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  1. The coconut I have is a fresh fall so it won't be dried out for some time. Back to the drawing board.
  2. I would defiantly put a waterproof container in it. Let me describe what I think my best idea is so far. Fill the cavity with spray foam and immediately put a waterproof pill bottle in it. Let it dry and harden, trim back any excess foam. I would use my soldering iron to etch the geocache label and GC code on the outside of it. It's one of the large green coconuts from the Florida Keys.
  3. Ha. That's clever. I hollowed out the fruit from inside already but wasn't entirely sure where to go from there.
  4. Anyone have any tips or experience making a cache out of a coconut?
  5. Had to google corollary. LOL. I've gone back to the spot I want to put a cache several times now trying to come up with a way to put anything other than a micro. After reading your comments and revisiting the location it's just going to have to be a micro. That way I can ensure survivability and no DNF's. Now, I am slightly disappointed that I just couldn't figure out a way to place a larger hide without the weather here or muggles destroying it but at least I can still highlight the location and maybe show people something they didn't know was here. Curious, what are some ways you've hidden some high muggle area caches in an urban environment? Maybe there's an idea I haven't thought of.
  6. All great feedback. I was worried that I was going to get chewed up for my personal cache hide views. On the first cache I placed in Key West http://coord.info/GC4X405 I did make it completely obvious where it's placed. I've received a lot of positive feedback in the logs too. Helps me to work hard on the next one.
  7. I currently reside in Key West, FL. The area isn't too dense with geocaches and I want to do my part keeping the game going for those who've cached out this area and put out some hides. That being said with the dense local and tourist population it's not easy to be inconspicuous. As a result I think that they should be easy to find by a regular cacher so they don't draw too much unwanted attention. I also strive to put out the largest cache I can that will be unnoticeable within reason. I'm not a huge fan of micros/nanos that could have easily been a small or regular and think it's sometimes a cop out. I'm not against them if they're what's best for the area. I reread the cache guidelines again and there's no rule or suggestion on placing the biggest cache you could reasonably hide. I'm curious to hear from the more seasoned cache hiders and finders what your advise would be on hiding urban/city caches. (Sorry for the long rant/read)
  8. If I understand the rules correctly, you can publish it as a multicache and that would eliminate the need for the two being separated further provided your second stage cache is over 528' from another existing published cache. Now to enter my opinion; I believe that in certain circumstances elevation should be considered as part of the challenge and enjoyment in pursuing well thought out caches. There's defiantly a lot of "just because it's 528' feet away" caches.
  9. When I started my profile it was set up as a family account hence the lazy sunbatherS. Now I just use Sunbather Adam or Sunbather Eliza and so on for who nabs it. For nanos and micros it's a simple TLS. I do often think of getting a custom sticker or stamp at times though but I'm way to cheap.
  10. If you have the geocaching app after clicking "Found it" it gives you the option to write a message, attach a photo, favorite the cache, and post to Facebook or twitter. If you don't have the app I'd follow the advice from Ranger Roo.
  11. They have the travel bug car decals and patches so I wonder if anyone's ever come up with a travel bug shirt, hoodie, etc.... Time do do my post comment internet research.
  12. Well, the one time it happened, as mentioned in the OP, it wasn't planned, I was in my military physical training gear, and it was a half hazard intro to the game for my friends. I've been out of the game for so long I have to get back into the habit again of being always ready to cache. Been reading other forum posts too on geocaching tool kits. Lots of useful tips and advise too. Thnx!
  13. @Andromeda321, love the golf analogy. There usually a black or white side to things but with this topic it's a lot of grey and white. "It's kinda ok if you you tried everything else first", or "No,never". If I want to justify how I dealt with it I would take the side of the greys but I still agree with the purists as well. For me I'll make sure that some sort of mark is left on the log from now, pen or not. But I won't ever get crazy about it and review the logs on my own caches for verification. That's where the golf analogy comes into play.
  14. @Titus1919, that's too funny. I was not very ready on that one. I remember getting busted for tucking my pen in my watch band. Pushed the deck. I was M-151.
  15. It's pretty presumptuous to say "I found where it's SUPPOSED to be". It's not supposed to be where it's supposed to be, if that makes sence. That's exactly why I took a clear pic of me holding it as proof of find. While searching out close by caches I read a log that said looked but could find but there was a smiley attached to it. It's annoying but in my opinion not worth the added stress to verify and then contact the ones that don't add up. The primary responsibility is on the cacher.
  16. I did find them and open them up to inspect the log and show my muggle friends how it's "supposed" to work. I agree with the comments thus far too. Complete the challenge to the point where it can't go any further, explain it, pic it, log it. (Careful with spoilers though)
  17. I'm in the USCG and for today's PT we were aloud to go and do whatever we wanted as long as we were moving. Some friends and I went for a walk downtown and we were close to some caches that I knew were nearby. I talked to my friends about caching and they were onboard. Problem was none of us had a pen or pencil. We found the two caches and I logged them as found on my iPhone app and took a pic of me with it just in case as proof of find. What are your thoughts? Is that ok on special occasions? If you have the opportunity to go back to it and sign it should you? My thinking is if you found a cache when you weren't prepared to, you found it. I want to ensure that the rules are kept and that the integrity of myself and the game are satisfied.
  18. I was, at first, excited about this new phone and it's possible caching abilities but after reading some reviews I think that I'm going to wait for the next generation to hit the shelves. It took the iPhone a while to get really good too so I'm sure it'll happen.
  19. For us it all depends on what kind of caching we're doing. If we're just doing some P&G's around a scheduled meal time our snack is of the fast food variety. If we're just doing some P&G's because we're in town on errands, it's a bottle of water from the back of the van and maybe a candy bar when we finally get to the store. On longer, planned caching trips we eat a box of Cheezits, or get fancy with it and actually by the club crackers with the squeeze cheese! Although, after eating all of this stuff and feeling like we should have eaten better, we don't!! We are your junk food eaters HHH, and proud of it! A side note for you HHH, I love watching your Youtube videos. I watched one the other day and there was a bit of a blooper real at the end. You should have a full blooper real posted, I think that would be funny. Keep up the good work. ~Zwieba
  20. I found two of your adopted caches. Bobs caches were definatley creative and interesting though! That's why I helped him out and adopted what I could.
  21. Now I am new to this and as such I can't say that I've gained any "geo-maturity" but I can say that I've noticed the difference between a P&G and a multi cache with several stages and a finale. I am not so good at the puzzles yet though!! From what I gather after reading several posts is that what makes a good cache is only relevent to the person looking for it! You like to go on hikes and get the caches that take a little more physical effort than others. Some like to get the ones that are in the "blast radius". I prefer the multi's and themed caches, but if you were to look at my profile it's mostly P&G's. I get what I can when I can! I'm sure that if/when I get to the numbers your at I might feel like I need more of a challenge to have a satisfying experience, but for now I'm happy finding almost anything. I do like the big ones though! I gotta admit that I went to my caches to see if you had found them! Sadly I'm not intersting enough !
  22. Yeah I signed up on this site but there was only a few Coasties on it. I don't think that site is as known though as these forums so I thought I'de give it a shot. Thnx.
  23. Where is your son getting stationed? Has he let you know what job he is planning on doing while serving? The Coast Guard is an awsome service with great opportunities and I hope that he gets all he can out of it! If he gets stationed in NorCal there's a lot of good caching and cachers up here to keep active. Congrats on your sons graduation from the 2nd hardest boot camp! (Marines take 1st)
  24. I know there's a post about where and how long you served but that thing is huge so I am going to simplify the process for me. I posted at my bases informal forums to see if anyone was a cacher and only got one response from a cacher and one response from someone who would like to try it out. So I'm expanding my search to the GC forums. Also, seeing as how the Coast Guard is such a small service there's a good chance some of us know each other but had no idea we were cachers! So, any of you Coastie Cachers?
  25. What was the name of the cache you were looking for!! I havn't run into anything that intersting while caching. The only wierd thing that happened to me was when I was in Vegas visiting some in-laws and went for a cache that was real close to their house. I got to the cache site, which was a bridge that was supposed to have a micro on it somewhere. I started looking around on the top of it with no luck, and went underneath were there was about 5 to 7 teenagers getting high! Now I would normally have noticed this much sooner due to the, uh...... how should I put it, recognizable scent from this particular herbal type narcotic, but my allergies were so bad I couldn't smell anything! I would deffinatly of rather ran into what you did than what I did!
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