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  1. Is there lots of good trails there? TheOnlyGuy I did this cache.... Their is only one trail into these falls, it was a good trail if I remember correctly, and not to far... I really enjoyed the walk, especialy at spawing time.... R I was the original hider of this cache, and have been to Hardy Falls many times. There is only one trail in, and it is reasonably short (about a 15 minute walk on a very level and well packed trail). I have never been there in the fall, but if you look at the cache listing, there is some pictures from those who went there during salmon spawning. Quite the sight.
  2. Thanks for the help Neo_Geo - I am still on version 3.30. I did figure out how to do this another way - if I cursor over to the field that says "km" and select it, I can change it to a number of other units including m.
  3. Help!! I'm stuck. I am solving a geocache that requires a waypoint projection. I can figure out how to do waypoint projections on my 60c, but the units for the distance are set to "Km" and will only accept one digit after the decimal point. Unfortunately that provides a pretty large range for error at +/- 0.1 km. How do I change the units for the distance parameter on waypoint projection to meters? Thanks.
  4. You can still navigate to a geocache using the map screen, but if you wish to mark the geocache as "found" you will need to switch to the Geocache Navigation (compass) screen.
  5. Just a couple that I have found: - Hitting the "Find" key twice brings up a list of the recently found waypoints - Hitting the "Menu" key twice takes you directly to the Main Menu page
  6. I just tried the same sequence on my 60c - with the same result. Definitely looks like a bug - wonder how soon we will have the first firmware upgrade?
  7. No idea - I have definitely not seen this on my 60c, and I have selected and navigated to many waypoints. Sounds like you may have a defective unit?? The only way that the unit should turn off is by pressing and holding the power button at the top of the unit.
  8. The only way to do this is to map the hint into the description field using a program such as Spinner. Remember - you are limited to 30 characters, so you may not be able to get the whole hint in there, which will limit usability. I currently use Spinner to map the cache type, terrain and difficulty rating and the truncated name into the description field as I can get all this within 30 characters
  9. If you modify the GPX Spinner.ini file, you can map virtually anything you want into the description field. The specific mapping that I used is as follows: Desc_Format = %C %D/%T %N Desc_Max_Length = 30 Desc_Allowed_Chars = !"#$&\'()*+,-./:;?\s
  10. I just finished downloading and trying out EasyMPS - it was successful in importing the geocaching icons to the 60c. The sequence I used was: GPX -> Spinner -> EasyMPS -> GPS MAP 60c You could skip the Spinner step - I only used it because I wanted to remap the description field. I now have the geocache type, terrain and difficulty rating, and the smart truncated name all downloaded into the Notes field on the 60c. This may seem like a long process, but the total time to do an import now that I have it set up is probably less than two minutes.
  11. I agree that it is workable - this is the best solution that I have been able to come up with thus far. I had been using GPX Spinner to remap the the name and description fields, but the 6 character limitation means having to go back to the standard GCXXXX waypoint name. I am sure there will be a better solution before too long, but I can live with this for now.
  12. I had the same problem that you mentioned (geocaching icons not recognized). If you use GPSBabel to save as a Garmin PCX5 file and then import into MapSource the icons come through (but there are other restrictions with PCX5, like 6 character waypoint names). I am corresponding with Robert Lipe on this to see if there is a solution...
  13. I just received the following response from Garmin Tech Support regarding Tones on the 60C "Thanks for contacting Garmin Product Support. The Tone setup for right/left turns is not yet enabled, this may be addressed in a future software release."
  14. The 60C ships with only the USB cable, not a serial cable. If you want to buy a serial cable you will have to purchase it separately. There are also some USB drivers that come with the 60C which are required for communicating with the GPS. I am currently using MapSource to communicate with the GPS over USB - as others have pointed out there is no way to do this currently with ExpertGPS or TOPO.
  15. I believe if you go to the Garmin website, http://www.garmin.com/cartography/ you can look at City Select in a browser - if you zoom in for the area you want you should be able to see if the trails are there.
  16. Hmm... this is very curious. I checked the manual that came with the 60C and it does indeed show a Setup screen for the tones that would allow you to change the tone for left and right turns. BUT... the Tones setup screen on the unit does not have these options!! I will send a note to Garmin to inquire about this. I can feel a firmware upgrade coming...
  17. I noticed that someone posted on another thread the ability to have different tones for right and left turns. I believe they are mistaken - there is no such option on my 60C, and I do have the City Select maps loaded. The only tone options pertaining to Autoroute are the Turn Warning (Early) and Turn Warning (Final). There are about twenty different tones to choose from for these two warnings.
  18. No - when I got it from GPSCentral they did not have the auto dash mounts for the 60C or 60CS in yet. There was always at least two people in the car, so whoever was in the passenger seat just held it. I will be getting the auto mount as soon as it is available at GPSCentral.
  19. There is a separate thread where the 60C versus CS debate is raging. For myself, I always carry a compass when geocaching, and can think of no valid use for an altimeter - so there was really no reason to wait for the 60CS. In terms of the turn by turn routing - this function ROCKS!! Once the 60C is locked on a route, it has audible beeps to alert you to when the next turn occurs. The amount of warning seems to depend on speed - at highway speed we would get a one beep warning about a minute and a half before the turn, and then two beeps about 15 seconds before. At city speed the one beep warning was about 30 seconds ahead, and two beeps at 10 -15 seconds. I used this to navigate around Monterey and from Monterey up to Santa Cruz (an area where I had never driven before), without ever getting lost or without any doubt about where I was and where the next turn was to occur. There is both a map screen as well as a "turn by turn" navigation screen which shows a list of all the turns, how far away they are and the estimated time to reach them, as well as the distance and ETA to your selected destination. After travelling with this unit for four days, the four other guys I was with all wanted one just for the awesome mapping and navigation capabilities!!
  20. You can also import in Garmin PCX5 format - if MAC GPSBabel supports that option? For those that don't have MapSource - the 60C does come with the Garmin "Trip & Waypoint Manager" software. I'm not sure if this supports the Import function (check under the "File" menu). I can't tell anymore because I have installed CitySelect V5 as well so I am not sure if this is where the Import function comes in.
  21. I haven't been able to try playing around with the Notes field as I have been on the road. You can edit this field manually, but that is not particularly appealing. As I posted previously, when I loaded the geoaching waypoints in through City Select, the cache name and owner appeared in the notes field (truncated to 30 characters). I suspect that it would be possible to use GPXSpinner to remap this field to include difficulty & terrain or some other information - whatever you can fit in the 30 characters. This is one complaint that I have with the unit thus far - it seems stupid to restrict this to 30 characters. The box that appears on the screen even seems to have space for more, but you can't enter anything beyond 30 characters. Otherwise, I am very pleased with my 60C.
  22. The Page Sequence feature (accessible from the Setup screen) is as Indiana has described. You can reorder the page sequence or delete a given page. A better feature that I really like is the ability to customize the individual data fields on pages to suit your needs. For example, on the navigation page there are 4 data fields, which you can customize to display any four out of approximately 40 fields that you can choose from. This includes things such as GPS accuracy, bearing, distance to destination, ETA at destination, elevation, glide ratio, odometer, speed, max speed, average speed, sunrise, sunset, time plus many others. On the trip computer page there are 8 fully customizable fields. On the airplane recently I modified the page to include vertical speed - this was interesting to watch during ascent and descent.
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