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  1. What?! Tom let Tag die because he wasn't willing to provide CPR (mouth to mouth basic life support)! I demand an investigation! :rolleyes: I have pictures of Tag hours before and he was healthy and happy - albeit a little full of fiber.

    Straight from the fingers of Bill.

    That's a little self-serving, don't you think, especially since he hasn't produced the photograph.

  2. Hey guys,

    I "confess" I went to Europe and found Guten Tag there, several times!

    Can you "forgive" me for having fun while you were here in dullsville?  B)

    Somebody get the bright lights and rubber hoses, that doesn't sound like much of a confession to me! B)

  3. Your "I'm so innocent and such a victim" routine is not fooling a single person.  B)  :angry:  <_<

    I only need to convince one out 12. But seeing how the 3-C's are missing (Charges, Court hearing, Conviction), I'm presumed innocent! Don't you love it?!! You're just fishing in the wrong hole, Tom. Oh, my lawyer is saying something about 'slander'. Hold on while I ask what that means. B)

    Actually, if the statements alluding to your less than stellar reputation were not true, this would be libel, not slander, :angry: but, as I'm sure your lawyer will tell you, "truth is an absolute defense". :huh: Merry Christmas Bill! :angry:

  4. NEWS FLASH....


    CVC Tag (aka Guten Tag - which translates from German to Good Day, Good Afternoon, Hello, etc.) has been returned and due to circumstances, the perpetrators where not apprehended. They are still wanted for questioning (interrogation). :D

    Oh how convenient. Tag managed to "just appear" in the hands of the triple threats on the way out and now "due to circumstances" they were not grabbed on the way back in.


    I for one am smelling something rotten in Denmark - and it is not cheese.


    It sure looks like they had one (or more) accomplices at the highest level of CVC.


    So who is normally very involved in complex plots, ciphers, weird puzzles and red herrings??


    Answer me that.



    Yes I was realizing this.... especially when you nitice where Tag is currently at. But I wasn't going to say anything. Who knows if it ever really left the country!!!!! (let alone hidden on Corrall Hollow Road as Bill's last hide implied!)



    I say we demand immediate photographic proof of:

    A: Tag in Europe (if he was ever there!) and

    B: Tag's current physical condition/composition/disguise/shape/form (you get the idea)

  5. How are we ever going to manage TAG now that he has seen Europe! By now he is probably wearing Liederhosen and drinking dark beer! :(:) He will never be content to stay in our humble valley. I say we abandon him to the wicked threesome who kidnapped and corrupted him and start over with a new tag. (This all assumes, of course, that they actually have tag, and he's not still sitting alongside I-580 watching the "gentlemen" drink their beer! After all, all we have is the word of this threesome who we already know can't be trusted. :wacko: When exactly did they leave for Europe, anyway?)

  6. Woo Hoo! Figured out how to read your code cache Bill.  :lol:  Now I just need to get to Ripon before Fizzy!  :D

    Should have read this one first.... sorry Ted. I beat you to it!

    Way to go Kenny! My schedule just hasn't allowed time for the drive to Ripon yet. I wonder how many more will find it before I get down there? :mad:

  7. I just wasted 30 minutes doing needless calculations on Cognitive today. I'll bet the rest of you do the right math from the get go!


    [Did you hear something hit the floor, Kenny] :P


    Fun puzzle. Not nearly as complicated as it appears at first blush. :D Now all I need is time to drive over there to find it! :D Thanks Bill.

  8. Thread Hijack - for a minute only.  Anyone heard from KRYPTON or HEMLOCK lately?  I put 2 new caches out for approval on the 16th... and so far, just silence???

    I think we have been spoiled by how fast KRYPTON and HEMLOCK have been approving our caches. It's only been 3 days. Even cache approvers have to take a break once in a while. :P:lol::D

  9. It has been kind of quiet around here. We are heading over to Dillon Beach this weekend for our annual last camping trip of the season. Only one accessible cache in the area, maybe we'll look for it this time. Hope the rest of you have something fun planned. marinelayer.jpg

  10. Where did everybody go?

    Vacation I hope, or maybe a little caching.  ;)

    We went out today and tried the AHAHAHA cache north of Ione. Unfortunately we could not find any legal access to the cache since the road going in is now blocked by a gate. Hope everyone else had better luck in their caching this weekend. :P


    Either that, or we all have old houses! 

    Ours is 30 years old and needs new everything!  We started with a new roof in August and are moving on to other projects as time will allow!


    Put us in the old house category too. We did the roof a few years ago and the kitchen last year.


    The house and pool is about 33 years old, so the current projects in the mill are: Complete redo of the pool, putting tile floors in the family room and one bathroom, and putiing wood flooring in the master B/R.


    When will it end... or will it??




    And we are in the "old-house" category. (About 27 years old)

    Old house? Our's turns 70 next year! Anybody remember knob and post wiring? <_<

  12. That is a great site.... I know it is after I moves in to this house in 2000 because it has the new roof on it....

    It is from 2005. You can see the imprint on the satellite photo saying Google 2005.


    The 2005 you see superimposed on the page is not the date of the satellite picture. The photo of my home is at least two years old. I can tell by the fact that some cement work has been done in my front yard that is not present in the photo.

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