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  1. Who cares how many finds you have or don't have. Who cares how long you have been doing this. Its suppose to be fun, right? I've stopped caching by myself and now we only cache as a family. We created a family account and we just do it whenever we can. Example, yesterday we had to run to a friends house, there are several caches along the way. We didn't have the kids with us, so we will save them for another time. Simply because we don't care about the numbers!
  2. I write the description for a reason, not for my gain. Most of my caches have hints in there, or tell you how to go about getting the cache. Sometimes the info is everything and will lead you to a quick find on a otherwise tougher cache. its all in the details my friend.
  3. Example, I have one cache that is located on private property, but I have permission to place it there from the owners. I actually allowed the owner to hide the cache and then took the GPS COORDS from that. I keep in regular contact with them on this also. The page says there is permission and tells you the places to stay out of and the places you can go. When I take a cache down to go for a hunt, I look at google maps to make sure. If it looks like it might be questionable, I might email the owner of the cache and see. Otherwise, if I arrive and it doesn't look right, the we move on. There are a few local caches that are like this, private property, but have permission. There is also a certain couple of cachers that seem to place caches on private property without permission stated on the cache and have questionable hides. Just use common sense!
  4. To me there is a difference in a hard cache and a hard find. A hard cache is one meant to be as such. One that the owner put a great deal of time/effort into hiding or camo and doesn't want found easily. A hard find is one in which the owner places it in a place that muggles won't just find and leave little info on its location. Such as saying "its hidden on the south leg of the shelter at waist level" vs saying "its in the shelter". If you want a cache to be found, but its in a urban muggle ridden setting, then you should really communicate the location of the cache to the best degree you can. Such as in a broken piece of wood, that fit back together and no one could tell. If you communicate that its the Southeast rail of the pavilion then you get the point across and the cache gets found by those intending to find it. But still is open to muggles..LOL
  5. 2 things. Rural caches in nature tend to be different then urban caches. In theory, all are the same, a container and so forth, but sometimes a rural cache can be hidden in plain sight and still be a tough find. Example, the wife and daughter decided to leave dad in the car and grab one. It was a 3 star located in a old cemetery, that was very narrow and deep, it was an ammo can. Hint said "nice and easy for most". 20 minutes later the daughter returns and said "mom can't find it and I have not a clue". So I left daughter with son and trekked for it. After arriving at the location my wife said was it, I looked around, saw a tree that was split about 5' off the ground and reached in, pulled out a regular green ammo can. Nothing fancy, not camoed and in plain sight, just covered a tad bit. The point, sometimes they are right there. Change your thought process when hunting for these rural caches. Use new thoughts when hunting, but don't be afraid to adapt your urban cache ideas when hunting. Frustration is part of life. We went out last weekend and found 7, but DNF'ed 4. If you know the DNF's are there, then move and and use it as a scouting trip! Sometimes coming back that second time will open your eyes better to the location. Can't tell you how many times I have found a cache the second time I looked.
  6. Its just how I feel when I start looking. If its a close cache, then I won't spend a ton of time depending on the feeling. I call them "scouting trips" to see what I am dealing with. You wouldn't believe how many times you arrive back at the location and find the cache right away. Its funny some times, but its something I learned that works well.
  7. You are the UFTF.... Unknown First To Find
  8. Its pretty simple. If you arrive and that location doesn't make you comfy, then don't do it. We have a local cache in the middle of downtown across from the bus transfer station. I like the cache idea, but haven't logged a find on it because well, its just to OPEN. My first rule of thumb on making a find is: "If I will reveal the location or the cache itself, then I won't grab it at that time!" So if you don't feel good about getting that cache, then DON'T! There are others to grab.
  9. That world jerking hault that you just felt was in fact the world stopping its orbit since Kit didn't have a link back to other threads on this subject. To the topic, I don't think too many people really care. I know there is the most finds in 24 hours, but that has been made a joke of.
  10. I'd be willing to bet that the VAST MAJORITY of the hobby is affected directly by the cost of gas. I know that we have cut back on caching. We use to take a Saturday or Sunday and spend a few hours out and about. Now we don't think about it, if we have something in that area then we plan ahead and do the caches we can. I have noticed a LARGE drop in logging on various caches of mine and ours. One cache use to get hit almost daily. Its gone now for a week without anything. Its still there, but a few caches have gone weeks now without a touch. I notice my notifications are also down in my area in general. New caches are going days without being FTF'ed, even our local hounds aren't jumping all over them!
  11. Your first cache will always be your toughest. Just ask the wife....LMAO, she learned. As did I. And it will get easier, especially as you know what your local reviewer wants/needs info wise, and you learn that there are no other issues, such as distance and so on. Most people when placing their first cache run into the issue of distance. Trust me, even if you walk it off over land and know its more then 528', if its not that on the mapping software, your just SOL...
  12. I agree with BlueDuce on this one Buggheart. Post a SBA or contact the reviewer. If someone has been gone 2 years then chances are they aren't coming back. Review the logs and make sure someone else hasn't claimed to maintain it. Cover all the bases on this one first. Then post a SBA or email the reviewer. A benefit of this, it will open the are to a new cache opportunity too...!
  13. First of all, you will need to locate the cache in the geocaching.com database, then in the upper right hand corner, go in and log your visit as a find. It will then show as a smiley face on the map for those finds! Secondly, you new cache will be done from the main page, hide and seek section. You will need to look over the area and make sure you are a full .1 mile from all other caches.
  14. We have a cache owner here that has close to 100 hides. She has health issues and has been gone from activity since the spring, but really hasn't been doing anything since fall. Several of her caches have gone missing, or have serious issues. Slowly some of us have been taking inventory of caches local to us, and if we haven't found them, we contact others to see if we just aren't looking in the right location. When all comes out and we know the cache is missing, one of us drops a note to our reviewer to take action. He has been giving her 14 days, then archiving them. That being said, no one is taking the old location, so if she choses to come back and put in new caches she can. If you know the cache is missing, then send the owner a note. If you see the owner has been inactive for more then a year, then post a SBA to the log for the reviewer and leave all the info you know on there so they can make an informed choice.
  15. No, but.... If you want a good dual purpose, then chose the TomTom One XL. A buddy purchased the Nuvi and decided to try it caching for a change from his Etrex, it wasn't up to the game. We use a TomTom One and like it. We don't use it in the woods however, but knowing how to use it is the key. Comparing it to the Etrex, its actually closer more time then the Etrex sad to say. But the Etrex is meant to go rugged and the TomTom isn't! Remember that. The wife uses the TomTom for work daily, so its nice for that too.
  16. We carry a couple containers of the Hand Sanitizer with us at all times. As soon as we have been in an area that is "no good" we use it liberally on our hands and arms first, then go over our legs and then back on our hands again. This summer I only got it on my ankle one time and it was a time we ran out of it. We just buy the cheap stuff at the store and in the big bottle.
  17. Can I ask why you would move it? Its located close to a road correct? If so, no hunter is going to fire in that direction. (atleast any self respecting, law fearing, don't wanna meet bubba) hunter. Or am I missing something here? I know around these parts, hunting is almost year round, but Deer season makes me flinch...LOL I use to hunt, don't anymore.
  18. Who cares if you made a mistake and who cares they didn't FTF. Its a hobby, if it isn't fun then stop. If you make a mistake, so be it. Its not like their life depended on it. Had they not whined about it, you could have given them the new coords, disabled the cache, allowed them 1 day to find it and then put it back up. Then again, I would have just left it be, rechecked the coords and sent it on its way. Again, I'm not a FTF hound either. Some and again I say "SOME" FTF Hounds are CRYBABIES that just don't get it. Again I say SOME not ALL.
  19. whatever I get it now. Whatever is the answer. Nice Like I said. Back to the point of this thread..... Seems that its a pretty common thing or was at one point to place stickers on the logs. Thanks to those that actually answered the question.! It's a wonder that you didn't simply do a search if all you wanted to know is if it's common for people to log with stickers. 2 years ago, that isn't recent.
  20. This cache GC15FA3 was muggled by a maintenance crew. Seriously, the entire hiding spot of the cache was removed, it was a building and wasn't torn down either. We all got a chuckle out of it.
  21. whatever I get it now. Whatever is the answer. Nice Like I said. Back to the point of this thread..... Seems that its a pretty common thing or was at one point to place stickers on the logs. Thanks to those that actually answered the question.!
  22. Sbell, your original response has nothing to do with what I asked. You didn't answer my question, therefore your response didn't answer anything for me. You responded to the second poster. Then ranted in another post about ME as I was the OP. You have seemed to miss the question. I asked if others had seen this. I DID NOT ASK IF I SHOULD DELETE THEM.... That was the context of the other poster, not ME. You obviously didn't reread that part.
  23. And what was the "THEORY". I never questioned the find, but for whatever reason you jumped in and acted as I did in your first response. I just asked if anyone had seen this before. Your theory was from your own response, and actually it was then directed toward the second poster and not me. You really need to read before you respond.
  24. I'm not saying they "didn't find it". Never said that. I just found this as odd. Most people sign the log. I also will mention that another cache I watch over, I wasn't able to find said sticker. Its a 1 of 1 cache that everyone finds (its so easy) no sticker. So I checked another, and the sticker was on the ground. I'm thinking of emailing them and saying they need to sign the log. I'm just not sure the point of the sticker since its not always staying in the cache! From reading your posts, I believe that you fully believe that they found the caches. If this is true, why would you ever consider taking the position that they should return to the caches to sign the books? In general, I believe that it's best to only draw a line in those circumstances that require it. I don't see this as a situation that requires upping the angst level. I agree...Why does anyone give a hoot if someone signs a Cache with a pen/pencil/sticker or just by leaving a sigitem. What's the big deal? Would you refuse to accept your paycheck because the signature of the treasurer was PRINTED rather than SIGNED. I will just never understand what the big deal is. I'm guessing you just didn't get it? If you received a check with a smiley face sticker as the sig, would you think its valid? Was that the original point of the post? I'm guessing you didn't bother to follow the entire post and just bailed in on it? Certainly appears that way. Go back and reread.
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