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  1. It appears they have! I re-submitted my .gpx and everything seems to be there, thanks for the suggestions.
  2. The support tab only has details about sending money and links. I tried again today and it has changed but still doesn't match (found 36, 36 in .gpx, 22 displayed in INATN's) Oh well, I guess I just need to do more caching to overcome the delta!
  3. I didn't see anything on their site for actual support, so... I uploaded my finds yesterday and when I view my stats it only shows two of the twenty two finds listed in the .gpx file. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  4. -You can barely walk from the bad case of poison oak you got a week ago so you're carefully compiling a list of all the "easy's". -You know all the diverse forms poison oak in the NW.
  5. I'll check out the poi loader (hated it at the luau). I'm not too concerned about the icons as long as I can identify them. Thanks a lot!
  6. I bought a Garmin this mouth but never hard anything about that. how do you set it up ? I think this is only for Colorado models.
  7. I have a Legend Cx and it has a limitation of 500 waypoints and I was wondering for those of you that travel how you overcome this limitation. I'm going to visit 6 different cities in the next week and I would like to have 100 caches to search for in each. I can't use my company laptop to logon to GC.com for new PQ's or to store old PQ's. I do have a PDA with an SD slot that I could use to transfer data to the microSD (w/adapter) in the Legend. I didn't see anything useful in the documentation for the unit about transfering waypoints using the microSD. I know the amount of caches is ridiculous, but what can I say, I'm mildly_manical. (I didn't realize what a great excuse that was going to end up becoming. )
  8. Just got home from the first outing using it and it worked like a champ! So nice to be able to sort differently than what you printed. Thanks again!
  9. I just deleted all of the files I had transfered and made sure to only move back the "zipped" files and that did the trick. Apparently I was selecting the unzipped ones and all of the data doesn't show up. Thanks again for the gentle guidance. Whoo Hoo, no more totin' reams of paper!
  10. The program asks for a zipped GPX, so I didn't unzip first. When I did unzip it, it came out as a GPX.
  11. This was a question regarding GPXSonar, not GEOSonar. Sorry, I've started a new topic by that name.
  12. I mistyped this earlier. The application I'm having trouble with is GPXSonar. I've downloaded and installed it and it seems to be working ok except after I load a GPX file I've received via a pocket query I'm unable to see any of the cache details or hint information. Is that normal? Or should I be seeing the same information I see when I pull up the cache on my PC? Thanks in advance, and BTW, AWESOME HOBBY! Very sorry I didn't try it sooner!
  13. Sadly, as my family will attest, there was no choice... Also the mascot of my high school. Go Maniacs!
  14. All of the cacches are listed in the Deg/min.mmm (degree/minutes.decimal minutes) format so I would choose that as primary and on secondary it's really up to you. I use geo coordinates extensively at work and prefer the degree.decimal degree format. (ease of input). But it's really a choise thing.
  15. I got the file by performing a pocket query, and I did receive it as a zipped file through my email.
  16. I loaded this up and loaded a GPX file, but the information displayed is truncated; no test or additional hints, has anyone had this happen? And how do I display it all?
  17. Thanks all, it showed came in after about an hour and a half.
  18. Does anyone know how long it takes for a subscription to be activated? Thanks in advance.
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