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  1. Could you post one that wasn't working?
  2. The 4GB is separate from the maptiles. The 4GB limit is for Microsoft's FAT32 filesystem. You can have multiple maps that total more than 4GB, but then you'll often run into the maptile limitation as well.
  3. Just curious, do you know how many map tiles that is?
  4. Do you really see a large difference in powerup time based on the number of files in the Archive folder?
  5. The bottom side of the Edge has a rubber flap that covers an micro-sd card slot. That's where the card goes.
  6. The camera model is also faster.
  7. Really? I thought PQs were $30/year
  8. Are you using safe-eject when removing the device from the PC?
  9. Cheaper separately, but then they don't track your hunting buddy on the map, which the Rino does. You can also send short text messages between them. And the voice communications still works with other FRS/GMRS radios.
  10. I don't believe it will beep, but it will show you upcoming points ( waypoints, peaks, valleys ) along the track as you travel.
  11. rsaxvc

    Garmin Non-Answer

    You've had bots reply to you?
  12. I think it only asks for the pin when programming a chirp that wasn't programmed by the current device.
  13. rsaxvc

    Etrex20 and PQ

    You just need to copy it to the Garmin/GPX folder on the device. You'll find the device in 'My Computer' on windows.
  14. It is true. However, some of the extra Garmin software only runs on Windows or OSX. It isn't required for normal operation of the unit, but is required for the BirdsEye mapping product.
  15. Here's the manufacturer's offering: https://buy.garmin.com/shop/shop.do?pID=11411
  16. Have you considered your preferred control scheme? GPSMap62's buttons and D-Pad are great for map control and flipping between pages. Oregonx50's screen is better for typing. There's a few features on each that the other doesn't support, but the majority of features are available on both.
  17. http://www8.garmin.com/support/download_details.jsp?id=4051
  18. rsaxvc

    Garmin 62S w/ APRS

    That's what I've been using in the car since I upgraded to the Montana. I added a medium-sized capacitor to level out the alternator noise.
  19. rsaxvc

    Garmin 62S w/ APRS

    there's a few different modes: Garmin Spanner - use a normal USB cable and Garmin USB Drivers, and set Franson to 'Garmin USB', but this won't help us troubleshoot the problem. Garmin Serial - use the cable you're working with now, attached to an RS232 port on the desktop, and set Franson to 'Garmin COM' NMEA - use the cable you're working with now, attached to an RS232 port on the desktop, and hyperterminal, or Franson set to 'COM'
  20. rsaxvc

    Garmin 62S w/ APRS

    Mapsource should connect if the unit is set to 'Garmin Serial' mode.
  21. rsaxvc

    Garmin 62S w/ APRS

    Have you tried talking to it in Garmin-Serial mode? There are a few desktop programs you could use to verify the unit can communicate over that cable.
  22. rsaxvc

    Garmin 62S w/ APRS

    Here's the pinout: Red - DC supply positive power (some large range of inputs accepted here, works on 12volt cars and 24volt trucks) Black - DC supply ground Green - serial ground Yellow - serial TX (RX here to listed to GPS) White - serial RX (TX here to send to GPS) Green and Black (the two grounds) should be fairly close together in voltage on this cable. Seeing -6VDC means that the cable has detected the unit, and that the cable is active. -6VDC in RS232-speak is a MARK bit, and since you're not seeing any SPACE bits, the bus appears to be working but nobody's talking. Does the GPSMAP have a GPS-fix? Alternatively, can you send it NMEA data from a PC?
  23. Have you tried plugin for linux?
  24. rsaxvc

    Garmin 62S w/ APRS

    What were you measuring green in reference to?
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