps via KML. Google Maps is free, and CacheBerry is free for 30 days, and only $14.95 to buy. IMHO the mapping with CacheBerry is far superior to Geocache Navigator's mapping.
  16. Well, I just logged my very first cache find ever (GC1778B). It was actually in a park right down the street from my house. TNLNSL. This could become an addictive hobby!
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