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  1. I'm right there with you! I totally trashed a hoody with burrs and stick'ems to the point I just tossed it in the trash rather than try to get them all off the fuzzies. I too use a knife to scrape them off my jeans. Right now its the chest-high black/brown little triangular-shaped burrs that I HATE... whole strings of them! The bigger fuzzier burrs are at least easier to get off. -marqueA2
  2. I just bought my Garmin Oregon400t yesterday and it came with USB cable in the box. I have yet to go geocaching with this unit, but I loved the Colorado I borrowed from a friend ,and this is like the Colorado but with touchscreen goodness. -marqueA2
  3. Heya! I have a different problem... no car... so, maybe we can work something out!! I am in Ann Arbor. I'm pretty new to geocaching, today I found my 5th cache. What is the ID on that series you're talking about?? -marqueA2
  4. Here's another vote for iPhone support (for all Groundspeak apps)! I dunno about the accuracy of the iPhone's built-in GPS (I've heard stories), but I found my first 3 caches using it and the Geopher Lite program that was recently released, so I think it does the trick. I just want MORE POWER (and Wherigo support!)!! lol. -marqueA2
  5. I'll have to make more copies of the Cthulhu tract (http://www.fredvanlente.com/downloads/WhyWeHere.pdf) and start replacing any other tracts I find. -marqueA2
  6. Couldn't wait for the weekend so I used Geopher to find a nearby cache. Works like a charm! -marqueA2
  7. @Geopher developer - Awesome!! I just downloaded your app and will be testing it out this weekend! Thanks! -marqueA2
  8. I'm glad the Ypsi police remained level-headed about this. When I saw this headline yesterday... in the current climate... my first thought was there would be political repercussions for geocaching. But it looks like the police are understanding for once. I'd love to hear what the police had to say about 'best practices'. -marqueA2
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