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  1. I do............You grew up in an old cemetery?! Coooolllllll!!!!! heh:) so dude - where you from? your sense of humor is about the same as mine
  2. I'll go there and checkl for sure Im thinking you guys may be right..and it may be easiest to just have a completely separate pocket query for premium members only stuff...
  3. Joke or real...those pictures are just disturbing... However....it DOES give me an idea for a cache. There's an OOOOOOOOLD cemetery on the edge of the town i grew up in...dating to not long after the town was first settled in the 1780s. its overgrown and wooded now, but you can still see the few remaining standing headstones through the trees. THe local methodist church did do some cleanup there recently...replacing the stones, etc.. Now if i could persuade them to put up a small plaque or sign on the edge of the cemetery with some of the history of both the cemetery and the church and the town...i might like to place a cache near the plaque... You guys have any thoughts?
  4. There;'s probably something really simple and obvious taht i'm missing here... but i want to use GSAK to generate a list of caches for premium mebers only... any pointers?
  5. wow! Never realized such a thing was even ppossible... Being a garmin user, i'm particularly happy garmin has a page at their website to do this... http://www.garmin.com/garmin/cms/us/onthetrail/custommaps Gonna definitely get some use out of this. Even though I live in the Big City..Orange County California, i happen to be in the county with the largest ammoubnt of land set aside as natural wild land in the state, percentage wise at least. (yes I[m pimping the area abit here) http://www.naturereserveoc.org/
  6. Ok, so I live in the LA area. Friend of mine moved to Vegas recently. SO of course, I enter his address into my gps, and hit "save" which places his house in my "favorites" so I can find his place when I visit. Of course, i was able to edit his entry and add his cell phone # - I have a model with bluetooth that will act as a speaker phone. Then I noticed something odd. His ADDRESS doesnt actually show up in my favorites, but the lat/long. Now, I KNOW if i sync GPX or other POI files with my GPS, the address info that's in there will show up, if its there... So, short of moving his entry from the Favorites to a GPX/LOC/whatever POI file, how would i get the address to show up, (wanna be sure I knock on the right door when I get there) here are some screenshots of his entry (blurred out part of the lat/long) Here's what one of my entries in a custom POI file (gpx in this case) looks like (and yes, i guess i AM pimping my favorite cigar store)
  7. been having the same problem - actually my finds are getting reset in GSASK along with several other problems... like 15 or so coies of my queries for saturday being sent = 15 of each of the 5 queries;) and normally my queries get mailed to me before 7am or so....oftten around 1am or 2 am on their sheculed day.....but last few days theyve been coming after 3pm.....its 7:40 on sunday and only 2 of my 5 sunday queries have come.....so we';re talking 12+ hours later than normal.....
  8. I;'m kind of surprised im the first to post on this topic.... but...here goes Normlally my pocket queries show up around dawn or shortly after california time....6am-8or so although for a long time they showed up on their schedule day not lokg after midnight.....maybe 2am at the latest......but this last week has been pretty rough....they've typically beeen showuing up bettween3pm and 6pm this last week.... now today...they shw up between 11am and about 2pm or so....not only that ive gottten 15 copies of eachof my queries that were scheduled for dsaturday.... YES 15! so I hope this si some kind of maintinence they;re doing/.....
  9. my normal queryies for sunday were waaaaaaaay late today...2 of my 5 for sunday ran at 1am pacific time.... normally all my queries run before 8am...today (well yesterday now - sunday) 3 of them didnt run about 3:25pm pacific time....wonder if their data center is having problems again? maybe they've still doing some repair work from the fire a few months back....
  10. That's what i'm doing now, but i'd rather be able to do it in one query rather than several segments. Thre IS a limit on the total # of queries. So after the drive, i think i probably WILL upload the breadcrumb trail, if i cant find a better way beforehand.
  11. So Im planning on another drive to Vegas in the next week. And i'm pondering the best way of setting up the route-based pocket query. Thing is, I want to take a detour or 2 along the way, so if I use the website's route planner, I apparently will have to use 1 query for each segment. i'd really like to have one query for the whole trip. Basically I'm talking about driving from L.A. to Needles, Then to Vegas, taking i40 out of Barstow rather than i15. Then i'll come back on i15. So LA to Needles - 1 query, Needles to Vegas - 1 query, Vegas to LA - 1 query. What i TRIED was submitting a gpx route with 3 waypoints - LA, Needles, Vegas. The website gave me a route with straight lines between the 3 - not even remotely following any roads between the 2 - just straight as-the-crow-flies lines. I suppose AFTER i make the trip, I'll have a breadcrumb trail in my GPS that i could upload for the NEXT time i do this particular trip, but I might not actually ever do this exact trip again. ANy of you have any thoughts?
  12. Ok:-) good to know.....very confusing though for n00bs
  13. Yes. You said you went to GSAK to look them up, maybe they were not in your PQ or posted after your last PQ. Exactly why I followed the link in one of the emails. Both users have 0 finds, 0 owned..... very strange.. Ok, as I check the links in the emails, i discover that when I go to the link for the cache, rather than the user profile link, or the log entry link in the profile, I am being shown a cache with a totally different user. So are the Website Reviwers' names showing up in the notifications, istead of the names of the users that placed teh cache? that's confusing
  14. I've got numerous notifications about new caches published in my area this last 2 weeks, by 2 users in particular. So i went to gsak and searched for their caches...nada.... then went to the profile link in the email......neither of these users has any caches listed. 0. not a single 1. What's going on? Should I mention their names?
  15. Ya know, it never registered what the Last GPX field ment :-) Dispite the fact I have 10,000+ caches from pocket queries, only 11 were not gpx'd with today's queries... and 8 of them were already set to "disabl, so i've only got 3 to check :-) great :-)
  16. I do have a bit of a dilema. a fellow Geocacher and I both visit the same Starbucks, we met cause she has a huge Geocaching bumpersticker on her Jeep. Anyway, she's been extremely busy with work, and rather inactive in the caching world the last year or so, and many of her caches have been archived, some of them since i started caching. As it stands, it appears only "temporarily disabled" caches appear in the pocket queries, not archived ones. It also appears that some of her caches, and perhaps others, may have been set to "temporarily unavaialable" then "archived", or straight to "archived" between the the times the appropriate query has run, so the new query has no info about it being archived, or set to "temporarily unavailable". That means, archived caches are still in my GSAK database with no indication that its not there any more... I HAVE confirmed that there is at least ONE cache of hers that fits that bill... so My question is, how do I go about making archived caches as archived. Mind you, living in the LA area, the 500 cache limit gets me about 5 miles from my house....
  17. I must admit to being a little confused by the output of ngsread 3 I'm trying to determine from the cryptic codes in the description field of the gpx files ngsread genereates, whats a benchmark disc, what's a landmark, etc FOr my county, one or two of the codes seem kind of obvious. one has for example "bridge" listed in the description. Most have description entries like: 3 B 64 B 749 N 130 The gps TYPE field - most have Scaled Or adjusted - one has NO CHECK. a few have reference to "posotion calculated" ANyway - without reading all the esoteric eggheaded docs at the NGS website - can someone stear me to decyphering these codes? and perhaps the correct commandline option to perhaps limit the gpx output to specific types?
  18. Humm I wonder why caches in Belfast are listed as being in Ireland when they are actually in the United Kingdom. Well... why are caches in Portland listed in Oregon when they are actually in the United States? I think I answered that in my last post. Besides.. that region is so unstable borders could change tomorrow. Edit: LOL! Thanks Allanon! Well, there's a reason Portland chaces are listed in Oregon. THey're IN Oregon. Belfast iS NOT in Ireland. Shocker eh? think about it Its in NORTH Ireland, part of the UK. Major difference. Belfast should NOT be listed as part of Ireland, its under the control of hte UK - regardless of the current political debates over that issue. Again, the Palestinian Territories is still technically under the control of the Israeli government, again despite the current debates over that issue. The Palestinians only have a semi-independant region within Israel right now. So I'd say a cache in THe palestinian territorry should be listed in Israel....and, hopefully there will be an option for something akin to "provinces" underneath that. I know some of you will want to debate these things. Cool with me. But still, since Pallestine and North IReland are under the control of the Israeli and UK governments respectively, i'd say its best to list them as being in those countries.
  19. Or, for those with better (i.e. UNIX-based) operating systems, your DAT2KML awk script is available on that same page. Patty I've got a freebsd, openbsd, and slackware box so the awk is no problem :-) again big thanks guys
  20. One of our benchmark hunters made a nice little program called BMGPX that lets you convert an NGS datasheet (.dat) file to a GPX file. Many of us do batch conversions of an entire county's worth of NGS datasheets at once. You can find the program here: http://parkrrrr.com/geocaching.html Patty Very cool Patty - thank you.....Gonna check it out. I;m enough of a geek that i might still write soemthing of my own, who knows :-)
  21. Black Dog - Z15 Thanks for the help guys I really appreciate it
  22. I know the benchmark data here on the grounspeak sites is based on data from the US Government (US Geological Survey?), but for the life of me I cant find that source data again. COuld one of you point me in the right direction? I'm actually pondering generating gpx/loc/whatever files with a little more info than the gpx files here do, well at least at geocaching.com - htose seem to have nothing in them but the bernchmark name and lat/log. Would be real nice to have info attached about wether its a disc, landmark, whatever at least. Last time i went looking for one I realized i had no clue what i was looking for (unlike say, the POI files i';ve made myself, where i can put in comments about locations as well as addresses)
  23. That's gotta be LA. Its actually Mullholand DRIVE in LA, but close enough. It fits the description. It runs through some of the canyons down to ...Malibu? (which PCH - Pacific Coast Highway - runs through) Lot of hills and park land in that area...so lots of isolated areas. Would creap the f............out of me. First thing i would think of would be the Manson Murders. True, the area is very Rural, with houses few and far between, but its very close to LA, and the few places that do have houses are super expensive. (Im guessing $2mil +) and frankly the only people that can afford houses out there are Rock stars and TV producers, along with the occasional spoiled jorja fox Hollywood brat. So my first though would be a Manson murder thing, although, now that I think about it while I'm writing this post, I'm thinking that - odds are, the dude was a Paparazzi out looking for a money shot. Still though, the dude was acting creepy - and it would probably be a good idea to not only drop a note to thhis cache owner, but maybe try and drop a note to anyone that owns a cache in the area.
  24. If you can figure out what kind of adhesive is used on the labels pharmacies use on the prescription bottles, you should be good to go. I have no clue what it is though, but it sure as hell sticks to plastic pill bottles.
  25. Sorry. I should've covered that in my post. <insert Homer Simpson "Doh!" here> The youth is most definitely male. O well - better luck next time :-)
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