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  1. I've been to this one! Turkmenistan does have some nice beaches on the Caspian sea.
  2. you can actually have a GPS on when they tell you you can turn on your electronics. The reason for this is the GPS only receives the signal that is already there. it does not transmit anything. I use mine all the time on airplanes. It's fun.
  3. My lowest cache is -419 meters (-1374 feet) below sea level. Its even in a small cave.
  4. So far this year I have collected Turkey, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan. I hope to further collect Canada, Guatemala and Belize by the end of the year.
  5. 7755 miles Israel 7316 miles Uzbekistan 7153 miles Kyrgyzstan 50 or so in South Korea, 6000+ miles away
  6. When you are a terrorist, there are no innocent persons. That being said, if someone invaded 'your' country, wouldn't you try to hurt encourage them to leave in any way possible? It's a very blurry line between terrorist and freedom fighter, and we need look no further than the revolutionary war in the USA for some vivid examples. Thank you for this rational and enlightened post.
  7. Called Garmin. The "tech" said it "mucst be defective" then they said it would be over 150 dollars to swap it out. What a slap in the face, after buying 0ver 6 GPS units from them over the last 10 years they wont swap out a defective GPS. The "tech" said it worked just fine during your warranty period. Yeah convenient.
  8. I don't think this is True. Any how I'm back in America now and it was on all day with a clear view of the sky. The battery went from full to nearly discharged and nothing. Glad tomorrow is Monday.
  9. when I was trying to get a signal when I first posted this thread I was in the middle of the desert. Nothing close for hundreds of km. Yesterday I was in Istanbul where I have previously used this GPS with no problem. I met with other geocachers who had no problem with their GPS. I did a hard reset by holding the top left of the screen on start up and it still was unable to find the satellites. Has any one ever had a problem like this? Could my GPS be fried? edit: splashy. What is 'yammed'? also not sure what wifi has to do with my GPS.
  10. This is no different than any other company. For example cost of a H&M sweater in Paris: 30 euro, in NYC: 30 dollars, in Tokyo: 3,000 yen, in Seoul 30,000 Won The Korean won is worth less than the euro, dollars or yen so you can save a bunch of money if you shop in Meyongdong over champ de elysees, 5th ave or Shinjuku. It's not discrimination. Or maybe it is but all company's do it so you can't single out GS for this.
  11. Says "normal" Also I preformed a hard reset... Still nothing.
  12. Hello. Im in Uzbekistan and I simply can not get a lock. I left my GPS on for over 12 hours and it simply will not find the satellites. the sky is clear -- i was in the middle of the desert. I have been to a bunch of countries and I have never had this problem. I sort of had the same problem in Turkmenistan. It found me but after about 30 minutes it said Low Signal and then would not pick up again. Is my GPS busted? Help!!!
  13. nope. this has been recommended before. never did happen.
  14. Wow. Patronizing and disrespectful much? You assume the world, ignore his logical points and then shrug him off like a trouble making 5 year old. I don't typically expect such bullying behavior from moderators. Way to set an example for the rest of us. Brian, did you ever for a minute stop to think that maybe he comes from a culture where the content of the podcast is no big deal. Geocaching is a global game and not every one in this great big wide world shares your limited world view. Perhaps instead of writing him off as a trouble maker before anyone has even heard this "adult" materiel he should have the chance to let people hear it (and decide for them self) before you make such disrespectful, patronizing comments about him. Only then can there be thoughtful and informed discussion on the topic. Perhaps you should respond to any of his logical points like why he, or I can point my cache page to a wikipedia article about, morse code for example but pointing it to a wiki article containing adult language such as the many pages *ABOUT* curse and swear world on wikipedia would not be allowed EVEN though I am sure that with six or seven clicks I can navigate on wikipedia from the morse code page to the page about a four letter word starting with F. What exactly is family friendly anyway? What is good for my family may not be good for my cousin's family and what is not good for their family might be totally acceptable for the persons family down the block. So unless Groundspeak wants to tell us what "family friendly" is in their eyes they cannot expect us to read their minds especially because their business is so global and term "family friendly" varies so widely from place to place. So please, Brian. Answer our questions, contribute to the discussions and even correct us when we break a rule. But don't EVER treat us with such disrespect when it is your job to stop such things.
  15. I do not care about such an attribute. I definitely would not add the crossed out version. Highways are in my opinion a perfect place for the bogus coordinates of mystery caches. Cezanne Typical post from Cezanne. listen "Negative Nacy" if you don't have something positive to say, don't say anything at all. If you would not use it, why take it away from people who would? I bet you don't use the scuba attribute. Should that be removed because you don't use it? A nice and much more friendly response would be something like: "Although I, Cezanne would not use such a feature I can understand how it would help many users. Let's do it!" You don't have to be such a downer all the time.
  16. you can still use the code. Just make a tag with the number and attach it to another object and send it on its way. if you don't want to do that you can adopt it to me. I'll take it.
  17. Agreed thank you for communicating with us. Please communicate more in the future.
  18. Which begs the question, why do these forums even exist? Id much rather Groundspeak tell us how it is and why then just ignore us.
  19. This is just more reason why it should happen.
  20. We don't like being in the dark. How about communicating with us as a feature.
  21. Hello, I am about to embark on a most excellent adventure across three central asian countries. I would like to publish three earthcaches based on three place I plan to go, but Id like to get ideas for logging tasks before I go. The first place is a Köw Ata[\b] a subterranean lake in Turkmenistan. This is what I know about the site currently is it is about 60 meters underground and the lake is geothermally heated to around 36C. Apparently the water contains a lot of sulfur. I think this will be the easyist to publish and 100% worthy of an Earthcache. The second place is Charvak reservoir[\b] in Uzbekistan. It very stunning and id like to make a EC here but im at a loss what to ask. The third is Solomon's Throne, a UNESCO World Heritage site in (the vowel challenged) Kyrgyzstan. I don't know much about it other than it is a WHS (so it should be EC worthy). What do you think? Any ideas?
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