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  1. can't find how to filter finds on new dashboard.
  2. Had 9 of my long-lost coins "discovered" by Tribbi a few weeks ago.This morning a "Pnov" discovered the same coins.An e-mail was promtly sent to Groundspeak and all logs were deleted.
  3. As another Hoosier,I vote a big YES.Parke County,just north of Terre Haute is the Covered Bridge Capital of the World.Doc
  4. got a good one for you guys. had a "high number" cacher attend an event where there was to be a poker run.since there were 10 caches to the run, he wanted to log 10 finds!!some people are only in it for the numbers,i guess.
  5. I figger if the GPSr gets me within 50 ft, I'm fine. Ya gatta start thinkin' like a CACHER!!!
  6. Dieseldoc

    I Quit!

    After reading all the entries,it seems to me that many of us are taking ourselves way too seriously! this is not a life-and-death situation,it's a sport fer cryin' out loud .ease up! doc
  7. Just started geocaching/benchmark hunting in October.I kinda like the benchmark hunting,as there is no real pressure to find one.With caching,I sometimes get really frustrated if I can't find one.I've found about 40 benchmarks so far, my goal is at least 100 in my first year.Keep on keepin' on,Doc
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