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  1. Yes you can. In GSAK click on GPS/send waypoints/change symbol. Next window on the general tab highlight the cache type and in the icon selection select what you want to use..... I think I have been to that page, and I thought that I had it figured out... If Im correct in the overides I can pick certain types of caches within TRADITIONAL, such as micro, small etc. This is where my problem is. I show that "micro caches" shows that a small dot for instance is selected and assigned, but any micro still apears as a blue flag on the map screen or waypoints list. I find the flag icon to be to big and muddles things up.Im considering just deleteing all the micros from the way poinst list as i dont find micro's that often. I must still be missing a step somewhere. Thanks again...
  2. Also is this just to set up custom icons? I would be happy to just use a dot or somthing simple other than the blue flag that is listed now... Can I choose from an Icon that is already in my Gpsr.
  3. Im starting to work into this, What is XImage???
  4. This may have already been covered here but Ill hash it up again that freebee Nuvi 200 can be set up for paperless caching! I tried it and it works!!! All the cache info can be seen on that nuvi in the extra's section in POI's Even the last few log entries .I didnt even take mine outa the box until I found that out... ITs a little complicated to set up If your like me, (not to computer savy) It was well worth the time spent on doing so. This is the link to Make it all happen. http://pilotsnipes.googlepages.com/index.html
  5. Hello, I have been muddling my way through GSAK and setting up my Nuvi for Paperless GC'n. I am slowly learning as I go. I am not a very computer savy person so please cut me some slack... I have figured out the procedure for tranfering waypoint to My 60csx, but I would like to be able to show the cache types on the map screen or waypoint list by specific icons... if it is a Micro or regular sized cache and such... That info is no longer transfered to my 60csx. I could refer to thr Nuvi for that info, but it seems that this should be possible to do. I have been able to filter out the micro's via the filtered search. I have read the help section about changing icons. I thought I understood that process but all I can get is the micro list to come up with blue flags or the standard cache icon. I have set up the icons that my gpsr supports and they are In the drop down list. When I goto GPS in GSAK and transfer waypoints the micro cache's are listed as using a green dot for instance but they remain blue flags after I "send" them. I must be missing something here. Is there an easier way to accomplish the cache size and type of Icons or am I on the wrong path? I hope that makes some sense to you all... Thanks for any help, Tim
  6. Yup 10-4 on that... The good news is me and VB have come to an agreement through our private emails, and actually realised that we both over reacted...Had a few laughs even... Like I said to him Ive never met a fellow cacher I didnt like But we all have Unique personalities. and they can sometimes clash... Case closed... learned alot on this one... THNX.
  7. Quite right again, I think Ill go delete my response back to him... Who ever it wrong or right I was taught to wrongs dont make a right... I was just Ticked...
  8. Quite rite... Just eddited that name out... I agree it was my muck up..Ive had DNF's but its the reaction that fired me up... This is not a gauranteed sport some you find some you dont... a simple what up here would have clued me in... I agree I probably am being just as childish here.Its just got my feathers ruffled. I wish i didnt even ask about it now...
  9. This is the DNF log a received from a fellow cacher Im putting this out for all your opinions... I admit that I made a mistake on entering the coordinates on a new cache... I appologise Im just glad that he was the only one who did not find it...It was my fault ill admit it I messed up... with that said This was his reaction... I think hes a crybaby and doesnt get the whole idea of caching we keep going back and forth on the notes and e mails wich is not the place to do so... CRY BABY OR NOT??? VOTES PLEASE September 7 ) spent... I mean wasted 3 hours of daylight on this cache and still didn't find it. flipped over every rock probably possible. What a waste of time this was. we wanted to be a FTF for the new cords but after 3 hours of looking we headed out. it's caches like ths that make this hobby not fun. I think Ima dig a hole w/ my hands as deep as possible put a huge rock over it then give cords 50 feet away and then be like go this many steps this way then that way and there it will be. As you can tell I am rater aggrevated. I wish this cache could give me my 3 hours of life back instead of a FTF cert. My response was as follows and it gos on in several other emails. So Sorry sorry sorry I had made Three way points on my scouting day and picked the wrong one when I was back home entering the cache info into the web-site That being said and I do mean the apology. I will be adding a piece of hard cheese to go along with the whine of not getting the FTF! also I will mark the trail With diapers and kleenex tissues to mop up the tears of despair. I never consider caching a waste of time and I never want the time of not finding something added back to my life... Thats just the way it goes... (lOOK AT THE PREVIOUS GULLY) LOGS Gc'n Is a game of chance and the important thing is not a stupid piece of paper or how many numbers you have in your profile! Sorry you didnt find it... That was my stupidity but your greed of a FTF is your issue. sorry for the sarcasm, but Ive never read such a pitifull log... Respectfully yours, THEHIWAYMAN What do you think, besides why am I wasting time with this...
  10. Hello All... Well I started this mess by asking... sorry for the Drama... I went GC'n saturday after a few changes found 5 ground zero's and my GPSr worked flawlessly... Just like it did the first month I had it... I dont now what changed but this is what I did... 1- Switch to compass heading when below 1mph for more than 5sec. 2- update to version 3.70 .I realize that they did not really specify any changes to how the unit navigates but I tried it just in case 3- Try to navigate with the electronic compass off.After finding GZ I walked a hundred feet away from Gz and tried again. Worked the same with the same accuracy either way.... 4- from the satelite screen shut sat reciever off then reaquired position under (new location) 5- enabled WAAS not sure about this still reading up on what it does, but I did see the the 60csx will switch automatically if waas is not Available, so It cant hurt to try. It seems to good to be true kinda and Im not sure wich of these if any did the trick. At least for know It is working Perfectly just as it once did... I will be out again soon and will report back if things Go NUTZ again Thank You for all the good ideas.... Thehiwayman
  11. Horshoe Bend Cache The BEE HIVES 1&2 many others..... Location; In and around Page Arizona.
  12. Dont Mosquitos like perfume and smelly stuff.... How bout a DIVERSION cache about 50 feet away from GZ with spilt perfume sugar and a human finger... so as to atract the mosquitos to the dummy CACHE so I can log my visit without needing a transfusion after the hunt... What do you all think??? good idea huh
  13. I believe the real answer is something along the lines of the GPS not being a substitute for good and proper orienteering and navigational skills and training. There have been several recent news stories, too, basically accusing things like GPS (among other technologies) as "dumbing down society" in-general. supposed to be a quote above what the @#$%^&* how you do??? I agree! I had to stop and think about what I was saying here. I have only owned a GPSr for a little over a year and a half and Im 37. I wonder how I ever made it into the desert or out of the woods . wait a minute a magnetic compass and maps that I learned how to use in boy scouts. As much as I love new tech stuff we really are getting soft... In my bussiness I needs to find several adresses a-day (Oil heat service) Ive been doing this for 13 years and have alway found what I need via Maps or just asking! no "turn right now..." bla bla bla. But I do get a chUckle I do have a few younger drivers that cant find a-way out if town without the computer saying what way to go... Dont get me wrong I not an anti technology nut (Im here right...)but we sure get upset when the easy button batteries go dead.... OK, back on Track!!! Now FIX MY GPSR - Over and out
  14. I spend a lot of time in the woods not just caching in some pretty remote areas... What would happen if this problem came up and a party member was injured and we needed to get out fast... It seems like the GPS system was designed for more life and death cenarios. Not just GC'n There must be an answer.The sat system has spent trillions of$$$ it should work 99.999% of the time. IMO
  15. Yeah I dont blame you I post on some other forums not related to GC'n and the amount of repeats is high but I cut em slack Cause I do the same thing sometimes... As good as your answer was, still one question can I somehow get more info directly to my 60CSX or do I need a PDA or pilot thingy
  16. That what I was afraid of (no solution)... My gps is so messed up Ill try anything at this point. I just now updated to 3.70. I dont see any changes made between version 3.60 and 3.70 specificaly designed to adress these issue but im gonna try it. One observation I had was on the sat page turning off the sat recievr and clicking new location update might be of some help. I had travelled from Maine to Arizona and then Az back to Me. I wonder if any other users had travelled long distance with out recalibrating this. I just went out to see if the acuracy was any better. It almost seems that it was but ill have to put it to a cache test tomorrow.
  17. Do you remeber BEVIS AND BUT HEAD??? "EEEEERRR HU HU HU" well thats me, not the most tecnolgically advanced... But IM GONNA TRY!!! Has any one told you that you are an Over Achiever!!! Im only kidding Im Kinda a smart a** seriously, thank you for that info Tim
  18. Wow!!! just read that thread Got a little HOt there. some posters just get a kick on how high their total post numer is BIG deal!!! how bout answering the pertinent guestion.... OH NO what did I just do.... my post number went up and I just made an Ultimate fighting series post!!! JUST KIDDING thanks for the info
  19. how many dusty CD,s do you have... I love new music and some music I had never heard of before i have found in GC's... Thats the good thing bout music if you bought a cd and hated it the next guy or gal to get it may love it... Cds are great for caches! but I also agree with a previous poster I dont care what I find! its the thrill of the hunt and if i see a skimpy cache I will--- Left (XXX) TN SL to build it up for the next GCer... also I have found many cachers are rock hounds like me so rocks ,petrified wood ,and small fossils are a big hit... Ill usually write a small note explaining the significance of the item if it looks just like a rock...
  20. Excuse me for butting in... I am curious this thing you say "Paperless...." What exactly is it... I know how to (write to device) with my 60 csx but is there more I can do with it? can more info about the cache be download to my 60 csx so I dont have to write clues and parking info and such... thanks, still learning newbe
  21. I bring my own GC logbook that I can record notes about the cache, the contents and what I traded, anything that you may want to remember later... I have had a hell of a time remembering what I left where after several cache finds in a day. One time I logged a Tb into the wrong cache ... Also I bring new log books incase one is full and a pencil sharpener to sharpen pencils already in a cache...
  22. A Ha I see,,, I just fixed that 1 mph at 5 seconds... I was curious if the compass recalibration was really doing any thing I was under the impression that the accuracy was acheived via sateleites not a compass. I have been seeing all kinds of stuff about hard resets and firm ware updates is this somthing else I need to do on a reg basis... I not very techy on this stuff... I was proud when I found the power button.
  23. It is a real deal! I had forgotten about the free nuvi cause I was applying for a miles reward card anyways. the trick is to PAY IT OFF monthly save the intrest and earn the miles (Handy if you Travel) I found mine in the mail today Its a pretty neat rig, I like it... dont know what Im gonna do with it... but I like It.
  24. Hello All!! First of all let me start by appologizing if this question has been asked many times before... I did look to see if i could get any info before starting a new topic, I probably did not look in the right place... Anyways here is my problem... My 60 CSX is going nuts! meaning that It will not show the correct directions being traveled for instance At my home I Know were true North is and the north indicator will point west or sometime even south... I was caching in Page Arizona and made a goto route to a cach and the gps was 180 degree off. we walked to the south of horse shoe bend when the cache is to the north of the canyon...after 2 miles the map completey changed and the goto route said to proceed north... The last two caches I have found I havent even looked at the map screen I look at the distance to target numbers if they are decreaseing I heep going but I need to walk grids to get this to work... I did see a few hints here on the forums I am not in hiway mode and I did recalibrate the compass MANY times and it makes no difference... This seems to be somthing new the first month I owned this gps It would lead me to a needle in a hay field, so it seems somthing has changed... What am I doing wrong? Thanks
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