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  1. Thanks guy....with a glowing review like that I'd better come up with a challenging cache for the CVC crew...but it will be awhile. Years ago when I stopped hiding I had in mind ...the smallest cache in the world...now all I have to do is find it myself in the litter of my office ! Hint: it is less than .5 inches long and appx 1/8" in diameter but contains space for either a log or a note with a code word...it would not be for the faint of heart but giant kudos go to those who would find it. Ron I'll tell you what.... When Ron comes back into the forumns I do feel like standing at attention. He is like the General of CVC land. (And BOGA is like te Captain along with Fatthur ANd George & Mary) Welcome back Ron!!! Glad to see you getting back into the swing of things!
  2. They used to ahve a topic here but it has long been abandoned. Try the link that touchstone put above that is where everyone talkes fromt he bay area.
  3. Holy Cow BOGA!!!!! I couldn't imagine coming across that much dope!
  4. ohh and a Must Do in my humble opinion. Probably my favorite cache is Watermark by GreenAchers and Mr Toad This took a little hiking, AND some brainpower as well.
  5. One of my favorites is Blooming Cache By Sanruft here in Modesto. Another one I liked was Gung Ho Fat Choy by Ron Streeter I really liked the attention to detail they used when making these caches.
  6. Well in that case we will give him a pardon for being from the south. BUT all future crimes will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!!!
  7. Yeah I did some up there a few years back. It is really cool up there!
  8. We have new cachers!!!!! Let's all say Welcome to Chillin 209 They just joined on Satuday. Welcome and hope to see you around for years to come!
  9. WELCOME!!!!! You can catch up with all of us Central Valley Cachers in one of 2 ways. (or both ways even) We have a thread right here on Groundspeaks forumns. Central Valley Cachers OR we also have our own website that is free to use. CVGeocachers Again Welcome and hope to see you around!!!
  10. If you haven't done this one, put it on a short list of MUST DO caches. Six of us (JimnAde, TerryandJanet, JPD43 and me) did it last night. It was a total BLAST! I heard that was a good cache to do. BUT because of it you guys missed out on a great event here in Modesto. Lots of fun was had by those in attendance.
  11. What is the date of the event? 2 of my kids have birthdays this month. Andrew June 3rd 15 years old Alyssa (SissieBunns is her caching name) will be 8 on June 19th
  12. Bill, We are beginning to wonder if the great BOGA is just a myth. It has been years since a "sighting" Huh?! I was at the last MAC Event. Photom can vouch for me as well as some guy that was 'going to the store to get some paint' and a bunch of other characters. I even got skooled on finding caches. It's no myth... BoGA lives and is at large. I'm even planning a run in the next couple days with an infamous puzzle slayer. Well to me it is more liek the Loch Ness Monster. others have said that they see it BUT no one really knows!! HAHAHAHA Tim and I were myths for a while there.
  13. Bill, We are beginning to wonder if the great BOGA is just a myth. It has been years since a "sighting"
  14. Groundspeak wouldn't let us do that idea. The event has the correct coordinates on the page now. Something about some stupid rule that eliminates any and all fun cachers can have while trying to plan something a little different. BUT I hope everyone attends our event on the 30th. 90020350 PLease come for some good times and a few games.
  15. WOO HOO!!!! Another BOGA Code Cache!!! I will be working on it ASAP
  16. When you are fully taunted, you can try Euclid. For ther ecord Gabriel is still upsetting me (haven't gotten squat from him ) And unfortunately part of my cutbacks requires i had to not get my premier membership so i can't read euclid. Ohh well I will get something out of Gabriel soon enough i hope. besides a dinner place and a movie location
  17. Interesting! I bet the logs on the "other" cache are all complaining that the coordinates are off by 40 feet! I say you get the FTF... Though I am bit upset with you for guiding me to Gabriel!!!! He is really upsetting me! He keeps taunting me!
  18. The power of Tag never ceases to amaze me; it can even get Kenny out into the fresh air! Well I was hoping to get my yearly bath AND tag at the same time but it was really akward when i got into the dry fountain with my soap and no clothes on!
  19. In one of their logs they mentioned how much fun their son had finding the cache. That is what gets me REALLY jazzed; seeing families out having a good time and getting the kids away from the computer/video games. Hold on let me turn this video game off for a second..... What was that you are saying Bobby??
  20. Do you think we should have a Podcacher link on the new CVC Web Page? Or am I the only one that listens to them? I listen to them as often as I can... though I am terribly behind right now!!!
  21. OK so I was off for a long time and this conversation was held a long time ago BUT here is something I found on the definition of "sport SPORT DEFINITION http://dictionary.reference.com/browse/sport If you look ad definition #1 it includes GOLF and if you look at definition #3 that certainly would include Caching... SO both are sports.. WHATEVER you do, do not try searching the internet to find the difference between a game and a sport. You may find something like this: You're confused because the word GAME has several meanings. You can play a game of sports, but you can't sport a game. To illustrate this, think of the Olympics. They are called the OLYMPIC GAMES. All the competitions are in specific Sports. The GAME is that world-class athletes --all good at different SPORTS --COMPETE for medals, and future endorsements. Pocket Billiards is a sport, and you can play different games [rule sets] within the sport: 8-ball, 9-ball, etc.. [for those that disagree, Pocket Billiards has been declared a Sport by the **Olympic Committee ** Football is a sport, and when you watch it, it's a game of football. Swimming is a sport, and there is no game of Swimming. Even a Swim gathering is not a game, it's a Swim Meet. This is the same for fishing, rollerskating, skiing and similiar activities. In a game you can blame the referee (or the luck of the cards). In a sport, win or lose, you always put forth your best effort. Baseball is the sport, the "World Series" is a Baseball Game. ======================================================================= Game, sport, hobby, or activity? I can see it called 3 out of 4 here. I believe it is the SPORT (hiking, racing, etc.) that lead you to the GAME, hobby, or activity (geocaching). I just can't see why people can't undertand this. Just my two cents... I hope nobody gets offended. PS The story from an earlier post was typed in good fun.
  22. WELCOME TO CVC LAND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  23. No , not size, it is LONGEVITY that counts!!! FIFTY!!! HEY TOM! I see you went to the BOGA school of shameless even advertising.
  24. Excellent time today!!!! Thanks SuprGrrl for hosting you put on a great event!!!!!
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